31 July 2020

Celia Fenn Update ~ 31 July 2020

Source: Celia Fenn

Wow...the energies have been INTENSE. this week to say the least.
Many people are complaining of absolute exhaustion (including me). It has been really hard on the physical body, as well as the mental and emotional aspects in the last week.

We are working really hard on many levels as we head into and through the Lions Gate. Everything is accelerating as we make the big shift to the next crystalline time spiral/timeline. So much depends on us holding our balance and center as a group in this process.
We are here to lift ourselves and our community into the next spiral of evolution.

Much of the exhaustion comes from working at night in the sleep state. Many people are reporting not sleeping well, and waking up, or having intense dreams that wake them up several times a night. We are working very hard on the other levels of the Earth, working with the Collective and with our Soul Families. Starseeds and Angelic families are especially part of this big shift.

Please take time to rest and care for yourself. It is so important to look after the physical. And drink lots of fluids, specifically water!

On the emotional level, try not to get caught up in anger and frustration, but try to remain balanced in the heart and inner peace and harmony.

On the mental level, try not to get caught up in old ways of thinking and judging, and a need to be "right".

Remember, awakening is about becoming aware of your inner divinity and power, and about taking back your ability to be happy and creative. It does not mean that you have to sort out the problems of the Planet by yourself.

There is a greater plan.
Allow it to unfold gracefully.
All that is required of you right now is to enter into the flow of Grace and follow your Inner Truth.

Blessings and Love to All!


Radiant Earth Webinar & Global Meditation ~ Ronna Vezane & Randall Monk ~ 25 July 2020

Following my clarification post, I'll now publish this with the heads-up that there is reference to Melchizedek, the FoL and VP geometry.

For those interested, please follow this link.

Blog Matters: Moving Forward....

A few things to address pertaining to what I post here on my blog. Of course, the first pre-requisite is always "Higher Guidance ON, please".

To start with, I would like to clear something that had some people misinterpreting my intention. It's to do with the Frontline Doctors video (here). Some had assumed that because I posted that, I am pro-Trump, pro-Q and/or Republican. NO. NO. And NO.

I have received links to sources that support one or more of these identities, because of that incorrect assumption. I'm making this clarification so that you understand I am NOT a supporter of, or align with any of those identities and therefore I don't need any links to resources that earnestly support them. I do my best to stay in Neutrality as much as possible.

I posted it to give voice to a situation that I felt needed to be heard, and each individual can then proceed to do their own research to reach his or her own conclusion. I believe that ALL avenues for treatment must be explored to avoid the global vaccination agenda. (And I assume everyone reading my blog is already well aware of the global control systems and dark agendas.) I do understand that it's easy to assume that posting the video means I'm pro one of the three categories. No. That's not how I function, and I hope that also shows that I do my best to not be biased.

As far as I am concerned, political bias has been very successful in sowing discontent and cultivating massive division in the Lightworker community, and I dearly wish to see that come to a speedy and decisive end. Unity Consciousness would be nothing more than a terrible farce if we talk about it but still walk in polarity. I have already written a lot about the polarisation of the LW community, so I won't go into it here.

Next on the agenda ~ what I share on my blog. As I said earlier today, I'm noticing a political bias creeping into the work of some Wayshowers. Of course, many have already been knee-deep in this for a long time, but I'm talking about those who have been fairly neutral and consistently talking about Divine Neutrality and Unity Consciousness. I did not want to write about this for such a long time, but I knew I had to some day soon, and I definitely don't feel happy writing it now. What's been happening is that I post these resources because they have guidance or information that I feel is very beneficial, and if something polarised pops out a couple of times, I usually let it go. What makes me draw the line is when they go too deep into polarity, and that's when I know it's time to quit.

So for those resources that do have a moment or two of polarity in them, I respectfully ask that you please do not take it as an indication of my support. As mentioned, I do my best to be in Neutrality, and I truly have a huge issue with all the divisions exploding all over the LW community. I also ask that everyone stays in this space of Divine Neutrality as much as possible, or else our way forward is going to be a massive obstacle course.

Again, a topic that I knew I had to face and yes, really unhappy about writing this, too, because it's not going to be easy for me.

Some may know that I've written quite a bit about the Bi-Wave & Tri-Wave architecture, and why I believe in the latter.

(For those interested, here is the post, which also has further links within. And here's a short sweet simple one from Richard Rudd.)

