30 June 2020

You in This Now ~ Andrew Bartzis

Andrew Bartzis' site is Galactic Historian. 

You in this Now

I get this question asked frequently, “Who was I in a past life?” And when I come back and I say “It’s not about who you were, it’s who you are now. What you learned from who you were helps determine what you can do now, but it’s not about all the things you did in the past. It’s what you, the one with the skills here now, can do.”

So what’s important right now is who you are right now. There has never been anyone greater than you at this moment of your incarnation than you. You are the accumulation of all your greatness right now. So what are you going to do with that? That’s the point.
“It’s not about who you were, it’s who you are now - Andrew Bartzis

Presently I Just. Don’t. Care. ~ Denise Le Fay ~ 29 June 2020

Denise Le Fay speaks about "Self-Sourcing" ~ to borrow the term from Jason Estes. If anyone had begun to feel bad in any way about wanting to sequester even more than ever before, Denise's update will provide some level of assurance. Denise's "Reality Gypsy" is priceless! This is Denise in fine focus and sharp clarity.

Interestingly (I think I overuse this word....And "strange") I am halfway through writing something about growing-up, which Denise also talks about here.

Source: High Heart Life

Throughout Phase 1 of the Ascension Process—1998–1999 thru end of December 2019—we had to leave behind most if not all of our family members, adult children, friends, husband/wife/mate in many cases, basically everyone and everything to live and embody the Phase 1 Ascension Process as Volunteer First Everythingers. With the start of Phase 2 of the Ascension Process in January 2020, many Volunteers have been discovering we’re now having to do the same thing again but with most if not all ascension teachers/writers/lectures and people in the ascension and conspiracy communities and more.

So far in 2020 next to nothing and no one has interested me whatsoever and ascension teachers/writers are at the top of that list. 

In case some of you are thinking how disrespectful that comment sounds, I was momentarily disappointed when Phase 2 started in January 2020 and the majority in the ascension community continued on like nothing had changed at all. From my January 1, 2020 perspective everything changed dramatically and completely and I was surprised that certain others weren’t registering that stupendous shift into what I’ve been calling Phase 2 of the Ascension Process. I got over it just as you have. I also know many of you reading this have felt this way for a good while before Phase 2 started about them plus most of your, our old favorite authors too. At first it’s hard to realize that you’ve grown beyond them because you benefited from them in years and decades past, however, forge ahead alone and in your own way you must. You can blame these 2020 feelings and growing self-dependence on Phase 2 and your greater Embodiment Process. First Everythingers in this too. Do not misinterpret your expanding sovereignty. Own, trust, use and rely on your growing, expanding NEW you and Higher Awareness. Ascension guru surfing is over. Be your own everything because you and Source got this, you just need to realize that in Phase 2 and act on it.

This Phase 2 Embodier shift level was so concentrated and abrupt in me starting January 1, 2020 that it surprised me. Before this I had some teeny sense of belonging to a very small Phase 1 Ascension Process group of incarnate Volunteers. Not many but at least some back then. With the start of 2020 that ended and I again found myself alone in NEW territory having to figure it out while living and embodying and Embodying during these first six months in a 2020 ‘world in crisis’, patriarchal collapse, the global pandemic and all the rest. I know there’s a few of you reading this that have felt this tremendous personal inner shift from what your Volunteer life and energetic Work and Mission was throughout Phase 1, to what it abruptly revised into with our physical entrance into Phase 2 in January 2020. I also know many of you haven’t experienced this shift yet, and that many never will, and that is perfect and perfectly okay. 

First Everythingers, continue walking forward on your ascension pathpaver Path. Do not stop. Don’t look back at Sodom and Gomorrah Part II tearing itself apart. Don’t watch Rome burning Part II. Don’t linger amidst the current global patriarchal Downfall of Atlantis Part II. Do not wait for anyone or anything because real First Everythinger, humanity needs you, me, we to do what only you, me, we can now so they have a NEW Earth world to enter when they’re able. Let go of your old Phase 1 ascension habits, focus, ascension teachers/writers, friends, forums and communities IF you have honestly grown beyond them. If you have then you already feel and know that your personal ascension path and Work shifted due to Phase 2. Don’t be afraid of or doubtful over your personal mandatory NEW shifts and changes. Don’t be afraid to rely on and trust your own internal HighHeart Higher Awareness to gain insights, answers and higher perceptions about what’s going on personally, collectively and far beyond that.

