26 March 2020

Jason Estes Update ~ 25 March 2020

For those who follow Jason Estes, he gets to explain what a Soul Map is ~ I've been waiting for this since I first heard him mention it a short while back. This is a particularly significant update. Time for the R.E.S.E.T....

Source: Jason Estes


We have now pushed through the major highlights of march and are fully aware of what is left to resolve this year, now its time to begin the long awaited course correction as one world and unlock our true potential, so what does this look like?

on the 30th we will have our very first ever soul map influx

the soul map is a disk that holds your grand design in it
many peoples disks were altered or changed over the course of the last 28k years and so the soul map influx will begin to shift your map back into its origin coding

this will begin a much needed course correction within our lives and start a major renewal phase as we begin to live within harmony within ourselves and our worlds again the world will begin to echo this

take a moment to celebrate that you have come to a point in time where you can handle the levels of light and divine assistance that is pouring in and that your body is strong enough to begin to transition into its true potential

what awaits us over these next few months is radical lasting change to the way we see feel and interact with ourselves and our worlds ::hugs::

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