26 March 2020

The C*/’Crown’ Virus: Part Two A Higher Octave Perspective ~ 25 March 2020

Nicolya Christi came out with Part One a few days  ago, and now she continues with the second part.

Source: Nicolya Christi

In Part One of this article, we looked at the practicalities in terms of taking care of our physical health during this time of the COVID-19 virus.

Here, in Part Two, I wish to share a stream of gnosis in regard to elements of the higher purpose of the virus, which has now taken centre stage news across the world.

The physical and energetic bodies each have a ‘Crown’: On the physical body, this is represented by the crown of the head, and in the energy body, the Crown constitutes the seventh chakra.
I often speak in terms of the psychological model ‘Bi-Focal Vision’, where one is encouraged to relate to any given event/situation/scenario from two different perspectives:
1) The here and now – ‘3D’ level – (the ‘third-dimensional’ consciously unevolved and spiritually un-awakened human being and world)
2) The higher vibrational frequency ‘5D’ level – (the ‘fifth-dimensional’ Consciously evolved and spiritually awakened human being and world)

A Great Wave of Cleansing and Purifying
Looking at the ‘C’ virus, and the position the global community currently finds itself in, if we view the situation through a ‘bi-focal’ lens then what is revealed is that an unprecedented wave of cleansing and purification is sweeping through the world. At an everyday physical level, this is being implemented via our hygiene practices and a revision of our overall hygiene standards, i.e., the regular washing of hands and cleaning of our spaces; be these our homes/offices/places of work/cars/transport etc. Yet, this great purification is not only occurring on the level of the physical body, but also within the emotional, mental and energy bodies where a deep historical/ancestral/karmic/emotional/mental/energetic/auric clearing is taking place: This is a spiritual reboot and upgrade. Many of the foods, supplements and remedies I wrote about in ‘Part One’ of this article can serve this greater purification.

More Self-Aware – Self-Directing – Self-Empowered
We have reached a point on the evolutionary timeline where we need to recognise that it is essential that we each take more response-ability, be more response-able, and become more aware of the impact our physical presence and actions exert on others and the world. We are being called to connect more fully with the greater Spectrum of Life and to be more Self-responsible, Self-directing and Self-empowered; to think and act in ways that serve the highest good of ALL.

‘Inside’ – A Two-Sided Coin
This moment of ‘inside’ is a two-sided coin:
1) It refers to our lives behind closed doors, i.e. our home life, and also to our private inner-world. Great Spirit is present and invites us to withdraw … to commune with our inner-core … and to deeply trust and allow this evolutionary process to flow.
2) The other side of our proverbial coin reveals the necessity to become more considerate of others – family, friends, colleagues, and so-called ‘strangers’.

‘Social Distancing’ – A Mirror of What Already Exists
So, how might we support each other in our divinely-ordained Retreat? How might we more consciously and compassionately care for ourselves and each other while in ‘lockdown’? The fact is that ‘social distancing’ is not something new that has now been foisted upon us. For even though we may be surrounded by others, for the most part we remain emotionally removed and distant. Look at our behaviour on trains, buses, and in public places such as queues in shops where people tend not to talk to each other. Indeed, on the contrary, many purposely distance themselves.

‘Social distancing’ offers us a mirror in which we can recognise just how far we have moved away from ourselves, each other, and Nature, when engrossed in our day-to-day lives. Everything is a rush … a crazy blur of doing … for there is simply no time to pause and listen to our hearts and interact with each other from this place of Love. In the chaotic whirlwind of most people’s lives, meaningful communication is lost. Even during public holidays such as Easter and Christmas, people are still blindly rushing around. Our loss is the gain of a global system that prioritises profit at any cost. A thick societal fog of doing prevents the majority of people from connecting with each other more deeply in soulful ways.

Glass Half Empty or Half Full?
An extraordinary moment is upon us and it comes bearing gifts for those of us who will allow ourselves to experience what is unfolding as an evolutionary invitation from the Higher Realms. Now we are given some much deserved time out: We can welcome this as a time for reflection … and for listening to our hearts … if we so choose, because everything is a choice.

Many are focused on the prospect of ‘social isolation’ from a perspective of the glass being half empty rather than half full. The former is understandable given the financial implications this enforced instruction imposes on the majority of us. But, if we can cut right back in terms of spending on non-essentials and implement a vastly pared down weekly budget, a simpler way of living where we can manage this situation becomes possible. This was how the majority of our grandparents, and their grandparents before them, were forced to live, for they had no choice but to exist in the shadow of a near absence of work and income.

Everything is a Choice
As I shared earlier, everything is a choice, and what we are now facing affords society at large the potential for a major turning point and a reassessment of values if we can realise that there is more to living than work alone. The quality of abundance that enriches to one’s core is not to be found in a purse. Simple living, eating, loving and caring are the wisdom paths that will lead us to a whole different way of BEing, if we can remain mindful not to default back into our old routines and patterns the moment the green light is given to re-enter the world.

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