23 March 2020

Judy Satori Update & Free Global Support Calls ~ 22 March 2020

Source: Judy Satori

Hello Everyone, greetings and love from New Zealand. Like other countries we are preparing for a lock down beginning tomorrow for the next four weeks and I am on my way back to Auckland.

Yes, for the safety of everyone we need to enforce major isolation practice and procedure, but we are so fortunate to be able to connect and communicate via the world wide web.

We may be in physical isolation lockdown, but hearts and minds are connecting like never before.

We are beginning a global reset of life itself on planet Earth. This is not to be feared. It is necessary. It just IS.

From Spirit are these words, "Know without doubt that all is well - that you are watched over, guided and cared for in all ways. A new day is dawning. Go within. BE LOVE. BE KIND.

In the next two to three weeks I am planning several global support calls. Diarise these dates....more information to come soon re times and how to access. All programs are free of charge.

Wednesday 25 (USA), Thursday 26 (NZ) March - "New Hope for a New Earth", with Darius Barazandeh on You Wealth Revolution.

Saturday 28 (USA), Sunday 29 (NZ) March. 11.33 am NZ time. BREAKING THROUGH - energy transmissions for support and resilience.

Thursday 2 (USA), Friday 3 (NZ) April. Talk with John Burgos on Beyond the Ordinary Show.

Saturday 4 (USA), Sunday 5 (NZ) April. ZOOM Ascension and YOU. Corona Virus Info and Support - the Big Picture.

Take care everyone...be safe....love and blessings to you all...Judy.

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