24 March 2020

Overcoming the Mental Handicaps ~ Jason Estes & Kerry K ~ 23 March 2020

If we remember, Jason Estes has for a long time placed his focus on 2020, starting in January itself. The 6.8 billion in Chaos Timeline merged with the Order and Unity Timelines, and therefore the ensuing chaos, shaking and breaking.

Some of what Jason says:
  • This is Humanity coming into Wholeness
  • The force that was behind the destruction is now falling into decay and nothingness
  • A big war was won for Humanity and it's finally time for the Golden Age to dawn and the entire world to change
  • People are going to move from fear to blame/shaming & blaming to Empowerment and then Gratitude, which is the highest currency in the physical plane
  • World Peace possible by February 2021
  • Project in the near future where all water in the world will be pristine and re-structured, and made impervious to pollution
  • 5D Technological Revolution coming up, able to cure anything on the Planet
  • April is mainly about unlocking Soul Potential
  • Kerry mentions that Cognitive Dissonance is the biggest virus that Humanity ever had.

Jason Estes:
Overcoming the Handicaps of the mind

At Samadhi Speaks (with video link):
A spontaneous pop up with Jason Estes about moving through the curent phase of unknowing with grace and ease. 

We are seeing what is, feeling what is, aligning ourselves with truth, experiencing the lifting of density and it's all happening so fast. 

Please allow this live to bring you peace and know always that even when you can't see it, miracles are happening.

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