20 March 2020

Laura Eisehower Updates ~ 19 March 2020

Source: Laura Eisenhower

Try not to stay too polarized people. There are two sides to everything -- two hemispheres of brain -- two Balls and two Ovaries, two Eyes, ect. (THIRD EYE)

Choosing sides is a sign of a major imbalance disorder. That is society and what it encourages. (divide and conquer agendas) Be better and stronger than that.

When you consider both, you find Truth and when you find that, you discover your own Authentic Sovereign self, which was there all along.

Choosing anything outside of self anyway, is the old paradigm madness we must say goodbye to.


When we do things for the right reasons, the innocent are protected and Justice prevails. Some fallout is bound to occur with great Awakening. Devote to Love and integrity and the way will be shown. Divine guidance is a pathway we need to first inwardly clear.

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