20 March 2020

Live with Amanda Lorence & Kerry K ~ 19 March 2020

** Update: I just finished listening to this. You are all The Event "veterans" information-wise, but I'm pretty sure you bolted upright when Amanda Lorence nonchalantly said that The Event would occur on a Sunday, after we see a Green Ray being transmitted via our Sun (around the 1:05-hour mark). Whoa.... **

Phew....there's so much to get through today. I will have to post this first and step away from my PC for a break and some Equinox quiet time & meditation. I just listened to the first 10 minutes ~ I could be wrong but I feel that the recent energy stream that Amanda Lorence refers to could be something to do with Cosmic Mum's returning presence. I had intended to do my own overly delayed Just-Me post but that may have to wait a while more.

Source: Samadhi Speaks (with video)

Amanda Lorence speaks about the event wave, explaining where we are in our journey to the event and a gives a more detail on how it enters from the sun and how we have been prepared for this time we are in.

With love to all who listen, and all who see
Kerry K

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