25 March 2020

Holy Season: The Final Act of Ascension ~ Lauren C Gorgo ~ 23 March 2020

I believe that many felt a shift in energies after the Equinox..... Good report here from Lauren C Gorgo, taking into account what's unfolding at the world front. I had just yesterday mentioned to a couple of people that I feel the entire world needs to be in lockdown first before the next phase can unfold.

Source: Think With Your Heart

Happy astrological new year! 🎊   After weeks of bobbing in the Piscean seas, quietly downloading the next stage of our individual divine blueprint to unfold in the year ahead, we are now drying off under the fiery Aries Sun, igniting our (Original) Divine Spark of Life as we are individually and collectively rebirthed from the Cosmic Heart/Womb of the Creatrix.
For embodiers, that time in Pisces was extremely important and valuable for cutting ourselves free from the last vestiges of the entire Piscean astrological age (of crucifixion/suffering) so that now, from March equinox to June solstice, we can work to eradicate that whole storyline from our biology.

To that end, the Cosmic Fire (Holy Spirit) will continue to cleanse our Temples as the Divine Feminine Christ comes into full power and that level of (casual) creation is completely eliminated from our bodies and lives.
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