21 March 2020

Golden Age Connection (Channeled Message & Sound Healing) ~ Lee Harris & the Zs ~ 20 March 2020

Source: Lee Harris (with video)

This channeled message and sound healing was recorded live during Lee’s appearance at the Sacred Science of Sound - a 3-day event on the Healing Power of Music, Sound Vibration and Energy Medicine.

Enjoy this gorgeous visual trailer created by Video Editor Rebecca Hall for the MP3 2020-2030: The Golden Age of Connection.

Lee and his guides, The Zs, share their insights on the coming decade of great change for our planet and our cosmic family of human beings. It features the musical magic of Davor Bozic, special guest Professor Jeralyn Glass playing her crystal singing bowls, and Lee's soul-stirring vocals in a clip from his original song Golden World.

"You are here as ambassadors of light, ambassadors of love, ambassadors of change.”

For the full recording please visit: https://www.leeharrisenergy.com/store/UsJKXCko

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