23 March 2020

Lee Harris Update ~ 22 March 2020

Source: Lee Harris

Hi Everyone,

Change is in the air, in so many different ways.

I keep getting the message that there is far more to what is taking place right now than we can possibly know, and that it will take many months for us to fully understand this passage of our history. It is a time that is both a purge and a reset. And it is a super-charged time for transformation. Which is saying something, after the last few years!

But it's also a time where we will need to support ourselves and each other at an all-new level.

Because you are a friend of me and my work, I also wanted to offer you some free recordings to help you during this time to expand and soothe your soul.

You can access them here: https://bit.ly/4-free-mp3s

Alongside YOU ARE LOVE, a 15-minute channeled meditation and ‘reset’ (which so many of you tell me you use regularly), my team and I have chosen for you the three other recordings.

These are usually in my store, but in light of all going on, we’ve made them free gifts right now, for you or any of your friends that want them. Please feel free to share and I hope you enjoy them.

Sending you all love, and a big etheric hug.


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