30 April 2020

Freedom Channels are Recognised ~ Gaia Portal ~ 30 April 2020

Source: Gaia Portal

Westward winds are carried on the morning.
Crags are hammered and removed.
Narrows of Light are followed. 

Freedom channels are recognized. 

Celia Fenn Update ~ 30 April 2020

Source: Celia Fenn

Ascension energies are powerful right now. As we move towards the 5/5 gate and the Taurus/Scorpio Full Moon we can expect this.

Symptoms can be nausea, exhaustion, digestive and nervous system issues. These can also arise as we navigate the heavy energies currently being experienced on the earth.

You may have noticed that, other than in my webinars, I have not had much to say about the current struggle of consciousness that is ongoing on the Earth.

That is primarily because I believe that, as the Founder Angels demonstrated, the only way for Love to emerge victorious is for us to focus on Love and Be the Love. In the current context that means being in a high frequency of Love and Compassion and focussing on the New Earth that is emerging.

Anything else pulls you down into the low frequencies of anger and fear and renders you liable to being manipulated by the unscrupulous and cynical forces at work right now.

Remember that there are many "opinions" and "perspectives" out there, but Love is the only Cosmic Reality and Truth.

At this beautiful time of what I call "Pleiades Rising" the Light Codes emerging from Alcyone are lighting our way into the New Earth consciousness. Don't allow yourselves to drop frequency and drop out of the new timeline. You are all needed to manifest the New Earth Reality.

Also available now are waves of beautiful and compassionate energy from the Divine Feminine Heart that is so strong in the Taurus region of the galaxy.

The Beautiful and Blessed energy of Mother Mary is available to heal and guide and activate us to new levels of Compassion and Love.

It really can be as simple as being a vessel for Divine Love and Compassion and holding space for Beauty to manifest around you. The Divine Feminine so needs space to Be on our Earth right now.

Have a beautiful and blessed and light filled day!

Jason Estes Updates: Welcome to the End Game ~ 30 April 2020

Source: Jason Estes

One of the most valuable things we can ever do is know where we truly are

it is only when we can acknowledge that space that we can truly move forward.

take a moment and really read this and ask yourself honestly where you are then fight the urge to share your location in this process with anyone else and begin to look at what can assist you to raise and choose to raise for yourself not for anyone else or anything else.

this will make May a much smoother month for all who choose to focus on themselves for themselves ::hugs::

(link to Spiritual Maturity)

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Welcome to the end game...

this month is a powerful push into the balanced human and the beginning of the angelic ascension for the human race

as you can see by the graphic below we will be in template tests tomorrow while also prewaving the divine harmony window

often times people ask me why they feel the opposite in these windows at first this is because the light highlights the distortions in a major way which allows you to then see and let them go

so while we are already in the prewave for May since a few days ago we are now also in the window that is going to illuminate things not in harmony as yesterday showed us all there is still quite a lot of work to do in these areas

however with the support of these windows and influxes we will be moving through it at records speeds

remember the most important thing you can do right now is Be Good, Do Good, Have Faith, And Enjoy the ride ::hugs::


The Fourth Awakening: Ascension Update ~ Tim Whild ~ 30 April 2020

Tim Whild believes that there will be about 2 billion awakening in this latest wave! "Brace yourself!" He also sees massive numbers of "lights" flashing globally, denoting newly awakened Souls....I believe that many are seeing this vision too!

Source: Tim Whild (with video)

Todays ascension update! Sending you all lots of love 🌸🔥💜

Forgiveness ~ Eckhart Tolle

Eckhart Tolle
The most important step out of karmic law is forgiveness

Resurrection and the Life of New Divine DNA Recoding ~ DNA Activation Decree ~ Sandra Walter ~ 29 April 2020

Sandra Walter
I AM the Resurrection and the Life of new Divine DNA recoding, receiving and activating the highest quality light codes, sequences and fire letter activation in this Now

Matt Kahn Update ~ 29 April 2020

Source: Matt Kahn

Inevitably, it won’t matter how many people recognize the contributions you made or if anyone remembers you when you’re gone. All that truly matters is how profoundly you were transformed by the depth, courage, and meaning of your most inspired choices.

No matter the storylines that were set into motion, the gift of growth each choice provides becomes a greater skill set of embodied wisdom that you will carry with you into the next level of your journey. This is why you incarnated; to grow and expand the consciousness of your soul in preparation for the next step beyond.

One could say Earthly life is reality and it certainly offers many versions, levels, and perceptions of it. And yet, life on Earth remains a sacred field of experience — a course of Mastery ebbing and flowing through a rhythm of personal evolution that ultimately prepares you for a reality that is most excited and elated to meet itself as you.

Maureen Moss Update ~ 29 April 2020

Source: Maureen Moss

This has been an unprecedented week of energies with the most notable being the waves and waves of Light/Love entering our heart chakra and opening our Chrystalline Hearts and yesterdays blast that felt like the beginning of what the Pleadians call the Harmonic Conversion.

The 7 sisters of Pleaides have said, humanity is literally being spun out of the 3D Earth right now at almost warp speed by Divine Decree and Original Intent.

“Greater and greater numbers of humanity are understanding now what is required to become liberated. As a result they (humanity,) are heading daily now in large part into the Field of Liberation readying themselves for the moment of the Compression Breakthrough (or Harmonic Conversion,) on Earth when the Light Forces from the Great Central Sun unite in the middle with those from Gaia’s Crystalline Heart, into humanities Crystalline Heart (which must be open and active,) creating a breakthrough that raises the frequency exponentially of LOVE in all living beings on Earth."

We are reminded of four things as we enter a Powerful Month of May.

*Keep Your Frequency High

*Stay Out of the Fascination of 3D (it immediately lowers frequency.)

*Open Wide Your Crystalline Hearts and Enter into deep states of Love and entrainment with your Self, Gaia, and God.

*Own your Sovereignty!