Everyone eventually HAS to make this evolutionary shift out of old lower addictive, habitual, disempowered total reliance on external sources, ascension teachers, spiritual gurus, religious leaders, governments, all old systems and other people in general. Old lower parasitic reality and behaviors by anyone is over. Old lower reliance on everything and everyone other than yourself is over. This is where everyone is in 2020 Phase 2 — mandatory change from what has been into what is becoming internally in individuals and in external world reality. When people’s consciousness evolves, external physical reality automatically rapidly follows. From Volunteers to the unaware human masses, everyone entered Phase 2 in January 2020 and everyone has had to make many changes in multiple ways since then. This will continue so get used to it. Get used to being a reality gypsy while more and more of humanity finally rather quickly moves from old lower to NEW higher levels and frequencies repeatedly throughout this shift. They’re now climbing the evolutionary ascension energy stair-steps which frees the Volunteers and first to Embody up to do the NEW higher things we’re now supposed to.

Please read on....

The End of June Ascension Update ๐Ÿงก ~ Tim Whild ~ 30 June 2020

Tim Whild's update can be accessed here.

Tim's perspective also explains the current "interesting" situation ~ energetically ~ that we are going through now. He also takes us through a quick invocation of the Cosmic Diamond Violet Flame and Lilac Fire of Source, as well a the beautiful intention of the Seven Day Downpouring for the entire Planet.

(And if I may suggest here, you can do a version of this if you prefer, using whichever energies you work best with.)

Tim also takes us through the Fear-to-Love practice for realigning the entire 12-Chakra system....without the clock this time....

Vlog 173: Free ~ An Opportunity for Your Financial Freedom ~ Patricia Cota-Robles ~ 30 June 2020

A powerful invocation for abundance from Patricia Cota-Robles; she also offers a free ebook to help with financial freedom.

Here's the link to the vlog  and this is Patricia's website Era of Peace for the ebook.

Forgiveness Contributes to Healing

The practice of forgiveness is our most important contribution to the healing of the world.
Angry people cannot create a peaceful planet.

Shared by Ahtayaa Leigh

Breathe ~ Mollycules ~ 29 June 2020

Source: Buddha Doodles

Stop scrolling for a minute.
Breathe in. Feel the air moving through your nose.
Exhale generously, imagine that you can see the air moving a few feet in front of you.
Repeat for one-five minutes.
Bring the intention of gentleness to your slow inhalation.
Extend well wishes to others on your slow exhalation.
Just focus on your breathing.


Crop Circle: Allan King Way, Nr Cheesefoot Head, Hampshire ~ 29 June 2020

Please visit Crop Circle Connector for more stunning views of this formation.


** Note: I just checked Cobra's site ~ the meditation was successful.... G+ **

Following from Shekina Rose's update, it felt to me that the meditation reflected the same sort of opposing energies ~ very powerful, very incredibly strong high frequencies amidst  interferences.

The meditation felt extremely busy ~ so much activity unfolding from the Light Beings, with massive amounts of energies being directed to the Planet and her Humanity. Waves and pulses of incredible energies, much of which felt new to me.  It seemed like there were lots of "planting" and "pouring" going on.

If I were to use an analogy, it would be like looking at a glorious scenery, but out-of-focus. There, but not all there. It's quite certain the meditation was successful with crazy Light stuff happening, but at the same time, with flailing dark attempts.

I would have to say that for me, it was probably the most unusual group meditation I've had.

Namaste & Bright Blessings!

Blue Ray Empath Cosmic Energy Update ~ Shekina Rose ~ 29 June 2020

The nature of this post from Shekina Rose surprised me somewhat, but I am grateful for her update because she describes the nature of what I've been feeling. "Strange" is an understatement! The past couple of days have been ____ (I will need to create a new word to describe it). It's the epitome of the tenacious polarisation ~ there's so much high-vibe energies swirling around, and yet at the same time there's the dragging density. And yes, lots of interferences in the field.

