22 March 2020

Twelve Decrees ~ Paul Dobree-Carey ~ 21 March 2020

I All that is Rigid shall be shaken 
II All that is in pain shall be relieved 
III All that is in sorrow shall be lifted in joy 
IV All that is in servitude shall be freed 
V All that is hidden shall be revealed
VI All that is suppressed shall be felt 
VII All that is Contained shall be released
VIII All that is separated shall return to Unity
IX All that is Unspoken shall be heard 
X All that is Unseen shall be recognised
XI All that is form shall seek higher expression 
XII All that is Love shall be made manifest 

Source: Paul Dobree-Carey

Twelve Decrees above below.

I - IV Third Dimensional Decrees
V - VIII Fourth Dimensional Decrees
IX - XII Fifth Dimensional Decrees

All that has been created within the Third Dimensional Belief Systems of the Collective Consciousness will be manifested for the last time before dissipating and disintegrating into the ether.

Whatever you still hold within YOU or wish to cling onto will be made manifest by becoming amplified, brought to the surface and presented to you. All that is rigid shall be shaken. All that is hidden in the Dark will be revealed to the Light. Do not fear what YOU are presenting at this time. For that which becomes manifest can be dealt with through choice, it is the unknown that creates fear, yet here you still are, despite all that you have feared in the past. What you release creates a void and it is in that void, you will achieve balance and peace. You will not find it by holding on and waiting to see what happens, for it must be created by your choices. You have been on a journey and it is time to decide what you truly wish to carry home.

Quieten the mind at every opportunity, each worried thought can quicken its flow and become the storm of an energetic construct creating drama and anxiety in your life. Your journey through the frequencies of Fourth Dimension have shown you how quickly this can happen, much much faster than ever before as your Inner Child seeks every excuse to justify its existence in your life. Defending your position, becoming ultra-sensitive to Others comments, becoming anxious over the thoughtless actions of Others – all signs of the Inner Child’s Ego seeking individual attention and validation.

Your Fifth Dimensional Higher Self can help you by assigning these thoughts to higher parts of YOU to deal with. Allow some time to move the energy through you. Use this opportunity to rest and refrain from action. Relax into the process that YOU are helping you to get through each moment.

Integration, balance, grounding and alignment are the key tasks at this time.

Polaris AB


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