19 March 2020

Simulations & Glitches ~ Re-post from 5 July 2017

BHS Mistler
When I was reading Lisa Renee's "Virus in Genetic Engineering", I remembered something that I wrote a while back called "Simulations & Glitches".

Here's the link for anyone who is interested:

Some excerpts:
What I saw on a macro scale was our real history ~ each cycle or phase was some iteration of this master program. They say that history repeats itself, and for the first time, I understand why. Over and over again, throughout the long years, events are created that are just different versions being churned out of the same master program. The parameters fed in and the subroutines called up are different enough to provide "variety", but ultimately, it's the same master program producing a limited set of possibilities. Just look at where we are now ~ many sources have told us that it's like the end-times of Atlantis.

Then there's the micro level. This would be our individual lives. If we look at our own lives, it's easy to recognise the patterns that seemingly govern them, especially when it comes to relationships (that's the big one, obviously). We see iterations playing out over and over again in many aspects of our lives. Sometimes there are generational cross-overs, but the patterns are recognisable.
Nevertheless, like almost all software, there have been glitches in the master program as well as the subroutines, but I'm guessing they are fixed and patched up quite well. However, the glitches are becoming more regular and harder to fix. It's like we can write and delete from the same USB drive only a certain number of times before it degrades. And most importantly, and this is something that's just come to me as I'm typing.......WE ARE ALSO THE GLITCHES.

Each one of us who are awakened is a glitch to the simulation. Each time someone becomes more aware and steps into their own Sovereignty, it's a glitch to the system. This is how we can bring it down.

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