To summarise, I believe that the new Codes of Creation are Tri-Wave in nature, which in turn means that the Bi-Wave ~ like Flower of Life and Vesica Piscis (FoL / VP) ~ is from the old corrupted, distorted and entropic architecture (that's why we see evidence of this geometry all over, because this has been the structural design of this hijacked sector of the Cosmos!).

Furthermore, there is the strong possibility that many of the Beings that the Spiritual community have long ordained, could very well be the antithesis of True Divinity itself. This would include many Ascended Masters and others whom we have considered as Light Beings. Seeing as 99% of Wayshowers hold these very same belief systems, I actually find it quite problematic sometimes. I will quote an example (which I will feature in the next post) ~ there's a video by Ronna Vezane & Randall Monk which I just watched yesterday. Content-wise, I believe it can be beneficial for those who wish to listen, but there is reference to the FoL and the VP, as well as a meditation that includes Melchizedek. I can't even count the number of times I have listened/read/watched something that I thought hey this is good! only to have them call in Thoth and then ask everyone to visualise the FoL in a meditation (giving an example, not an actual case per se).

So....GOING FORWARD. I have decided that if a resource has content that can be of some assistance, even though they then launch into some reference of something that could energetically distort the energies, I will still post it with a preface so you can decide if you wish to proceed. We are all learning to be Sovereign Co-Creator Beings, so things like that will not be a problem for us. We can easily skip over those bits, or do our own thing if a meditation calls for something that we don't necessarily agree with, but we believe in the positive intention behind the cause. Of course, if it's too extreme and it puts me off resonance-wise, I'll just move on.

Phew. Finally. So relieved to get those two topics done with! Now I can post what I would like to with so much more ease and a lot less self-debate about whether I'm helping or hurting the Ascension process. My motivation and intention has always been to focus on the Ascension process, and how we can stay on course with some assistance from a source here and there, while simultaneously growing & strengthening our own Sovereign Co-Creator (with our own Divinity, ALWAYS) muscles.

And with that, I wish you all Namaste and Bright Blessings!

PS. I promise to do my best in making sure I proof-read what I write as much as possible 😁 Mentally writing and editing as I type at a much slower rate can sometimes result in terrible sentences....

Wisdom ~ Adyashanti ~ 30 July 2020

Ouch. Painfully true.

Source: Adyashanti

“Wisdom is what comes in and reminds you that you don’t actually know anything.”
~ Adyashanti

The Enlightenment Impulse

Card of the Month: August 2020 ~ Card #91 | Cetacean-Whale (Parallel Time Stream) | Dreamtime and Awakening ~ Lyssa Royal ~ 30 July 2020

Synchronicity! This is about polarisation, too.... Most definitely something we all have to work on over the upcoming month.

Source: Lyssa Royal

Card #91 | Cetacean-Whale (Parallel Time Stream) | Dreamtime and Awakening

As many of you know, we often use metaphor to explain concepts that express a more holistic idea rather than the linear and fixed ideas of physical reality. For this month’s card, we wish to use core ideas of a movie plot that we find within the channel’s memory. It is the movie Inception. If you haven’t seen this movie, we will describe the premise.

Aided by a scientist, agents trained themselves to enter a type of layered dream reality through an induced sleep state. The first layer was often typical dream reality stuff. They would then go to another layer in which an entirely different scenario was playing out. The purpose was to travel to the target’s subconscious, where they could obtain some secret information that he held. However, as they navigated these layers of dream reality, there were obstacles in the subconscious dream landscape. These obstacles took the form of unresolved emotional wounds of the dreamer. These wounds, usually embodied in the dream world by a person familiar to the dreamer, ended up sabotaging the mission and confusing the dreamer. Once caught in his or her wounds, it was very hard to remember one was dreaming and the agent risked spiraling deeper into the dream world of pain, which could cause physical death due to lack of care for the dreamer’s “real” physical body.

This is a wonderful allegory that describes the nature of consciousness. The human reality is the dream, and waking from the dream means first resolving old pain held beneath the conscious level of thought. On the way to awakening, aspects of the dreamer desperately don’t want to awaken and they cling to a self-generated reality that is a product of the unresolved wounds. They begin to try to convince others that it is they who are asleep, spinning an air tight reality paradigm for themselves. It becomes a closed system, whereby awakening becomes a very narrow path that is easily ignored through the distractions of a polarized physical life. Therefore, awakening requires very specific work that is immensely painful but which ultimately leads to the greatest of joy.