Endless Love To You,

Join us us in the Taurus/Pleaidian Stargate on Tuesday, May 5

Clear Camp Initiative 2.0 ~ Playing the Victim: Convincing Others ~ MTVO

Trying to convince other beings that the 3rd party is playing the victim is now being released and cleared from my selected games

Please complete this set of commands here.

May Summary ~ MTVO

Source: MTVO

Welcome to May! The influxes this month are designed to help each of us come back into unity. Feminine and masculine consciousness will be highlighted in powerful ways to erase the need for separation and conflict between the two energies.⁣

Remember that the masculine and feminine both exist within you, so work on letting go of the labels and cages you've put around them. You get to decide what the masculine and the feminine are in your world, and you'll find that the more you let go of what you know about them, the more you'll understand.⁣

🌱 Recommanded movies for May: Mr. Nobody, Winter's Tale⁣
🌱 TV show: The OA (season 2)⁣

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HIgher Truths to Help Your Experiences ~ Amanda Lorence ~ 29 April 2020

Source: Amanda Lorence


Early in my awakening (2012) before I even knew of Astral Travel, I was shown within, taught, the ultimate DIVINE design behind the ‘Astral Realms’. I was gifted that wisdom early, to allow me to make highest choice for my path ahead. I was shown the enticement, the lure, the manipulation the human mind has on any experience there. I was shown how people can get hooked into travel to the ‘Astral’, as a perceived daily practice of gaining their desired ‘answers’. Where behind all those Astral experiences IS a design, a greater and finer teaching, to FIND, EMBODY and choose again. For many to see through, and understand the perfect design that lies BEHIND all Astral Plane experiences. To understand how their human energy and thoughts, desires and fears affect their experiences within the Astral Planes. Their experiences, sights that influence them into believing they are REAL (it’s more illusion). Which can potentially infiltrate their human life experience as they give their power away to those energies and draw those energies down into solidity, if thought is sustained. Where the human small mind begins to rely on the further ILLUSION of the Astral Planes. 

The Astral Planes are DESIGNED to TEACH the initiate How CREATIONS are manifested within a field of non time. Within all Astral experience, what the small mind thinks about in that NOW MOMENT, manifests INSTANTLY within the Astral. People can create happy, loving or fearful, violent experiences instantly there. That’s the design! To show you HOW manifestation occurs by showing you within a light field of ‘no time’, whereas here in the illusion of time, our manifestations appear to take longer, so we don’t see the law of manifestation as easily. The Astral Planes are THE FIELD to show us the Law of Manifestation. To then PASS THROUGH, leave behind, if we choose, towards the higher planes of our consciousness. Thereby leaving the astral behind. But due to the phenomena people can experience (at Will) in the Astral Planes, people get HOOKED in to the allure of the Astral Plane, and sometimes for a lifetime. So won’t progress further in their consciousness until they learn it, let go of it, stop playing in it, giving it their energy. It’s therefore a lower 4D light field to experience, understand, and evolve past.

In the deepest of gratitude of my early inner teaching within me, this allowed me to make the highest choice early; to stay OUT of the Astral Planes, to not let that realm distract or entice me from the awakening journey. For the human journey IS to travel further into the casual (causal) planes, to THEN become more consciousness known within the human here. Higher frequency than the lower fourth dimension of Astral experiences, that many can get hooked into, in illusionary joyful experiences, or illusionary fearful experiences. Being hooked into the Astral Planes, also allows the person to bring into the solid realm those very experiences, if their psychological thoughts are sustained. And so begins the dictation and influence OVER their own human consciousness and possible expansion for their human. Astral is lower 4D, so if we choose to allow that to govern our human perception, being lower 4D, we attract lower 4D to us, which keeps us in lower 4D. The ultimate ‘game’ is to see the higher wisdom teachings of it’s lure, it’s temptations, and CHOOSE to move on past this field of frequencies for ultimately, beyond all phenomena of that Plane, there is FAR MORE. If we wish to evolve our consciousness more, to higher frequencies of sustained being.

The Astrals are but a temporary experience taking the human back into human body and their state of over-riding consciousness sustained. Choosing to not be distracted by LOWER FORTH, we evolve past those planes, to the Casual (Causal), where our human essence can embody and become MORE, IN THE PHYSICAL BODY. People struggle when choosing daily Astral Plane travel, because they still have to come back into their body that is not yet balanced to the four cardinal points, and so they resume life as the human consciousness thus far IN BODY.

We can learn to increasingly sustain the higher frequencies of evolving consciousness, without leaving the body for temporary Astral experiences. Moving past the astral realms means, we actually EMBODY higher frequency, so embody more gifts, skills, masteries, that are only attainable IN BODY, AT the HIGHER frequencies beyond the Astral. We evolve to become the living alchemist, IN the BODY, on Gaia. More and more it slowly becomes the every day state of our being. But it is a process. A fool-proof design (because it is frequency based) we each choose or not choose. Just a choice, no right or wrong choice made.

My journey, sight, hearing, energy mastery has therefore been to ALLOW my own Self to unfold within me. Sure this may mean less mind controlled ‘playful astral travels’. But it creates the surest, certain path that goes ‘straight up’ the ‘tree trunk’ as opposed to ‘side-tracking’ down a branch of the tree we could call ‘Astral Plane experience’. This means that what I am shown, is via physical eyes or third eye. Or understood via internal physical VIBRATION decoded. Or we can be gifted, seemingly spontaneously, sight and data from HIGHER aspects of energies of the CASUAL (Causal) PLANE. Casual (Causal) Plane support will always feel of LOVE, will never ask you to do anything for them, will feel peaceful. Will ONLY be GIVING you information for you, for you to discern and choose your next human acts and thoughts from. It will never be threatening. The belief system of ‘Fear’ does not exist in 5D and above, so no Causal Plane experience spontaneously gifted to you will be fear based. It will be a gift and act of PURE LOVE and support.

