21 March 2020

Rife Frequency for C*V ~ Spooky2

Lyssa Royal shares a link to Spooky2 for a Rife Frequency to neutralise the virus. It's downloadable so it's great to share for those who feel aligned with it.

Source: Lyssa Royal

For those interested in energy medicine ...

A friend of ours, who is an awesome herbalist and healer, just got a Rife machine called Spooky2. They released the healing frequency for the COVID-19. He said it can't hurt to play it in the background. (It is is high-pitched and seems soundless, but if you are sensitive, you can feel the frequency).

More details are on the link below. (If you have questions, please direct them to the page, below. We are only passing this along as a courtesy, for those who are interested.) 💖

You can download it here:

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