So why are we discussing this idea for this card? Whale consciousness is very unique. On your world, you have representatives that energetically model higher levels of consciousness for the purpose of helping you in your transition. The dolphins model 4th density consciousness, which is still somewhat individualized. The whales model 5th density consciousness – the first density in which group consciousness begins forming. The soul of a whale is actually a matrix or a group consciousness that uses its huge body to anchor this consciousness in physical reality. When humans interact with whale consciousness, the whales provide a point of view from a more integrated, group consciousness. This helps to lift you out of the distracting dream of life on Earth and remind you of the more holistic and holographic nature of consciousness.

At this perilous time on Earth, humanity must begin to lift itself out of the distracting dream of polarized thought that generates countless illusionary realities that are keeping you trapped. Once you disentangle yourselves from these dream layers that are fueled by opinions, fear, judgment, and blame, you will be asked to look into the deepest mirror of yourself. Just like the characters in Inception, you will be asked to face your wounds and how they have shaped your perception of reality. Once you willingly begin this process, the path opens wider and it is easier to see. The Whales understand that you are part of the Earth collective but that you do not yet recognize it. They are silently helping and supporting you to realize the greater truth. Once your vision is activated on a collective level, the petty, constricted, and painful human realities that you have generated begin to fall away. They cannot exist energetically when the truth of the whole is remembered.

We ask that you now open yourself to this ancient and wise energy of the Whale collective on your world. They can help to guide you through this process as long as you are willing to let go of all the stories and opinions of reality that you have generated to keep you feeling safe. For all beings now, awakening means walking naked into the unknown with no stories, and trusting that the Universe knows what it is doing. It is scary, yes, but your galactic ancestors also walked this frightening path and transformed themselves. Without a doubt, you can do so as well.

Germane -- through Lyssa Royal Holt
www.lyssaroyal.net | www.solischool.org
For more information from Germane on YouTube about the card meanings, go to Lyssa's YouTube channel at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCeuLbnOjJBUfqqm2KEqkpLA

Spiritual Alignment ~ Matt Kahn ~ 30 July 2020

Source: Matt Kahn

Spiritual alignment is not a matter of concepts learned or even the many degrees of perspective that can be suggested. Alignment is an expression of integrated behavior. It is the demonstration of how much inner wisdom has been digested, assimilated, and woven into the fabric of your being throughout the virtue of your responses and actions.

While insights can be shared, in the name of alignment, is it being offered to quickly rescue someone from their experience or to hold compassionate space for what only they may acknowledge or receive in whatever span of time their journey requires? While spreading love is a positive expression, in the name of alignment, is it being done to correct or deny those in fear, or as an offering of faithful companionship for those in hardship? While the raising of vibration is a powerful practice to expand awareness, open your heart, and amplify the resilience of emotional healing, in the name of alignment, is it being done to avoid the anticipation of pain, to outwit the threat of loss, to quickly shift those whose trauma makes you afraid of their energy affecting your vibration, or as a way of bringing loving attention, rejuvenation, and renewal in support of one’s highest transformation?

The more aligned in Source you are, the more often others can recognize the radiance of their own inner light in the brightness of your presence. It is how we further the wisdom of life’s deepest teachings, passed along from one heart to another, whether words are spoken or not.

And, for those being confronted with a variety of experiences, with some moments more or less aligned than others, in the name of love, please let yourself off the hook. You are always destined to be better than you’ve ever been before. Such progress occurs through the grace of time, never sped up or made to happen by sheer force, but the willingness to be exactly as you are and to grow beyond each edge — in exactly the process and way it is all meant to be. No one finds alignment by sheer effort and determination alone, just as the absence of effort and determination doesn’t create a deeper sense of alignment.

When all degrees of doing are inspired and expressed from the heart-centered core of your eternal being, you are allowing a greater force within you to take the lead. A greater force of light that has always been and shall always be — the Truth that you are.

All For Love,

Matt Kahn

The Convergence of The Realms; Message from The Fae Regarding The Ascension of Humans ~ Laura Whitworth ~ 30 July 2020

Here's the link to watch this video for those interested. Again, posting first as I will only be able to listen much later, so please do bear in mind what I wrote in the previous post.

In this video Laura details a recent personal QHHT session that she had with a new and up coming practitioner Rachel Hillary (Manchester). Another part of Laura who resides in the Fae realm detailed a meeting that they were at where they were discussing the convergence of the realms on Earth into the 5th Dimension.

Much advice is given for Lightworkers on what to expect in the lead up to the shift. Hold onto your hats!