Source: Shekina Rose

Blue Ray Empath Cosmic Energy Update: 

Big convergence of events in JULY ~ Intense Powerful Strange Winds today in the Sedona Vortex Crystal City of Lights. From really hot summer days of 100's to 78' today.

More winds of change, erratic shifts, breakthroughs, experiences of dark energies trying to get into your field, from places you had never expected, taking a stand by letting go of people, groups and situations. Standing in peace, Love and compassion as you let go. Immense beauties are emerging through joy in a new way of being alive and present to the higher energies.
Some sensitives maybe hearing a sound ringing and or tones coming in an out, its the energies ramping up.

precursor energies effecting us now of
*Capricorn Lunar Eclipse, coming on July 4th-5th
maybe affecting your sleep cycle,
*Lions Gate Activation starting around the july 8th for many weeks a cosmic gateway of influx of high-frequency energy to the planet.
*Sedona Peace ~ Telepathic Unity Heart Earth EVENT July 5th -14th
**Pleadian of Peace Contact through the Language of Light Chant Sound Codes this is taking place through the vortex of the crystalline resonances through out the ley lines of the planet. The ships are already coming in. **

universal contact


The wind feels un normal with the weather drop the energies say a wonderful shift is coming, amazing Awakenings, a new divine power will rise through humanity the Star Emissaries of Light, that is you the sacred ground crew.

Shekina Rose, BLUE RAY PEACE EMISSARY, Angelic Messenger of the language of Light Ancient Solfeggio Miracle Frequencies Sound Healer, and intuitive empath spiritual Psychic

Reminder: Age of Aquarius Activation Part 2 ~ Meditation

Quick details for those participating:

Check for your time here:

Instructions here:

Time schedule from We Love Mass Meditations:

Time zone
Monday June 29
07:48 pm
10:48 pm
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Tuesday June 30
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29 June 2020

SR Reading

Space Observing System
It's all happening......

"Welcome to the New World!" ~ Tor Webster ~ 28 June 2020

This incredible video was shared by Amanda Lorence, who says:
Sharing this physical phenomenon, that was videoed from The Tor, after our Collective Anchoring yesterday (Sunday 28th June). Beautiful world...๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ•Š
As the man said in the video, "Welcome to the New World!"

Source: Tor Webster (with video)

A strange weather phenomenon on the Tor last night? What do you think? I’ve seen nothing like it! Maybe rainbow rays? Are there such a thing? Why not book a tour with Tor on the Tor? Www.tors.tours

July Energy Update ~ Jason Estes ~ 28 June 2020

The Sah, Na, Jah, Dah.... for some reason they make me think of the song "Amigo" by Black Slate.

What with all these Body and Mind phases, Time/Matter Reality/Space influxes and the now-constant/overlapping/braided Energies streaming in, it's like something is happening every moment....

PS....That "100x consequence"....what??!!....

Source: Jason Estes

Welcome to July

The start of July is the final part of our body unlocks and the speed up will make room for that final push

while it is the last 30% it is also the strongest so remember to hydrate and take very good care of your body

most of July will be working on unlocking more of your universal potentials and so while it starts body intensive it will soon morph into spirit intensive

this means mental programs will be coming up for review in a big way so as you find yourself playing old games pause and unlock the potential of a new game

the more you make this pause and choice the faster you will notice the changes

also after July 10th we move to 100x consequence

this speed up is going to show you who people really are as they level up fast or descend into chaos fast

for many this will be a month of hardship and pain as they begin to master their minds and unlock the truth of who they are

remember not to judge others process or fear it simply accept it as best you can and move forward knowing we are all headed home together ::hugs::

Average Data points per hour: 184pts

the most important thing Pre 10th is if you can do self reflexology or go get a session this will be worth so much and assist in major ways

Post 10th is about creating pauses between you and the world so you can see clearly and resource reality from your own source connection, this is as simple as using the "I AM COMMITTING" prior to acting on anything

