22 March 2020

Inflation vs Expansion ~ Deep Dive: Jason Estes #37 ~ 21 March 2020

"Inflation isn't a natural state of being, but expansion is."

Source: MTVO

Inflation vs. Expansion

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  1. "Inflation vs Expansion" ... "Share your insights" ...

    as I don't have facebook ...

    ... for me the "vs." doesn't make sense ...

    as there is no expansion without an inflation ... and no inflation without expansion

    Nassim Harramein had this picture about the expanding universe ... like a baloon ... and beside a guy who was blowing up the ballon, and he asked and who is this ?

    oh i found it


  2. uppps ... oh I did "read" expansion vs. contraction ...

    .... inflation and deflation ... is different ;-) uhhhhhh

    looked up the german translation ...

    in this case ... I would say ... "evolution is a natural state of being"

    where expansion and contraction ... oszillate

    as when things get too big, they tend to get too complex ... then contraction is kind of simplifying this again,keeping the high vibe, on a higher level then when started to expand,... and then expand that until it gets to complicated .... and so on and on ...

    is one of infinite possibilities ... (about the probabilities ... I don' t know)

  3. and yet from an other perspective like human design ...

    it may be natural for manifestor and generator to expand, but for a projector that is not the case, if he/she is not recognized and invited, a well which is not used ... the "water get's 'bitter'" and may cease to stop flowing at all...
    and so on and on ....

    1. I tend to look at things on a simpler level, so for me, if it's not your natural size, it will eventually deflate. But if it's natural for you to grow to that size, it's yours :)

      Many Blessings