26 March 2020

When You Put Yourself Outside of God ~ Paul Selig

Source: Empath 1111

The responsibility you each hold is to realize, once and for all, that love is not a personality construct, nor is it special, to be handed to the special. It is the action of the Creator, working as and through you, in His own dominion, honoring all that He sees before him as a creation worthy of love.

Now, what is not worthy of love? If you ask yourself this, "What is not worthy of love?" you will discover very quickly the things you put outside of God. And what you put outside of God you give great power to, because those very things you put outside of God keep you outside of God in your experience. Do you understand this? When you decide that someone is not worthy of the kingdom, you have decided that you are with them on the rock you place them on in isolation. You call yourself to that very thing you wish to not be expressed as, through your judgement and fear.

Paul Selig - The Book of Knowing and Worth
A Channeled text

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