Technology Q&A with Jason Estes and Natasha Wilson ~ 30 July 2020

For those interested, here's the link.

I haven't watched yet but I would like to make an important clarification and observation ~ I have been noticing with a degree of trepidation that some Wayshowers are beginning to express some political preference (a nicer word than "polarisation) and that may show up every now and then in their information or guidance. I usually move on if I find that it's not something that works for me, but obviously if I post a video before I listen then I wouldn't know the content. I have actually moved on from several sources in the past 2 years because they had become too biased, in my opinion.

As always, please go with your Higher Guidance.

Description provided:

Awesome. Wow. Incredible. That’s mostly what I said in this live πŸ˜‰

PNRs, Source Seeds, Monoatomic Power (Source Code Phase 1 and 2, and Silence), Patches (ie Sleep), Grow Pro, Quantum Battery (QRs), the Centre for Expansion (55 worldwide), MTVO course work application, Crypto / CoinMetro Tram, and more! (Timestamps below)

“Team Humanity, having access to the tools and choosing to do good with them”

Jason starts with talking of the Jah wave (working with time). August is us mastering, understanding, and unlocking the universal centre of time, to be able to see and use the mind as a tool, and not the mind as ourselves.

Jason mentions his reasoning for not being too specific on how to use some of the technology, for example if he were to tell us what to do with it, it would limit what we may think could be done, instead of opening it up to expansion of so many options each one of us may not think of - that’s gold. This applies to so much more than just technology, imagine the influence of a child's potential if we applied this to how we teach!

11min (approx.) Jason begins explaining the Personal Nexus Reality (PNR). The PNR is a programmed copper device which creates biophotons that help the body heal faster. If you are interested in how these can be used with children and their divine protection; this is mentioned at around 22min.

25min (approx.) Jason begins explaining source seeds - an eighth dimensional technology designed to create biophotons (and teach things to create biophotons) so there can be more living light particles in the world.

34min (approx.) Jason explains the monoatomic powders such as Source Code (Phase 1), Source Code (Phase 2) and Silence. You could take source code in the morning and in the evening, its also good for stress. If you purchase this, you can use the discount ‘MTVO13 ‘(thanks Jason)

41mins (approx.) Jason answers some questions posted during the live. Topics such as; Earthing vs biophotons (aka a bioavailable resource that can be anything), Using source seeds in bottles in the 4 corners of the house or to use to create a sacred space, additional emerging technology such as the sleep patches, grow pro – coded specifically for plants, and bio-paint vs biodynamic paint

56min (approx.) Jason mentions Earth Change. Earth Change's purpose is to be the change it wishes to see in the world by stepping up to assist in times of great need. Earth Change leads by example as a 501c3 public charity: 100% of every single dollar raised for a cause goes fully to that cause.

LINKS (in order of mention during the live)

* MTVO course work: https://mtvo.org/home/courses
* Activation Station https://activationstation.org/tech
* Video mentioned: Jason Estes #63: Entities and Divine Neutrality: https://youtu.be/jGuVAiLjVWA
* MTVO product links and reviews: https://mtvo.org/home/product-reviews
* PNR and Source Seeds: https://voidspacetech.org/shop
* Source Code (Phase 1) - Use discount code MTVO13 when purchasing: https://www.zptech.net/product/source-code-phase-1/
* Earth Change: https://earthchange.org/your-business-matters
* CoinMetro Tram: https://mtvo.org/…/de…/89490fab-5d0c-46a2-b613-54ef08fc2373…

Opening the Gate, July 2020 ~ Joanna Fay ~ 30 July 2020

The Lei’hua lightship jumps through a portal in her 5D white light disc form over the Perth hills, Western Australia, July 7th 2020.
Lots of good news with many events unfolding in this report from Joanna Fay, accompanied by the usual astounding photos ~ just look at the one above of the Lightship jumping through a portal! Joanna also mentions a landing pad in Western Australia ~ several other indications in this update also imply they are getting ever closer to the surface. It sounds (and feels!) like the passage towards 8 August will be energetically supercharged, even more than it already is.