  • Mirror Mask( make sure to pause if you find yourself triggered and come back into acceptance prior to moving forward)
  • Adjustment Bureau (can be intense for some make sure to hydrate before)
Tv shows:
  • 12 Monkeys (Very intense recommended for those who can process through trauma not take it on)
Tech: found on activationstation.org
  • Efficiency
  • Information Stream
  • Neural Pathic Healing
  • Light of God
  • Ascension
  • Celestial Charity
  • Angelic Heritage Rites
  • Brain Cleanse
  • Faith
Activations: Tech designed to assist to speed up the gaining of self sourced wisdom.
Template Test: Whole month given to you over first 5 days of the month
Data Points: a measurement of time that means 1pt=1 hour
Self Source: finding your own answers and energy within prior to seeking outside support.
Body Unlock: Body unlock does not mean actualization simply means you will be fully unsealed making the work easier.
DAH: Universal Energy Center for Matter
JAH: Universal Energy Center for Time

Are You Ready to Listen to Your Own Intuition? ~ Lee Harris ~ 28 June 2020

Source: Lee Harris

Now we're a little further through this whole ‘wave’, you're going to find that many of you will have the stamina, the interest, the energy, and also the focus to start to bring in some higher learning in your life. ⁣

It could be new grounded skills, but there is also a message here that the higher learning can take place ethereally too. ⁣

This might be the first time that you're ready to really listen to your intuition, have higher dimensional experiences, either because you were scared of them before, you never got to them, or because you've created enough space in your body through all this emotional purging that now you can hear your higher self a little bit more, and you can let it in without fighting it so much. ⁣

- From the June 2020 Energy Update⁣

Listen to the full update here: https://www.leeharrisenergy.com/june-2020-energy-update

You are the Sky ~ Eckhart Tolle

Eckhart Tolle
You are the sky. The clouds are what happens, what comes and goes 

The Law of Relativity ๐ŸŒŒ⁣ ~ Cosmic Laws of Cosmic Consciousness

As the experience continues, greater awareness and the desire for more understanding increases. The entity, the force, then begins to probe into the nature of those forces outside of Its own control, outside of its own understanding. This Awareness indicates as this occurs, the quality of reason, the rational approach begins to develop. And In this development, there comes about that aspect of consciousness which desires to put things in order: to classify, to see things in retrospect, to see things in order of cause and effect, in the order of polarities and their relationship to...  

...one another and in the order of relative placement and relationship. This Awareness indicates that the consciousness then begins to observe from a particular viewpoint, and that particular viewpoint brings forth an observation and an understanding of the nature of outside forces which are peculiar to that particular viewpoint. This Awareness indicates this as the basis for the Law of Relativity, which in simplified terms is but the relationship of all things understood by the particular viewpoint from which they are seen. 

This Awareness indicates as the viewpoint shifts, the relative relationship of those things also becomes different. The train moving at a particular rate of speed in relation to the entity standing beside the tracks is somewhat different from the rate of speed of another train passing in the opposite direction, or of an automobile traveling in the same direction as the train. This Awareness indicates the relative viewpoint of an entity looking at an elephant from the front is somewhat different from the entity looking at an elephant from an airplane; or the entity from beneath... ...the elephant, or the entity from... 

...behind the elephant. This Awareness indicates that each viewpoint is relative, and each is accurate, and yet the descriptions will be totally different.

Source: MTVO

The Law of Relativity ๐ŸŒŒ⁣

The Cosmic Laws are meant to illuminate and bring understanding to the spiritual laws that govern this universe and which all beings are subject to.⁣

The laws can be found in the book, "The Cosmic Laws of Cosmic Awareness," which is available as a free PDF online. You can find it easily if you do an internet search of the title of the book.⁣

#consciousness #mtvo #selfhealing #cosmiclaw #universallaw #spiritualascension #5d #energywork #relativity

Out of Nowhere, a Global Magnetic Anomaly ~ Dr Tony Phillips ~ 25 June 2020

This chart recording shows a magnetic wave rippling through Preston UK on June 23, 2020. Credit: Stuart Green
Sandra Walter referenced this "anomaly" in her recent update. Sometimes, when our Sun is very quiet, it can be the perfect situation to deliver "pure" Cosmic energies. That's how I look at it, anyway. Sandra pronounced that "the new realm is here". The 23rd night was also when I saw the new Diamond Crystalline Codes and came to the same realisation.

