24 March 2020

Matt Kahn Update ~ 23 March 2020

Source: Matt Kahn

As we do our part to shelter in place and self-quarantine, I offer this energetically-encoded mantra. May it expand the limits of your perception, so you may realize and remember the true self, prior to, within, and beyond it all. May this healing mantra activate the remembrance of the Divine Self I AM that you are.

TODAY'S MANTRA -- repeated slowly 5 times per round as often as needed.

"You cannot confine or quarantine consciousness, so may I abide as the consciousness that cannot be quarantined or confined."

Please feel free to forward it along to friends and family who could use some healing relief and energetic expansion at this critical time of Ascension. Thank you all for doing your part to minimize the spread of this virus. May it act as a catalyst to know yourself beyond your circumstances as that which is naturally and lovingly present throughout all circumstances.

All For Love,
Matt Kahn

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