The mass appearance of the Shy Blue orchids on 21 July made me think of this Crop Circle, reported 22 July:
Crop Circle Connector
Source: Heart Star

Dear Friends,

Greetings! It’s been a while between Heart Star posts, we continue to be busy behind the scenes, ongoing this year. From the June-July 2020 eclipse season coinciding with the June Solstice to the fine light-coded vibrations of another comet this year (Comet Neowise) that had its closest pass to the Earth on July 23rd, to the opening of the annual Lion’s Gate on July 26th, flowing now toward its peak through the 8~8 Gateway (August 8th), the last month has flowed much high vibrational light into the Earth’s energy field, nodes and light-grids. Amid the tensions in the collective field of humanity, more people than ever before have been joining focus through global meditations, through various groups they feel aligned with, as well as individual callings, to anchor the grace and providence streaming through each of these gateways and alignments, for the highest benefit of All. To all standing in universal love and unity consciousness through this intense year, deepest thanks and love! πŸ’–

In this post, we’ll focus on a Gateway that aligned through the middle of the June-July energy potentials, the ‘7~7 Gateway’, which has a strong Divine Union/TwinFlame vibration that comes through the 7th day of the 7th month each year…vibrationally energized within the collective consciousness field in parts of Asia (China, Japan, Korea and Vietnam) with the annual festival of the celestial Divine Lovers, with variant myths woven around the stars Vega and Altair, intuited mythically as the annual meeting of the Weaving Maiden and the Oxherd (with galactic overtones, at a deeper level).

With the energies this year, anchoring and opening pathways for higher vibrational light and true (re)creation codes through so many alignments, nodes, gateways, and loving anchors in, on and around the Earth, we’d like to share the way Ashura (coming through his 5D soul emanation Arnap) & I and light friends have focused through this year’s 7~7 Gateway. In activating a new level of ‘convergence’ of our TwinFlame presence in the dimensional ‘crossing point’ into this Earth plane, we’re flowing our soul plan, as a part of a greater Whole, with the incoming Love Wave…and we see through the rest of this year more blissful meeting moments, not only within our pathway, but in the paths of others whose soul plans and ‘Ascension missions’ include converging the dimensions through their TwinFlame energies (and in other beautiful, love-filled ways, but we’ll focus for this post with the Divine Union vibration of the 7~7).

Please read on....

30 July 2020

Creation ~ Matt Kahn ~ 29 July 2020

Source: Matt Kahn 

The most direct way to manifest is to know you always have exactly what you need, in order to move from this breath to the next. As a foundation of trust is built from this acknowledgment, you are able to realize that you always have exactly what you need, in order to move from this moment to the next.

From there, your awareness can open up to recognize how you always have exactly what you need, in order to move from this day to the next. The deeper trust in the Universe goes, the more open you are to allowing the everything you have and will be given — to be received.

And yet, no matter how distrusting you may be, you always have exactly what you need, just unaware of how precisely you are being guided and supported by the loving intelligence of Source within you. This may help you see, while you are the reason why things happen and always for the purpose of your evolutionary benefit, you are never the reason why things don’t.

Creation only moves forward and upward, never going backwards, no matter how intently imagination suggests it to be.

Informed Consent ~ Lisa Renee ~ 27 July 2020

Source: Energetic Synthesis ~ Timeshift Blog

Informed Consent is a legal term and ethical principle that describes biological ethics, which was introduced after World War II. It replaced the earlier medical attitudes that were founded on having implicit trust in a doctor’s decisions, and put patients in charge of their own care. Informed Consent is the process for getting permission before involving that person in some kind of situation that impacts bodily health or wellbeing, usually related to medical research or clinical experiments, such as being informed of the potential risks of a therapy or drug, and giving informed consent before being provided with it. Informed consent can be said to be given, when a person has been educated to understand the facts and considers the implication and possible consequences of an action, which will impact them. Therefore the term informed consent is an ethical and legal principle in which a person exercises their right to gather more data for analysis and perform their own due diligence, to better understand the facts and consequences of making a choice that impacts them. 

Informed consent is directly related to preserving a human beings right to self-ownership, autonomy and the prevention of abusive conduct.

However, a person may verbally agree to something from fear, perceived social pressure, or psychological difficulty in expressing true feelings. A person may claim to understand the implications of some action, but in fact has failed to understand the possible consequences fully. 

A legally defined valid informed consent has three components; disclosure of the information in a truthful way to make an autonomous decision, the mental capacity to comprehend the information and form reasonable judgments on the consequences, and the voluntary action to exercise decisions without external pressures such as coercion, manipulation and deception.

