02 June 2020

Heal the Wounds ~ Guruji Krishnananda

Source: Revolution By Light

The purpose of channelling the Light is to heal, heal any wound inflicted by violence and hatred, to heal the individual, to heal the nation and to heal the world. We channel Light for bringing Peace, for bringing New Energies for the New Age, for resurrection, for transformation and for saving the planet from man-made catastrophes.

After we channel the Light, the wars do not stop the next day. There will be no dramatic changes. There will be no miracles. The Light works in its own way and there will be changes. There will be benefits.

If the Light is there and has intelligence, why does it not work without getting channelled? It is a Spiritual law that we have to seek, we have to channel. If more number channel Light, the impact would be greater. If more number channel at the same time, the impact is faster.

Channel #Light from wherever you are for at least seven minutes in a day. Heal yourself. Heal the World.

Manasa Foundation Experiences of Light Channels Quotes from the Rishis Amara Maharshi Sapta Rishis Vishwamitra Maharshi #Heal #LightAge

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