Source: Space Weather Archive

Lately, Earth’s magnetic field has been quiet. Very quiet. The sun is in the pits of what may turn out to be the deepest Solar Minimum in a century. Geomagnetic storms just aren’t happening.

“That’s why I was so surprised on June 23rd when my instruments picked up a magnetic anomaly,” reports Stuart Green, who operates a research-grade magnetometer in his backyard in Preston UK. “For more than 30 minutes, the local magnetic field oscillated like a sine wave.”

Green quickly checked solar wind data from NOAA’s DSCOVR satellite. “There was nothing–no uptick in the solar wind speed or other factors that might explain the disturbance,” he says.

He wasn’t the only one who noticed. In the Lofoten islands of Norway, Rob Stammes detected a similar anomaly on his magnetometer. “It was remarkable,” he says. “Our magnetic field swung back and forth by about 1/3rd of a degree. I also detected ground currents with the same 10 minute period.”

What happened? Space physicists call this phenomenon a “pulsation continuous” or “Pc” for short. Imagine blowing across a piece of paper, making it flutter with your breath. Solar wind can have a similar effect on magnetic fields. Pc waves are essentially flutters propagating down the flanks of Earth’s magnetosphere excited by the breath of the sun. During more active phases of the solar cycle, these flutters are easily lost in the noise of rambunctious geomagnetic activity. But during the extreme quiet of Solar Minimum, such waves can make themselves “heard” like a pin dropping in an silent room.

Please read on....

Pam Gregory Update ~ 28 June 2020

Pam Gregory also provides some written information about the upcoming period ahead.

Source: Pam Gregory

#astrology We are at the start of a very powerful 6 months. Today, Mars enters its own warrior sign of Aries. It is conjunct the World Axis, square the Nodal Axis, square the Solar Eclipse degree of 0° Cancer, opposing the Super Galactic Centre which represents creator energy, and squaring the dwarf planet Quaoar at 3° Capricorn.

Normally Mars stays in a sign for 6 weeks, but it will stay in Aries for 6 months until next January and will be very dominating in our world. It will repeatedly square not only the January positions of Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn, but also their current positions. We are likely to see echoes or repeats of events in January in some form. Through August to October and again in December Mars comes to conjunct Eris, goddess of discord and female awakener, in these squares. These are all very intense aspects. These 6 months are likely to be a huge time of mass awakening, disruption, and continued breakdown of the old systems. This is necessary for the new to be fully birthed, and clearly described by the astrology this year. 2020 was always going to be a massive year of transition and transformation.

Mars in Aries represents the power of the individual, the 'I AM', versus the power of the system and governments represented by the Capricorn energy. So it is very likely that as more people wake up they could be angry (Mars) and even take to the streets in protest (Eris) against their leaders and the powers that be. More and more truth (Jupiter) about long held secrets of the rich and powerful (Pluto) is likely to emerge.

However, know that this is a huge (Jupiter) transformation (Pluto) for humanity. Jupiter is conjunct Pluto exactly on the 30th June, but this conjunction is operational until November. The new beginning is also symbolised by the very important Solar Eclipse on the World Axis on the 21st June, and the current energising T-square of Mars to this, the SGC (2° Libra) and Quaoar. These all promise a quantum jump to a new world for us. Remember the exquisite symbolism of Quaoar, operating on quantum principles. Its archetype is linked to the Aboriginal song lines and the pure creative force in nature, how we can sing and dance to raise our frequency and dream a better world into being.

The conjunction of Jupiter and Pluto promises a whole new world view, a new perspective, that if we can be resourceful and all come together we can create abundance (Jupiter) and transformation (Pluto) for us all. This can be global spiritual abundance, enough for everyone, versus the poverty, deprivation and wars that humanity has suffered for thousands of years. Now we have a big opportunity to break that pattern.

