20 March 2020

Rebuilding Life Force Energy ~ Matt Kahn ~ 19 March 2020

Matt Kahn
As a moment of relief for most light workers, with suggestions of a personal quarantine to slow the spread of c*v, now we have the perfect invitation to continue rebuilding our life force energy for the light we are called to anchor in honour of our awakening humanity. 
I assure you humanity is steeped in a collective awakening, where the opportunity to transcend fear first comes from becoming more aware of it, which this current news headline era of reality has ushered in to perfection. 
While it is helpful to remind people to not drain their immune system by being steeped in fear, the most compelling way to convey such wisdom is through demonstration. As each of us rebuilds the reservoirs of energy throughout our field, much like the regular charging of a cell phone, we are able to withstand the gravity of other people's fears without being swept away by patterns of scarcity and survival mode.

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