30 March 2020

Jason Estes Update ~ 29 March 2020

This was posted by Jason Estes two hours ago. I've highlighted the part to which I feel it's important to pay attention, because we have the tendency to associate acceptance with agreeing, just like believing forgiveness is being weak or condoning what has happened.

Source: Jason Estes


In 6 hours we will go through a major choice point and depending how humanity decides will determine how much more depth we need to explore into chaos as peace ambassadors

our main focus in life is to learn to accept all the moments that have been and all that could be

if we can rally together enough people to work through the fear they see in others within themselves and the judgments we can end the need for this cycle of action and move forward into a truly miraculous world

if you wish to be the change take these last few hours to really sit with yourself and find the things that are still unacceptable or that you are still blaming and shaming others for

a great movie to assist with this is "The Shack" and a great practice to do is make a list of the 5 most unacceptable acts you have witness of heard of, then # them from 1-5 from hardest to accept to could accept with some work, and begin to work through #5 and go up from there

you will find each thing you accept allows more acceptance for the next and once you have empowered yourself again the worst thing can be accepted

a reminder for those who are new to acceptance this doesn't mean agree with, it simply means you paused enough to accept that it is and because it is there is a reason 

if your struggling with this concept take a moment and watch "The Wave" which is a great movie about balance.

Lastly we will begin the soul map unlocking it has been almost 2.6 billion years since humanity had access to their soul map so this may lead to some headaches and toothaches as your body comes online to its true potential

there will be a course correction in everyone's lives and on the world stage

if it is not in-front of you to be part of the world stage course correction please focus on your life first and know it is in-front of others who have trained in levels of acceptance to begin to work through those things happening behind the scenes

no one is more important then another at this time but each have very different roles to play so work with whats in-front of you and let others work with whats in-front of them... ::hugs::

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