24 March 2020

Laura Eisenhower Updates ~ 23 March 2020

Source: Laura Eisenhower

We are either feeding the wounds, victimhood, survival or helplessness, or we are reaching beyond and accessing the Divine and Unconditional Love of Source, and our abundant Healing and Transformation abilities.

If we are sick, we boost the immune system, not persecute the disease, it only breeds more Archons and attachments I feel. It only creates division. I am all about standing for Justice, but we got pedophiles, rapists, Satanists and human-traffickers that need to be taken down and countless victims that need our support and a collective effort to help raise funds for Healing centers and resources for those displaced during this time too.

The victim/hero dichotomy is an old tactic. What about the empowered Sovereign human who can illuminate our dormant abilities, instead of keep a battle alive and stay entangled in the lower Worlds. There is enough darkness on the planet to contend with.


Panic and fear is a temporary state. It triggers a profound growth period that is not so comfortable. Enslavement is being trapped by it and kept in a vibration that keeps one in a feedback loop that continually creates the same triggers with no resolution. It draws to us parasitic Archons that want us to believe there is truly no hope or relief in site.

Panic or fear should only sound an alarm, for the purposes of discernment and caution, it should never become a consistent thought form or wavelength to hold. When it has passed its expiration date and its not a trigger for a huge growth, it turns into a food source for lower entities.

The mind at this point, is basically entangled in a mind-control program which creates static and chaos. What the mind believes the body expresses as a wake up call if it is not aligned with truth. Most all of us have to dig deeper to deal with ancestral patterns and the altered genetic codes.

It is such an unnatural vibration, that it can actually make us sick and block energy flow and circulation with our higher knowing, healing powers and wisdom body, keeping alive duality which is a breeding ground for Archon mind parasites.

It turns us into a battery to power up the dark agendas imposed upon us, which causes our life-force to be siphoned. When we dwell in these spaces for too long and forget to go inward to bring Unconditional love to our unhealed aspects, it is used to generate Artificial Timelines and simulated realties.

Fear, panic, anxiety or pain is an activator to a great Awakening and Transformation, but we have been taught to allow it to crush us and limit us and cut off our flow with the Divine. It can become a trigger that builds like a snowball if we don't keep it in check.

The tendency for many is to run to something to rescue it from the suffering it causes and if handed to certain groups within the medical industry, it leads people to walk away with a diagnosis which is often a medical projection, as it fails to understand the initiation or re-birth cycle one is truly experiencing. Trauma is real, but each time we face the memories, we can correct the reversals it causes.

We need to remember that there is way more to the picture than that anxiety ridden state we often fall prey too. We must remember that these states of mind are really temporary. When we see it as a doorway to get to know ourselves more deeply, rather than run from ourselves due to confusion, we are in our purpose of helping to shift the collective. We open gateways and access our dormant aspects, we integrate our fragments and then discover our Multi-dimensional true nature.

Once we allow ourselves to open up to the direct messages from Spirit, that can guide us into great healing and when we become determined to integrate it into our every day life, we can then watch the Magic begin to flow in, showing us synchronicities and epiphanies that shift our perspective and physiology. It is also has the capacity to turn the lead of this human experience, both personally and collectively, into Gold.

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