If we stay divided, arguing between ourselves about minutae, we simply postpone the much better world that we all want to pull into manifestion. This Eclipse portal is extremely powerful for us to create and envisage this new world. Watch where you put your focus and attention, for your energy will follow this; if you would like more peace in the world, BE peace. If you would like more love, BE love, beam out the emotion you want to see more of in the world. The more events become extreme and chaotic in the world, the more we have to raise our game to rise above our instinctive reactions and CHOOSE how we want to feel, and how we direct our energy as masters of frequency.

Blessings to you all.


Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn: 4 / 5 July 2020 ~ Pam Gregory ~ 22 June 2020

The fact that the 4th of July in USA is also the date of the Lunar Eclipse (5 July in the other parts of the world) and that its main trajectory will cover the continent, is not lost on even someone who is not Astrologically-minded like me. With curiosity getting the better of me, I looked for some information on what that potentially means and decided to go with Pam Gregory as I like her style and delivery.

Here are some brief notes of the indications that she's given in this video, minus all the Astrology bits. Please watch the video for the comprehensive picture:
  • Theme for 2020: abuse of power, destruction of old order
  • Revisiting of January energies in first half of July
  • Chrysalis time is vital
  • Eclipse period magnifies energies, good time to create our long-time future, "we are sowing our future"
  • A time of culmination as well, shines light on what we were not aware of before
  • For USA, Independence Day as well (birth of country) ~ this time will be like a re-birth
  • Issues around value ~ who are we?
  • Shining a light on shadows, purging and detoxing
  • Old world views will be shattered, trust and betrayal
  • Emphasises that our level of consciousness can affect potential outcomes
  • Influence of egg-shaped Haumea ~ promise of the new, a magical and quantum jump quality
  • Isis, connected with renewal 
  • Aquarius is all about frequency, we learn to master our frequency this year
  • Point our GPS to high frequency so that we get to a better place energetically, no matter what's happening in the world
  • Remember that we are star beings.

28 June 2020

SR Reading

Age of Aquarius Activation Final Update ~ Cobra ~ 27 June 2020

Source: The Portal

Time is approaching our Age of Aquarius activation and the energies are rising as more and more people have made a decision to join us and we are gaining momentum. We have a real possibility of reaching the critical mass.

Next 60 hours will be decisive for how many people join us and how much impact our activation will have on the planetary situation. Therefore I would ask all of you to spread the news about this meditation far and wide. Youtube videos are the easiest way to make this viral and many short version promotional videos and longer guided meditation videos have been created in over 40 languages:

The main page with instructions for the activation is here:

Many people are supporting our activation.

Christina von Dreien here:

Stillness in the Storm here:



Kauilapele here:


Prepare for Change here:




Sementes das Estrelas here:

A blogger from mainland China has made a blog post about our activation, and it has reached amazing 1.4 million views until now:

Please read on....

Overwriting & Overriding Distortions ~ Sandra Walter ~ 27 June 2020

I call forth the overwriting and overriding of any distorted DNA structures, programs and realities to align and express as the Divine perfection that I AM

Source: Sandra Walter

Decrees are an honored Mystery School technique for #Ascension. ⁠

Our out-loud commands, decrees, invocations and prayers have a direct effect on our #DNA, which produces our experience in the physical. Decrees affect our realities.⁠

Use Mastery Decrees every morning, or anytime for alignment. ⁠

Like any spiritual practice, it’s like training a muscle. Heart-powered Creator-in-Carnate muscles and neural pathways in the brain are reprogrammed with consistent reinforcement, and produce the Embodiment experience through your DNA.⁠

Prepare: Connect with your heart center; the Pure Source-spark of Diamond Light within. Take a moment to feel your Heart intent.⁠

Say aloud:: In the name of the Divine HUman, Creator-In-Carnate that I AM. I welcome in and forth my Higher Self, Christed Self, Almighty I AM Presence, Angelic levels, Master levels, Galactic levels, and all of my Divine aspects across all parallel realities seen and unseen. Unify in this now moment. Let us activate and transform this outward projection and experience to reflect my Divine Infinite Self, the pure essence of Source (God) I AM.⁠