Again the human mind can experience it’s own clever manipulation of a third eye experience. PURE Third Eye experience, is sight given to you. You will not expect the sight. You will not expect the subject matter within the sight. 

So another small mind manipulation would be to initially be given a Third Eye experience, and whilst having it, the human ego mind can try to push the sight further...into what the human mind WANTS to then see. Any human mind thought manipulation, is the ego mind wanting to take over to create a desired outcome. It would take the person OUT of Third Eye experience into small mind experience of IMAGINATION. So to be clear, Third Eye sight will always be unexpected, a divine gift of sight that contains data for you. And if the small mind tries to intervene to expand the gift of sight given, the DIVINE sight will disappear, the divine connection lost, as it gets superseded by the overpowering, controlling lower frequency sight of IMAGINATION of the small mind desiring outcome. Bare in mind, fear attracts fear. Change your thoughts. Lose your own inner fears, raise your energetic frequency and fear does not and can not ‘Call’ upon you.

Again, the sight of this comes naturally to you. It pulsates, the prongs of light contract and expand. It takes practice to just be the observer of it, without the small mind intervening. For as soon as the small mind thinks “Oh I can see the All Seeing Eye”, the All Seeing Eye containing the God Spark will disappear from eye view. Practice no mind thought whilst being gifted this sight, and the All Seeing Eye stays longer and longer in your eyesight, and in time ‘appears’ to draw nearer. It doesn’t come closer in truth. Your consciousness draws closer to ‘IT’. Because your consciousness will evolve and evolve into you KNOWING that the God Spark was always ‘you’. So the separational experience of you Seeing ‘IT’ changes over time on the inner path. Where you retain some individual identity yet know the divine is you/was you/always will be you, within and without.

I hope this helps make some things clearer. If not, please just discard and enjoy your experience. There is no right or wrong experience, just thinking makes it so. This post is merely to try and help shift people up and higher along their path, out of the ego mind’s power of manipulation within the divine path home that each are so so deserving of. (Please no Messenger messages relating to these subjects, all answers are within, and your power to seize as the divine being you already are). I appreciate I’ve only covered the basics in this post. x Love is the Answer...

One Love,
Amanda Lorence
29 April 2020

SR Reading

29 April 2020

A Simple, Powerful Prayer in Challenging Times ~ Mooji ~ 29 March 2020


Please listen to Mooji here.

Fear in Trusting God ~ Lisa Renee ~ 28 April 2020

I never considered this before (Lisa Renee's highlighted excerpt below)....this contact goes across the board. So it may not just be the case of disinformation being implanted, it may actually be lineage and therefore intentional. And again, we are reminded that our DNA is one of the major reasons for the control systems ~ basically speaking, we have god codes and are creator beings while they are not. We are creating and sustaining their world for them with their belief systems that they have fed to Humanity and our general consent.
We came down here without understanding our true identity here. So, through the contact at the end of the cycle, all of the entities whether they are Luciferian, whether they are Satanic, whether they are Christic, these are the various lineages that are contacting their people. Whatever genetic material, whether it's the Christ consciousness 12 strand DNA or the reversal 10 Black Sun DNA or it's the Belial DNA.
Source: Energetic Synthesis: Time Shift Blog

Q. "I am inspired by your transparent information and you are one of the only spiritual leaders that speaks on satanic ritual abuse of children. Unfortunately, I have witnessed the unspeakable evil things done to them and it makes me so upset that I question how could God allow it. It makes me question if God won’t help them, how would he help me? It makes me resist God at some level and fear to trust."

A. This is a very good question and I think that it starts in the beginning of our journey. It takes is some time to understand our own relationship with God and to feel that and experience that directly. I know that this is a very common question that many people on planet Earth ask themselves and others. Many atheists will say “if there was a God this situation wouldn’t be happening”. That is why in ES I'm always talking about the importance of understanding our true hidden history and the fact that we are in a war over consciousness. This planet is essentially a prison planet. There are many basic assumptions about the history of humanity that are unknown to the general public, which make it a lot easier to think that we've just been abandoned here on this planet, and there is no benevolent or loving force that is here to help in such dire matters.

Once we understand the larger context, the Guardian context of understanding the quality of consciousness that we have access to on the earth, what we can embody and experience in our consciousness, is made available through an architecture, it is through a manifestation blueprint. We are essentially existing in a fallen system with damaged manifestation blueprints. The damage that has been incurred is not only in the time space matrixes and within the blended reality with AI systems, but is also compounded with understanding that this reality has been invaded by nonhuman forces. Those that have exploited the weaknesses of this architectural damage, as well as exploit the immature level of human consciousness that is existing at this point in the timeline. Because if we understand where we are as a species on planet earth, the consciousness here is very young and undeveloped. Essentially, there are extradimensional bullies that are very proficient at warfare with extremely advanced technological weaponry that is being used as a form of mind control, as a form of subjugation of the consciousness that exists here.

By intentionally erasing the identities here on this planet, we've all been mind-wiped, we've been given a false history and we've been given a false identity. Then one can see the set up here more accurately, it is quite dire in terms of how challenging it is for all of us, as human beings. Without our handbook, without having access to that information of where we actually come from and how there has been a small group, a domineering group that decided to take planet Earth for its own purposes, we are blinded. Whether it was for the farming, for gaining resources, for energy management, for stealing the consciousness energy here, that's essentially what we’re dealing with now. We have been enduring this in the last 26,000 year cycle after the Luciferian Rebellion, undergoing a very dark age.

The dark eon was upon us for 26,000 years, we have come to the end of that cycle and now we are traversing in the in between zone. We’re existing in the space of no-time. We haven't quite started the new eon, we are in a transition phase where we are undergoing the ascension cycle, but simultaneously, we are also in a war over this planet. This is something that has been described as the war over timelines because the timelines are directly related to the operation of the planetary architecture. He or she who controls the architecture also controls time. When we talk about AI and superimposed overlays of alien implants and various levels of the corruption that have occurred in the planet itself, many of us that have been listening to the ES material or our bodywork for a time, understood that our planetary logos was invaded. Essentially, the brain and head of this planet was taken over and it was turned into an AI machine that could be controlled by those off planet and those that exist in the in between spaces. To create essentially a farm down here and that is what we are evolving out of right now.

