22 March 2020

The Orchestra of Light ~ Amanda Lorence ~ 21 March 2020

Amanda Lorence had, in her previous broadcast with Kerry K, shared this poem that she wrote.

Source: Amanda Lorence

Many requests to share this poem again, originally written in June 2019...🙏


Each held within forgetfulness, a certain note.
A note remembered, felt, not played.
Your note, unique, of precious sound.

You knew you held that note.
You practiced your fine tuning.
At times breaking a string in play.
At times losing, the definition of it’s true gracefulness.

Yet you endured. You persisted.
You practiced, again and again.
Fine tuning...you never gave up.
Knowing your note held, a purity.
Of sound, of vibration.

And all the while you practiced refinement.
That only you knew how to accomplish.
There were others.
Practicing their single note.
That only they knew, only they held.

One by One.
Note by note.
Each practice their Note.
Knowing their Note, is enough.

For there IS a Song
That’s made of Light.
Captured in the timelessness.
And played...Together.

The Stage is set.
An Orchestra fine tunes.
An audience of forgetfulness awaits...
But they shall hear. And thus remember.
As our vaster brethren bear witness.

For the vibration shall be played.
As One remembered Melody.
Across Gaia and galaxies.

So many shall want to dance.
So many shall feel its crescendo.
The sounds and vibrations.
Of One Eternal Light.

Never forgotten...

One Love.
Amanda Lorence
20 March 2020

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