24 March 2020

Pause ~ Celia Fenn~ 23 March 2020

This is such a good reminder from Celia Fenn. We don't need to know everything, we really don't.

Source: Celia Fenn

Slow down.
Be still.

That is what is required of us right now.

It seems that we are "resetting" time itself.

I have always known that "time" is determined by consciousness, and consciousness determines time.
We cannot have a "Global Reset" unless we all slow way down and allow our consciousness to operate at a higher (slower) pace.
This is our opportunity as so many of us are confined to our homes in isolation and lockdown exercises.

We can stop "running" in busy busy circles and slow down to connect with our soul and our inner wisdom.

This may be very difficult for some of us initially, even "busy" Light Workers.

I have noticed a tendency for some to want to "explain" what is going on with a "narrative" that neatly fits their favorite theory. Well....maybe...but maybe also we are in a time of great transition and that we don't know and that is just the point.

To be in the Mystery and the Unknown and still to live in Grace and Love. And peace. Slowly and deliberately, from day to day. Like a Master. Like the Master that you are.

Don't let your head chatter overwhelm your heart power and energy. Don't fall into judgment and anger. Don't grasp for ready made solutions and narratives, and there are plenty out there right now.

We, as Light Workers are creating a field of Peace and love right now that is lifting time itself to the new level of the New Earth.

I am so proud of us as we consciously come together either on FB or in other groups to make the power of Love and Consciousness a real factor in this shift.

As we slow down, we will shift.

And we will shift others onto the New Earth timeline.
This is the Great Awakening!

Love to All of You!

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