We talk about the spiritual freedom and liberation of this planet, the liberation of consciousness, this is what we’re living through right now. Many of us that were indigo or starseeded came from other galaxies, came from other planetary systems, came from other universes entirely. We answered the clarion call and we came here to help and experience the end of the dark aeon.  We’re working in that field of reference supporting the ascension cycle, and not only are we working for the Ascension cycle, we’re doing recon, we are taking inventory. Because the issue is someone is accountable to the architecture, these forces will be held accountable to what has happened here to enslave consciousness. It's also relative to our lifespan being very short, we have 70 odd years down here in this particular body, in which also was a genetic modification made by the invaders to limit our life span. By the time we are old enough to get some maturity and awareness, the body has to drop, and what has been happening down here is then starting the ongoing recycling of the reincarnation process.

This is now the time of the reveal in the clarion call of that which returned the original architects to the earth, the ancient builder races that are the Christic consciousness that exists beyond this universe. Who are basically responsible for the cosmic order, let's say in this segment of creation, and are returning back to embody on this planet in order to lead the Ascension hosting into the support of the consciousness liberation process. This is a long-term plan, because obviously when you look at the diversity in the state of consciousness today, most people still don't understand that this reality is energetic, an electromagnetic spectrum of frequency. That consciousness energy is intelligent and we are eternal beings that are a part of this electromagnetic energy, this field of intelligent consciousness. We still have many brothers and sisters on this earth that are asleep to that fact. It is going to take some time in terms of reeducation and support for the entire planetary body to undergo evolution to another paradigm.

Please read on....

Humanity's Transformation: Revolution to Evolution ~ Aluna Ash ~ 28 April 2020

Source: Aluna Ash

Humanity's Transformation: Revolution to Evolution. 
Through our individual and Collective healing and forgiveness, we are restoring the Brotherhood and Sisterhood of Humanity.

An increase in Light means we can no longer deny our Shadow. Humanity is like a Mind of a singular entity that is full of different archetypes that we, as individuals, move into & out of through our own experience & evolution.

We fall into states/moods that exist within the Collective Mind easily when we are not aware Spiritually of how to control our attention. We fall into states/moods due to what is within the depths of our Subconscious. We have to be aware of what is within, to intentionally manifest without.

Being a part of the Mind of Humanity allows us to have the experiences that we do: being a child, a parent, a partner, a student, a boss, etc... these are all archetypes. Along with the archetypes listed, we have a spectrum of personality types/character traits and moods/emotional states. All archetypes, all personalities, all moods/states of consciousness- are aspects of One Mind. This is why we can embody a different state of Being and also become what we contemplate.

As individuals, we have to acknowldege our "shadow" side that is within the depths of our Subconscious to fully heal and reach our highest potential. We are each individually connected to the Collective Mind through the deepest part of our psyche.... and Humanity also has a "Shadow" that is within the depths of the Collective Mind. So part of becoming One and healing individually, is acknowledging all aspects of Self, all aspects of Humanity and all aspects of Creation.

Many within Humanity are in the process of acknowledging the Shadow within individually that is showing up reflected through another person or through an experience. Many within Humanity are also in the process of acknowledging the Shadow of Humanity, as a Collective.... this is all part of healing to evolve and rise in consciousness to access the innate intelligence within (within our cellular memory) of all being One- Cosmic Consciousness.

Disgust, anger, hatred, resentment, or the desire to hurt another- is like poison to the Spirit, Body & Soul. These are destructive thoughts/emotions that go against the Divine Laws of Life. The one holding destructive thoughts towards another because of their ill actions/deeds- is the same poison & also goes against the Divine Laws of Life.

Healing can only happen with complete forgiveness... it is important to have compassion for those that have not yet been able to reach a place of complete forgiveness for ALL, it is a choice, it takes time & it can take as long as we choose. Forgiveness does not mean you like, want or are Ok with the pain/trauma of the world. It means there is a True Spiritual understanding of the Divine & Divine Law, the Divine/Universe/God knows ONLY Perfect Order. It is an inner individual journey but eventually- healing will come. No one gets left behind. All are redeemed because All are One.

Amanda Lorence Update ~ 28 April 2020

Source: Amanda Lorence


It’s lasted so far many hours today, and ongoing. Perhaps the most significant incoming energies yet. For various reasons.

As I’ve mentioned for many years now, incoming energy has intentionally been increasing, incrementally, in frequency, strength and light coding patterns received, by design of the Grand Plan. Increasing since 2015. The incremental increases allow the human to build up ability to receive and withstand more and more higher frequency energy to their body, received via our Sun. It has to increase a bit at a time for the physical vessel to absorb and adjust, to become a higher frequency human being. Increases to hertz energy allow the body to become at it’s maximum, in order to withstand (by human frequency degree) the future anticipated EVENT WAVE. The Event Wave is a one off emission of the HIGHEST magnitude of energy hertz this world has ever known, and will change the dynamics upon Gaia.

Today’s incoming energies bring full body ecstasy sensation that is lasting many hours and ongoing. This is likened (but not exactly the a same), as the feeling to the body at/after orgasm. But it is felt to the WHOLE body, today for many consecutive hours. Your physical vessel may also feel like jelly, wobbly. This IS the incoming energies we are currently receiving. This is great news because this blast that is staying for several hours already is FAR MORE in line to the Event Wave sensations we will experience when it happens. Bare in mind each will feel the Event Wave uniquely, as per their frequency and ability to withstand increased frequencies to the physical vessel.

