19 March 2020

Help Yourself Come Back to a Compassionate Place ~ Lee Harris ~ 18 March 2020

Source: Lee Harris

How do we react to the shadows we see outside us, or the darkness or the dark behavior or what we're seeing in the outside world?

It's really important to be a change agent around those energies, especially where you see that there is a better way. I'm speaking very deeply, internally about how we react, how we judge, how we defend, how someone else's actions or behavior, or things that we see going on in the world, how when it enters our body, our psyche, our emotional energy field, how do we roll it through ourselves?

Because when we are focused on the dark that we are pasting on someone outside ourselves, we're not necessarily taking that opportunity to see how we can transmute in ourselves and come back to a more compassionate place.

It doesn't mean you have to agree with people's behavior, but it does mean that you don't just stop at anger or defense, because that is how war energy perpetuates. Because then we want to throw it back.

Can we feel what we're feeling and transmute it - whether it's crying the tears, feeling the grief, feeling what we feel so that we can come back to center?

To view the full March 2020 Energy Update, visit: https://www.leeharrisenergy.com/march-2020-energy-update

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