02 June 2020

Spirituality: All Roads Lead Here ~ Gigi Young ~ 1 June 2020

Every real solution is rooted in Spirituality, because we are Spiritual beings. Any other "solution" that has no Spiritual foundation is at best delaying the inevitable.

Source: Gigi Young

Peace is not an idea, or a concept, it is a specific energy frequency that we can consciously generate and saturate in our bodies.

We consciously generate peace through the heart centre, it will feel like warmth and will begin to soothe the nervous system as we allow it to cycle through with our breath.

When we do this we raise our frequency. What does this mean? It means that our bio-energetic field, which is as real as our physical body, begins to become coherent and harmonize. This is key.

When we be come harmonized, we are balanced and strong in our energy, so strong that we actually effect the world around us. This is recognized in society in people as charisma and magnetism; someone you just want to be around.

This particular state is responsible for the 'Maharishi Effect' where meditators reduced crime through peaceful energy they generated and thus automatically contributed to the collective.

When it comes to groups a few coherent people can entrain and inspire hundreds just by their presence. This is the miraculous power we all have. This is the powerful underpinning of what a gathering in peace is. It's not about ideas, its not about convincing, its not about shaming, it is beyond that. It is about generating the energy within your body that is needed for the world. It is the truth that every great mystic and leader has tried to lead humanity back to.

What is even more important is that the energy that you have generated sits in the collective for those who have forgotten to how to feel it. You can help others open and heal through allowing them to feel you. This allows them to 're-pattern' and open again. Many people have no concept of love and this is the way in which we introduce them to that -through entrainment and compassion. We cannot explain love, people have to feel it.

This is the power we need to remember and use right now. Peaceful gatherings have not been high on the list of things we can do to create change, but not because they don't work, the entrainment of human bio-energetic fields is measurable, but rather because we do not take the time to generate the frequency in our hearts. And we don't truly respect and grasp the importance of spiritual energy, we deem is as secondary to the material world. It is not secondary it is primary: All matter forms from mind emotion & spirit.

We need to make a quantum leap and begin to live as whole spiritual , inter-connected human beings, there is no other way. All roads lead here.

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