Today’s energies are targeting the Heart Chakra. A huge heart expansion is taking place upon Gaia. You may feel a large area sensation in the chest. Possibly heart palpitations. It’s easy to think it’s anxiety in the body and then go down the rabbit hole of the mind finding a reason for ‘the anxiety’, but it isn’t mental anxiety. It is HIGH HEART expansion occurring energetically. You may also feel extremely tired and need to rest.

On the opposite end of the human spectrum, be aware these energies may trigger people. They may snap, be irritable, or short-fuse. They won’t know in that instant it is the incoming energy a ffecting them. It may bring out for them old belief systems or ingrained behavioural patterns that may/may not be seen.

It’s all ok. To welcome this intense and variable energy means you will flow with it so it’s easier to be with. To complain means we would be resisting our expansion so it will be harder for the mind to allow and just let go. The more we flow, the more energy we receive, as we are effectively saying “Yes” to it. The more we resist, is us effectively saying “No” so we will receive less incoming energy next time around. Just be at peace, knowing what it is, and that physical sysmtoms will pass. Drink plenty of water. How we respond mentally is an inner choice and our power to choose thoughts. If you struggle, remember Sacred Breath, it will zero point you right away. Remember incoming energy take three days to intergrate/absorb into the physical cells. So we WILL see a massive expansion of the heart this week, as anticipated on Sunday and spoken about at The Tor on that FB Live. This IS a week of massive heart expansion! But remember, everyone is on a different journey and at different stages. So whilst some will feel the beauty of PURE LOVE, some may feel lost. We can give them Love, upfront or at a distance. The beauty of energy is it can not be quarantined! It knows no distance and can be given instantly. Such is the magic and power of LOVE, that is OUR energy beyond time and space.

Wow! Amazing! Keep going!

One Love
Amanda Lorence
28 April 2020

Clear Camp Initiative 2.0 ~ Victim Games ~ MTVO

Buying into stories of people who like to play victim games is now being released and cleared from my conscious playbook

Please continue this process here.

Heartfelt Surrender ~ Matt Kahn ~ 28 April 2020

Matt Kahn
As you take a bold step in the direction of life's most heartfelt surrender, the acceptance that there is no way out of pain or judgment unravels every strategy of manipulation and avoidance. 
Without manipulation or avoidance as active forces in your energy field, your choices can now be arranged and orchestrated by the will of the Universe. 
While I assure you there is a light at the end of the tunnel, it is your willingness to relinquish every morsel of expectation that allows the intelligence within you to redirect your consciousness in an exciting new direction.  

The Difference Between Reality and Our Projections ~ Matt Kahn ~ 26 April 2020

Matt Kahn
The difference between reality and our projections of reality are quite simple:
REALITY is what you see
PROJECTIONS are whatever you conclude or think about it

Feeling into the Truth of Things ~ Matt Kahn ~ 26 April 2020

Matt Kahn's website is here. His message follows:

How things look and how things are — are not one and the same. How things look is the evolution of life in progress. How things feel, when not interpreting judgments about how things look, reveals an evolution already in bloom.

Instead of using feelings to interpret each judgment about how things look, dare to expand your perceptions by feeling into the truth of things — no matter how displaced, imbalanced, or incongruent anything seems to be. From this space of heart-centered awareness, you allow all imbalances and incongruences to be evened out and transformed just by daring to witness it through the light of your own loving presence.

There will be those who insist this act of conscious witnessing is not enough to save the world.

The world is not in need of 'saving'. To 'save a world' is an attempt to preserve the very patterning that was never a sustainable or equitable way for a species to evolve. Rather, it was a Divine set-up to inspire a global rebirthing that brings the truth of interconnected reality to the forefront of mass consciousness. Such a truth can only unravel injustices and uncertainties the more often the tendency of war is seen through the eyes of peace -- which gives rise to a more enlightened civilization. This is why love exists: to soothe your most innocent parts with remembrances of your unlimited Divine Nature, no matter how easy it is to give away your power by judging things in view.

Please enjoy every section of this newsletter and know that my heart is with always with you.

All For Love,

Trust in Yourself ~ Andrew Bartzis

Andrew Bartzis' site is here.
"It does not matter if there's a storm. It is still spring. Just like the passing of the seasons and the movement of the stars come, our human change comes. Trust in yourself, to work with Great Spirit, and great mystery, that is working through all of the universe.
Let go of those external sources that are demanding you to be distracted. Connect to your internal source that is asking you to co-create with the divine spirit within, asking you to co-create with the celestial mind of this planet that has been holding space for you so you can go through this evolutionary moment and become a master photonic being of light, who can manifest in thousands of realities simultaneously, by the power of trusting and choice."
 “Just like the passing of the seasons and the movement of the stars come, our human change comes.” 
- Andrew Bartzis  

Re-Emergence & the Return of Divine Law ~ Lauren C Gorgo ~ 27 April 2020

"The Law of One stipulates that all of life on earth is inherently connected to the same Source, and that Source is now THE governing principle within each and every soul on earth."
Source: Think With Your Heart

With just a few days left of an epic month of core restructuring, those embodying are nearly complete in the release of the lower template dynamics and the subsequent unhooking from the (false) grid of external dependence.

The dissolution of these lower ill-usory levels of self shatters the delusion of the artificial architecture that has infiltrated our planet since the earliest age of the prehistoric era.  This is why deprogramming duality is/has been such an extensive, comprehensive multilayered process of unraveling…of diffusing the multidimensional minefields that have been intentionally seeded/programmed/set up for (unconscious) human entrapment.

But disabling this false framework all these years has now enabled us to finally lay the new, proper foundations and governing structures as/of LOVE that will now (in time) propel the global emergence of Higher Law & Order, releasing humanity from the grips of the negative agenda.

To arrive here, we collectively moved thru a very unusual, internally focused Holy Week that, according to my Souces, encompassed the resurrection of both divine gender principles⇾ the resurrection/return of Jesus…i.e., the Masculine Christ principle…on Easter Sunday, April 12th (1+2=3⇾Trinity), and the resurrection/return of Magdalene…i.e., the Feminine Christ principle…on Holy Monday, April 13th, (1+3=4⇾Form).

