21 March 2020

Weathering the Storm of Transformation ~ Glacia Rain ~ 20 March 2020

Source: Glacia Rain

As we look at the world today, we are able to see that the great spiritual awakening and transformation is well underway. Many people are in panic and terror, fearing for their lives. We are all facing our fears of death, however, many are choosing to go deeper into the fear while others are beginning to rise out of it.

I have spoken about this clear difference between those who choose to maintain the 3D timelines and those who are choosing to liberate themselves from the reincarnation grid to move consciously into multidimensionality. Our points of view shape the way in which we not only interact with the world but how we orient ourselves vibrationally and dimensionally. Many of us understand that we have a complex system within ourselves which the emotions are part of.

Some have come to understand that the emotions are messengers, not meant to be feared and avoided, but meant to be explored and allowed to express the message associated with the feeling. There is a large misunderstanding that if it feels bad, it must be bad, when in reality, when a person feels bad, it simply means there is a incongruence or disagreement with what the mind is believing as true and what the body and inner consciousness know to be true.

We have come to a point of no return in our consciousness evolution. We have come further than ever before in these ascension timelines. We are accomplishing our goals and we must continue to stay on track. The corruption of the governing bodies and of the elite will continue to unfold as will the awakening of the general masses. Many people will begin to remember the true history of humanity as well as about our place in this galaxy.

As our multidimensional chakra points come online, we will begin to stream high levels of consciousness into the collective. This will give a consciousness upgrade to all who choose to continue exploring their souls evolution and greatest expression.
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