<Say your Decrees: One or many >⁠

I ordain this under all graces and forces of the Infinite Creator Source.⁠

I call this forth to the highest level allowed by Cosmic Law, in Divine alignment with the Divine plan and templates for my pure and true organic Ascension.⁠

I Love You, I Bless You, I Thank You. So it is.⁠

Refocus on the heart center. Take a moment to feel your Heart and integrate.⁠

Explore Mastery Classes https://www.ascensionpath.com/

Because #Ascension

#starseed #lightworker #wayshower #sundayuntiymeditations #decrees

Rejoice the New Earth ~ Judith Kusel ~ 27 June 2020

Earth to Tara to Gaia.... she's finally returning Home, and so is Humanity.

Source: Judith Kusel

The World and Humanity is taking on a totally new form and expression. The Old world does in truth not exist anymore – what is still existing is the illusion of the old world and the old-world orders. Duality. Separation.

It is almost like the Old World’s ghosts and all the emotional charges, the mental programming and all which with it, is spurning out and spinning out, coughing up, the old dramas, the old dualities and separation one more time, but the more it does so, the function and purpose it serves.

It is almost a desperate attempt by the Old Order, the Old Programming to stay in form, yet the more it tries to stay in form, the more form-less it becomes, the more it is spun out of form and the more it panics.

What has already emerged and is indeed already her, underneath our feet and within our own bodies and forms and ever present already in our souls, is the New Earth and the New Golden Age. It is pulsating and it is pouring in! The Floodgates of Heavens have opened, and it is now truly making itself felt.

The old dualities, the old separation, cannot hold form in the New Earth. It dissolves before it can even try and take form.

The New Earth is vibrant, she is a beautiful, vibrant, healthy and alive Being, and she is dancing and singing with joy! She has been reborn into the 5th and now rushing with exuberance and exultation into the 7th, her original form! She is not alone: – for the whole solar system and Milky Way Galaxies are ascending with her and she is literally being pulled by a massive Cosmic Tidal Wave of change, into the highest dimensions. Yet, she is riding that Tidal Wave with joy! She is laughing and singing, as she has been freed from the shackles and bonds which held her prisoner for so long in the 3D, and the utmost density. All is no more!

And you, who are still hovering between the worlds, between the old density of forms and old separation and old alienation and programming and all the 3D entails, awaken!

For in truth, you will find you cannot hold form anymore. Yet, you are changing, and the more you try to desperately cling onto anything, the more it will vaporize and disappear.

Let go of the old attachments. Let go of the old forms.

Please read on....

The Wild Flower ~ Amanda Lorence ~ 27 June 2020

A beautiful description of Humanity's Ascension....

Source: Amanda Lorence


Within the sight of nature’s Swath,
Each flower opens...

An outer armour, protects delicate petals within.
Absorbing vast amounts of Light.
Gifted of the Sun.

At perfectly timed moment,
It bursts open, it’s protective sheath.
Allowing it’s petals to feel the air.
And glory in rays of Light.

The petals bask in brightness of the Light,
It’s armoured sheath discarded.
It’s inbuilt desire to be more of itself,
Supersedes the fear of harm.

And as it’s petals open,
To bask in weightless air and light,
Other flowers opened, gaze upon it...
No wonder flowers dance.

It matters not which flower opens first.
Or which flower opens last.
For the glory is in seeing none, then one, then many, then all.

A bud protecting it’s inner world,
Can not see fully of it Self.
Unable to see the brightness of light that awaits it.
Yet it can feel it, and move towards it.

When the bud opens,
It sees all other unopened buds.
Knowing they too shall open, at finest time.
It meets the flowers already opened, that see and dance.
It sees, why wild flowers open one by one.
Not forced by artificial time or control.
Wild flowers open to natural rythm of Divine law.

It sees ITSelf in all other flowers.
Dancing as One in Air and Light.
It’s roots balanced upon the Mother Earth.
Drinking of the crystal Waters.

It witnesses the Sun that gave it life,
Descend upon the evening skies.
Closing it’s petals to rest until dawn.
No longer afraid of the darkness of night.

