22 March 2020

Jason Estes Update ~ 21 March 2020

Source: Jason Estes


Take a moment to celebrate what you have over come in such a short time
since this year began we have all been asked to handle 100+ data points an hour every single day 
we have processed through years of data in the last few months and have become stronger and better for it
many of us have begun to dive deep within ourselves and find where we truly are and our actual size and with this fear wave we have stood our ground as examples 
we didn't give up and we have come back from the brink now and are beginning to step back towards our center looking into the future 
things move towards stability from here on out and we begin to unify in incredible ways
humanity has learned so much from this forced pause and in the light rain that has come we began to rise together and while some of us may have gone under for a few moments our friends and family helped us get our heads above water again
the future isn't easier it never will be but we have become stronger and know ourselves more fully now and we have proven to ourselves we can handle more then we ever dreamed 
that strength and courage and faith in ourselves will be what allow us to move forward as a race and to unify as we move towards world peace ::hugs::

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