This monumental happening officially heralded the Second Coming, foretelling of the completion of the Heiros Gamos journey that culminates during the final Cancer-Capricorn eclipse on July 4-5, 2020…a total lunar eclipse at 13 degrees Capricorn…concluding the two-year cycle (eclipse activation series) of the Mystical Marriage→ our Divine/Sacred Union.

Please read on....

Better Understanding Unity ~ Denise Le Fay ~ 28 April 2020

Source: High Heart Life

Throughout Phase 1 of the Ascension Process so many people perceived and interpreted Unity from old pre-ascension 3D levels of consciousness which was Separation and duality to the extreme. Since 2003 I’ve witnessed many people in the Ascension Community, including many teachers/writers, apply the only level of consciousness they each had at that time (or still have today) which is old lower frequency Separation duality consciousness on to what they believe ascended 5D frequency Unity is. They’ve been wrong however. We’ve ALL been wrong about certain aspects of the Ascension Process including myself (how many others have you ever heard or read any ascension teacher/writer admit this publicly?) because all of this is a great and grand ongoing multiple stair-step Process. We each know what we know from minute to minute, day by day until we’re again blasted with some more higher frequency Light, some more NEW codes, some more NEW DNA activation’s and then we know what we know from that level of our ongoing processes. This is why I’ve said over the years I’ve been writing online about the Ascension Process — here’s what I know today but I expect to know more tomorrow and the day after that and the day after that and so on.

Ascension (lower case “e”) embodiment Process

Old pre-ascension 3D Separation duality consciousness was lowly ego-based human herd consciousness, actions, beliefs and external reality. The basic and mandatory Ascension embodiment Process is the profound inner work of going through numerous formidable steps, layers, phases and processes of what was Separated and dualized in a person and body steadily into higher and higher frequencies of individual internal Unification. So easily said, not so easily accomplished yet it’s exactly what’s been happening. 

Male and female energies that were Separated in matching old 3D patriarchal Earth reality are slowly integrated and re-united in both sexes internally within each persons being, physical body, consciousness, CNS, brain, heart and all else.

Mind and heart, intellect and emotional feeling are slowly integrated and unified individually which automatically activates the NEW higher frequency HighHeart center in both sexes.

Left and right brain hemispheres are Rewired so the Separation and duality inside the human brain, head and consciousness is capable of evolving into greater and higher levels of being, consciousness, energy and external reality. All of these things and more are the mandatory basic transformations humans must embody via the current Ascension Process to gain vibratory entrance into the next higher octave of evolutionary reality and exist on and with matching frequency ascended NEW Earth.

Please read on....

28 April 2020

Update for May ~ Jason Estes ~ 28 April 2020

Source: Jason Estes


Welcome to May (sort of)

We have pioneered a clear path forward for the majority of humanity while there is still the leaderless group there will be two realities but one single timeline

May is a powerful month as we begin to unify ourselves and thus begin to heal the rift between the masculine and feminine

midway through this month we begin to have the unity keys renewed within us which will assist us to choose to come back to center easier as the final dissonances come up within us

remember this too shall pass and what awaits you on the other side is MIRACLES! ::hugs::

Movie: Winters Tale, Mr Nobody
T.v. show: The OA season 2

Practice: Awakening the sound centers
Using your voice tone the following sequences where you start with the Aum or REU then hold the other note till the breath ends then breath in and start next sequence and repeat till whole set is complete.

Aum May
Reu May
Aum Lee
Reu Lee
Reu Aum May Lee

Then go hydrate, because these codes are very powerful
 it is advised to never do these sequences prior to driving or operating heavy machinery

Vlog 164: Empowering Patterns of Perfection for the New Earth ~ Patricia Cota-Robles ~ 27 April 2020

Please listen to this vlog here.

Here are the details for the transcript, as provided in the comments:

"You can access the pdf with this link or in the comments below. The link is actually on the video - right hand upper corner - click on the 'i' symbol and it opens a different page with their website. 

For ease, here it is https://eraofpeace.org/blogs/news/empowering-the-new-earth-s-patterns-of-perfection"


I AM my I AM Presence and I AM One with the I AM Presence of every person on Earth. 

Through the Power of my spoken words, I COMMAND God’s unformed Primal Light Substance from the Core of Creation to tangibly manifest these Heart-based patterns for the New Earth, here and NOW. As I invoke these patterns one by one, I COMMAND that they be downloaded instantaneously into Humanity’s newly balanced and recalibrated 5th -Dimensional Threefold Flames. I know and accept that this is occurring through each person’s I AM Presence in perfect alignment with his or her Divine Plan and the highest good for all concerned. Beloved Father-Mother God and the Legions of Light throughout Infinity download NOW from the Realms of Cause the highest and most exquisite frequencies of the patterns of perfection for the New Earth that Cosmic Law will allow.

1. Beloved Ones, I COMMAND that the NEW 5th -Dimensional Crystalline patterns of perfection from the Realms of Cause that are associated with God’s Eternal Peace, Infinite Abundance, Opulence, Financial Freedom and the Supply of ALL good things be instantaneously downloaded.  

2. Now, I COMMAND that the NEW 5th -Dimensional Crystalline patterns of perfection from the Realms of Cause that are associated with Eternal Youth, Vibrant Health, Radiant Beauty and the Perfect Form and Function of our Earthly Bodies be downloaded instantly.  

3. Dear Ones, I COMMAND that the NEW 5th -Dimensional Crystalline patterns of perfection from the Realms of Cause that are associated with perfect health habits including Eating and Drinking Habits, Exercise, Work, Relaxation and Recreation Habits, and Spiritual Devotion, Meditation and Contemplation Habits be instantly downloaded. 

4. Now, I COMMAND that the NEW 5th -Dimensional Crystalline patterns of perfection from the Realms of Cause that are associated with Divine Family Life, Loving Relationships, Adoration, Divine Love, Divine Sexuality, True Understanding, Clear and Effective Communication, Open Heart Sharing, Oneness and the Unification of the Family of Humanity be downloaded instantaneously.  