Everything seen in it’s vast perfection.
Everything seen as connected.
All, was ever One Dance.
To experience IT’s beauty, of being.

One Love,

Amanda Lorence
27 June 2020

Places That Need Love ~ Buddha Doodles

Buddha Doodles
Breathe in and bring love to the places that need it

This Buddha Doodles was posted by เฅ Spiritual Bliss เฅ

The Fear to Love Solar Plexus Technique (minus clock) ~ Tim Whild ~ 27 June 2020

Tim Whild has come out with another video for the "Fear to Love" technique, and this time, minus the most-confusing clock analogy!

Here's this short video, for those who wish to seek confirmation.

Eclipse Gateway Reset ~ Meg Benedicte ~ 27 June 2020

Beautiful.... "We are not rudderless.... You are divinely guided."

Source: Meg Benedicte

In just one power-packed month the cosmos has blessed us with three eclipse gateways…June 5th, June 20th and July 5th. The third and final eclipse is a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on July 5, 2020 at 13ยบ Capricorn. Not only does this complete the powerful eclipse series but is also the final eclipse on the Cancer/Capricorn nodal axis that began in 2018. As one cycle comes to completion, another cycle begins.

Lunar eclipses tap into the hidden subconscious, influencing the emotional environment for release of psychic energy, creating a course-correction. What are you holding onto that does not serve you? This Full Moon Eclipse will provide the necessary purging to begin a new cycle.

As the timelines continue to shift and morph, it creates a sense of uncertainty within us. We don’t have all the answers now. Time as we knew it is dissolving. During this reset point, it may feel like living in a Void. We are being called to navigate a path of uncertainty, a path that is morphing with us. It is the transfiguration from carbon to crystalline, the transference of energies into a more cohesive reality in unity consciousness.

As we travel along this shifting path of light, we can rely on our divine Soul presence and guidance. Our Souls designed an ascension blueprint for this very time. Our Souls knew we would be ‘weightless’ as we shifted from one timeline to the next. We are provided an ascension blueprint that will support our transfiguration. It acts like a roadmap with steps forward into the unknown. The Soul blueprint will take us to our destiny point. We are not rudderless. It was all planned before we incarnated during this pivotal time in history.

Do daily check-ins with your Soul presence in your heart. Go into the silence and tune into your heart’s calling. Your Soul blueprint will guide you in every step of the plan. It is not mental, but an empathic sense of ‘next steps’. We may not see the entire bigger picture, but we can feel our way towards the Light. It may seem like the world is collapsing around us, but our path is well lit, illuminating our way into higher dimensional consciousness. Follow your heart! Follow your blueprint, you cannot make a wrong step. You are divinely guided!

The South Node Eclipse on July 5th has a positive, optimistic influence to step outside your comfort zone and try something new. As old constructs continue to collapse, it is a great time to break unhealthy habits, resolve relationship conflicts and start new routines. Shed the distractions, the denials, the energy drains. We are in a global reset, now is the time to purge and prepare for the awakening of a new earth reality.

Join other Earth Keepers, Gridworkers and Star Beings all around the world as we gather on July 5th to seed our personal and global intentions to birth our New 5D Earth. We will perform healing activations during our Lunar Eclipse Gateway gathering. The show is recorded for replay. If you would like to participate, register here: https://newearthcentral.com/?p=220285

Lovingly, Meg Benedicte
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27 June 2020

Jason Estes Update ~ 26 June 2020

Source: Jason Estes


Welcome to the Prewave of the 5pt heart influx

for many this may feel like a deep unshakable sadness is bubbling up inside you and while it may not be easy to accept this now, it is a good thing it is coming up so you can face it and let it go

remember that as we progress towards November 8th the whole world will be being reformed and renewed so your not alone in the process and while it may feel impossible sometimes remember to breath and push forward

the journey has been long and many have built up walls, mental games, and fixed ideas as we push into July
these will all become painfully clear within us and for those around us

it is in these times that we are able to witness what is as it is so take the time to see your fellow humans with the eyes of acceptance and compassion and set them free within your mind and let them show you who they really can be ::hugs::