19 March 2020

You Are Almost Home ~ Laura Whitworth ~ 18 March 2020

The link for Laura Whitworth's video is here. 

Laura likes to see things from different angles, and that's what I appreciate about her. Ultimately, everything is Spiritual....Life is us on our Journey Home. As Synchronicity shines once again, Laura suggests listening to the birds ~ I woke up this morning and realised the the Bird Songs I hear daily sounded louder (more birds?) and more "crystal-like" (new frequency?). I intend to write more about that later.

This session is Laura's own, from which she shared quite a bit a couple of months ago. However, she said that she held some back for a "special time", and she believes that that time is now. Source is ready to move Creation out of the lower realms.
"Be the Light ALWAYS....It is time to come Home....look within yourselves and you will find Me"
I do suggest listening to this session. (Get the tissues out....)


Laura details a message in this video that was given by Source back in December.

This is new information that has not been shared before. Laura has been waiting for the right time to share it.

That time is now.

Sending love, and light to all of you.

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