5. Beloved Ones, I COMMAND that the NEW 5th -Dimensional Crystalline patterns of perfection from the Realms of Cause that are associated with 2 Harmony, Balance, Oneness and Reverence for ALL Life be instantly downloaded.  

6. I COMMAND that the NEW 5th -Dimensional Crystalline patterns of perfection from the Realms of Cause that are associated with Empowerment, Success, Fulfillment, Divine Purpose, a Rewarding Career, Self Esteem, Spiritual Development, Enlightenment, Divine Consciousness and Divine Perception now be downloaded instantaneously.  

7. I now COMMAND that the NEW 5th -Dimensional Crystalline patterns of perfection from the Realms of Cause that are initiating conscious Open Heart and Mind telepathic communication through our I AM Presence with our Father-Mother God, the Company of Heaven, and the Angelic and Elemental Kingdoms be instantly downloaded.  

8. Beloved Ones, I COMMAND that the NEW 5th -Dimensional Crystalline patterns of perfection from the Realms of Cause that inspire Creativity through Music, Singing, Sound, Toning, Dance, Movement, Art and Education be downloaded instantaneously.  

9. I now COMMAND that the NEW 5th -Dimensional Crystalline patterns of perfection from the Realms of Cause that are associated with Laughter, Joy, Playfulness, Fun, Self-expression, Elation, Enthusiasm, Bliss, Ecstasy, Wonder and Awe be instantly downloaded. 

10. And finally I COMMAND that the NEW 5th -Dimensional Crystalline patterns of perfection from the Realms of Cause that are associated with ALL of the remaining patterns of perfection for the New Earth be instantaneously downloaded. I now accept and know that these NEW patterns of perfection for the New Earth have been God Victoriously downloaded in perfect alignment with the highest benefit for ALL Life evolving on this precious Planet. .  

And so it is. Beloved I AM. Beloved I AM. Beloved I AM That I AM. 

The Law of Free Will 🌌⁣ ~ Cosmic Laws of Cosmic Awareness

The Law of Free Will states that Divine Will grants each entity the right to direct and pursue his or her life and the quality of that life as it was presented, so long as he or she does not violate this same right of others
A right that excludes the rights of others is other than Divine

Source: MTVO

The Law of Free Will 🌌⁣

The Cosmic Laws are meant to illuminate and bring understanding to the spiritual laws that govern this universe and which all beings are subject to.⁣

The laws can be found in the book, "The Cosmic Laws of Cosmic Awareness," which is available as a free PDF online. You can find it easily if you do an internet search of the title of the book.⁣

#consciousness #mtvo #selfhealing #cosmiclaw #universallaw #spiritualascension #5d #energywork #freewill 

Clear Camp Initiative 2.0 ~ Moved By Something Outside of Me ~ MTVO

Feeling and being moved by something outside of me is now being released and cleared from me

Please continue here for the last command.

Your Future Self | Letting Go ~ Lazaris & Jach Pursel

Like you have held your inner child, now your Future Self holds you

This is a time to let go of more of who are are not
Take advantage of this energy of destruction rather than just watching things crumble and be destroyed
Look inside to the things that aren't working in you, to the things that by choice you can destroy, let them crumble and fall away so you can become more of who are truly are

Light ~ Guruji Krishnananda ~ Free Ebook

Revolution By Light
This booklet contains valuable information about Light
It answers questions like what & where is Light
It explains how to make use of the Light in our everyday life
This book is for everyone ~ the young & old, students & professionals, the initiated & uninitiated, the religious & non-religious, the intellectuals & mystics

To download this ebooklet, please visit

Available in many languages, including Japanese, Italian & German

For anyone interested.

Jason Estes #42: Acceptance and the Magic of the New Age ~ 27 April / 16 January 2020

Revision time.... This was a really good one. If you haven't yet watched, here are some notes to give you an idea of what was discussed.

Source: Jason Estes

Early again, but this is a must watch for where we are in the world with all that's going on this 1 hour could save you a lot of pain and suffering

Deep Dive:
Each Tuesday, I will post a new video from the MTVOTeam YouTube page. We’ll have 7 days to explore each video and share our experiences and questions in the comments.

How to participate:
-Watch the video within the 7 day window
-Share your insights, experiences, and questions below

Deep dive video is (video link) 

Purifying Diamond White Flames of Ascension ~ Sandra Walter ~ 27 April 2020

Beloved I AM Presence, Divine Mother, Heavenly Father, Paradise SUNs of God,
send the purifying Diamond White Flames of Ascension into all of my relationships, loved ones, family monad, Soul monad, OverSoul monad and to all willing hearts whom I connect with each day

Source: Sandra Walter

Decrees are an honored Mystery School technique for #Ascension.

Our out-loud commands, decrees, invocations and prayers have a direct effect on our #DNA, which produces our experience in the physical. Decrees affect our realities.

Use Mastery Decrees every morning, or anytime for alignment.

Like any spiritual practice, it’s like training a muscle. Heart-powered Creator-in-Carnate muscles and neural pathways in the brain are reprogrammed with consistent reinforcement, and produce the Embodiment experience through your DNA.

Prepare: Connect with your heart center; the Pure Source-spark of Diamond Light within. Take a moment to feel your Heart intent.

Say aloud:: In the name of the Divine HUman, Creator-In-Carnate that I AM. I welcome in and forth my Higher Self, Christed Self, Almighty I AM Presence, Angelic levels, Master levels, Galactic levels, and all of my Divine aspects across all parallel realities seen and unseen. Unify in this now moment. Let us activate and transform this outward projection and experience to reflect my Divine Infinite Self, the pure essence of Source (God) I AM.

<Say your Decrees >

I ordain this under all graces and forces of the Infinite Creator Source.

I call this forth to the highest level allowed by Cosmic Law, in Divine alignment with the Divine plan and blueprint for my pure and true organic Ascension.

I Love You, I Bless You, I Thank You. So it is.

Refocus on the heart center. Take a moment to feel your Heart and integrate.

Take the complete Crystalline DNA Mastery Class at https://sandrawalter.mykajabi.com/crystalline-dna-mastery

Because #Ascension

Transcript: Antocal Nesdi ~ A CV Message from a Spiritual Leader from the Andes (Français, Anglais, Espagnol)

The video was posted here quite recently ~ I told myself after watching the video that I should transcribe Antocal Nesdi's highly important message so that the text can be used to translate to other languages. Most thankfully, a Transcript Angel who must have felt the same way stepped up to perform this mission, so now I can post the text! THANK YOU SO MUCH, dear Stefan 💖

Here's the link to the video, the text follows:

"Very good day to you all my brothers

A very good moment to all the beings on earth
This is a message I'd been waiting for a long time

But even more since the moment we arrived here in Los Angeles
As all of you know, we started this journey from Colombia,
To arrive here, in this territory of the United States
The doors have been opened to us in a way very Very smooth, during all this process that we undertook

And yet, here we are in this moment of catharsis, in this moment of crisis
In which I asked myself
What is the reason for our presence here ?

Well, yesterday, the message I'd been waiting for so long has arrived,
The message they transmit to all the leaders of the Andes, in the Cordillera of the Andes
Is that we must remain very quiet

To begin, we have been very blessed, for many years
If not for our entire lives
Because we've been living in a territory where you breathe fresh air
Where you breathe the energy of the mountains
Of the earth, the rivers, the waterfalls

And all of us, who are living in the countryside,
In the eco-villages, in the mountains

We've been charging ourselves infinitely with a great energy
To be able to help during these times
During which humanity has entered in this crisis of manipulation

But which is also a learning experience for each one of us
Whatever level we find ourselves in the process of life
We are not all on the same level

This is the information the higher guides share with us
We are all in different vibrations

That is why this process that we are living
Each one of us will live it in a different way

Some with pain
Some with fear
Others with worries
Others with lots, lots, lots of abundance

That is why we, who have been working as light facilitators
We‘ve always called ourselves as lighthouses
As these sparkles of light, present here and ready to help humanity

Well the moment has arrived my dear brothers
The message they send us
ls that each one of us
Has been sent to a different place on Earth
As lighthouses

Each one of us has been placed
To the East, to the West, to the North and to the South

And each one of us has been placed there
To accomplish his task

The higher guides ask us
Not to go back home
Not to go back to our houses

Because through our will,
We've made ourselves available to the higher energies
To be able to help out all our brothers

l asked what rituals we could do
Because today is the day we do the rituals

And, it is with lots of emotions that I express myself,
But with emotions of joy regarding what the older brothers tell us

They say that we did lots of rituals
That we have lit many fires
That we‘ve raised many prayers
That is why the fires are already activated all over the Earth
That is why our prayers have been received and our goal reached

They say that now is the moment
To maintain ourselves as energy projectors
Whatever location we find ourselves in this experience

For me personally and the old man
The location we've been placed in is Los Angeles, California
A place where we are invited to activate the real light angels
Because currently, the fallen angels and the angels of darkness
Are doing their task

But it is nothing else than
To confront ourselves

If we are Light workers
Then we are going to resolve it through Light
And this Light is nothing else than harmony,tranquility, peace
But an interior tranquility, harmony and peace
That we carry in our heart

The message is that we must remain
In a state of complete calmness
In complete harmony

And we must observe ourselves, at all times
At night, during the day, in every moment
Observe with whom we find ourselves, with whom we share

"The message is that
When we feel, on the emotional level or on the mental plane
That we receive a certain energy of fear, of worry, of doubts
Then we must recognize that this energy is not ours
It is simply the energy of the others
Which is coming towards us so that we can transform ourselves
Into catalysts of that energy, we transmute it,
And we release it again, converted in light

They say we don't have to do any ritual
Because it is not the exterior rituals which serve us
But it is the ritual I do inside myself

They say that when my heart is calm
When my emotions are quieted
When my mental is quieted
Then my spirit can manifest itself to elevate
The higher vibrations among those
Who are not yet conscious

That is why they shouted and fought in the supermarkets
Because they've been taught to think through their stomach
They've been taught to feel from the perspective of shortage and deprivation

But we are on another vibration
Each of one us has been placed in the location appropriate for him
Filled with abundance, with protection
Filled with health, but above all
Filled with consciousness

And that consciousness that we’ve been collecting for so long
It is our contribution to humanity

Thus I invite you,wherever you find yourself
Be it surrounded by people or be it in solitude
Truly transform yourself into a lighthouse
Transform yourself in a catalyst for the energies
That our brothers send for us to help catalyze it

These energies of those who don't know how to transmute them
Who are not conscious
Who still are under the veil

And we have the responsibility
To help take that veil off

From the highest part of the Spirit, this great mystery, this great Spirit
This great Being whom we invoke so much
Invites us to remain in peace
In a state of complete calm
And in a state of complete observation

They tell us that this situation shall pass too
And when it shall have passed
Our consciousness will have accomplished the quantic jump
Which we've been looking forward to for so long

For which we've worked so much
They tell us also
That after this catharsis
Life will be wonderful
For each one of us,for those who will stay in this plane
And for those who are going to the other plane

But the moment has arrived
The decision is ours
We unite with the highest vibrations of love and energy
And in compassion,we embrace all our brothers

A big hug to each and one of you
And a very special salutation to each one of you

And we are not alone
We are not alone

All our higher guides
All the masters, all the grand-fathers
All the ancestors are already active
Their medicine have already been activated
Their memories have already been activated

So that the last thing we have to do is to embrace our brothers
And if not with that physical hug
With that energetic hug
Of love and of light

With you all

From Los Angeles, CA

Good experience
Good life"