Thus, the three core principles of informed consent are important to understand as they correlate to the tipping point that must be reached for the human Collective Consciousness to be awakened into the thresholds of accepting the higher frequency reality. As more people can comprehend their personal rights in Universal Law, they can exert that personal power to become more flexible and open to receive the clarity around the larger unpleasant truth behind world events. As they begin to perceive more of the true nature of reality pushing past denial and fear, they rise to support the collective human demands for full disclosure, demanding to know the truth no matter how ugly it is. When people go beyond fear and denial, and stand up for the ethical treatment of humanity and the earth, they are willing to accept responsibility, petitioning for the truth to be known as based in Universal Laws. And this directly applies to examining evidence and continually asking for Informed Consent in everything that impacts our mind, body and spirit, and in our world.

Informed consent was implemented into the medical system when the scientific research conducted in Nazi Germany was discovered, and contained some of the worst human rights abuses and crimes made against humanity. This is an important distinction, to connect the creation of the informed consent culture in our society, to the actions behind the Nazi Black Sun agendas. This timeline is when the silent weapons for quiet wars was declared in collaboration, with some of the off planet breakaways and the extradimensional parasites. The same Controller factions are busy destroying informed consent in every way possible today and distracting the masses to ignore its deeper meaning, which is to serve and protect personal autonomy. 

The Nuremberg code was established in 1949, for the purpose of developing standards by which to judge the Nazi scientists and doctors during the Nuremberg trials. The Nuremberg Code states that all who are participating in such an experiment are required to give voluntary consent that is free of coercion, fraud, duress or deceit. Informed consent is an extremely important marker for guiding the ethical principles necessary to the creation of a humanitarian based society, and is relevant in all segments of society impacting human rights, sexual ethics, business ethics, bio-tech ethics and political ethics. It is the primary ethical principle and philosophy to prevent rampant corruption that harbors abusive conduct that allows lies, deceit, intimidation and partial disclosure of the facts that innately steal away the consent of the people.

Three Core Principles

These three core principles of informed consent are important to understand as they correlate to the tipping point that must be reached for the human Collective Consciousness to be awakened into the thresholds of accepting the higher frequency reality.
However, legally defined valid Informed Consent has three components;
  • a. disclosure of the information in a truthful way to make an autonomous decision,
  • b. the mental capacity to comprehend the information and form reasonable judgments on the consequences,
  • c. and the voluntary action to exercise decisions without external pressures such as coercion, manipulation and deception.
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Becoming the New Human: Accessing Your Universal Self by Barbara Marx Hubbard ~ Free Online Series Starting

For anyone interested in signing up for the video series by the late Barbara Marx Hubbard.

From Humanity's Team (requires sign-up to access videos):

Join visionary spiritual teacher and bestselling author
Barbara Marx Hubbard
in this compelling video series where she shares her dynamic approach to becoming vibrantly newer 

During each of the three online video events, she will give you tools and insights that will not only allow you to experience your ever-expanding “Universal Self” in real time, but also to accelerate your evolution and become one of the pioneers in the emergence of a whole new humanity.

Clip: Jason Estes #53 ~ Coming Into Truth, Sovereignty & Unity

Source: MTVO

Each week, we Deep Dive our video content and discuss it 😊⁣

How to participate:⁣
1) Go to Jason's FB profile at www.facebook.com/jason.estes.965 and find the latest Deep Dive post⁣
2) Watch (or rewatch) the YouTube video⁣
3) Share your insights, experiences, and questions on the post on Jason’s FB wall.

The Pulse: 30 July - 4 August 2020 ~ Gene Key 33: Forgetting | Mindfulness | Revelation

Our lives are mythical
Source: Gene Keys

The Pulse – 30 July to 4 August – The 33rd Gene Key moves from the Shadow of Forgetting to the Siddhi of Revelation and it's the Way of Mindfulness.

The Final Revelation

"The 33rd Gene Key teaches us something awesome. It teaches that our lives are mythical. Our myth is rich with characters and twists in fate. There are those who represent evil, those who represent good, those who turn from good to evil or from evil to good. There are backdrops that change, new characters that enter and characters that leave or die. The whole tapestry is so colourful and exquisite if we’re paying attention. If we’re paying attention. That’s the key. The original name for this hexagram is ‘Retreat’. It’s all about withdrawal. It’s about pausing in the journey.

In the modern world we’ve become a rush of Forgetting. We have to stop and have a cup of tea. If we don’t let our awareness come to a rest, how will we see what’s really going on in our life? How will we learn what’s being offered to us?"

Excerpt from the 64 ways

#genekeys #thepulse #forgetting #mindfulness #revelation #64Ways #genekey33

For more information about the Gene Keys please visit or subscribe to The Pulse at genekeys.com

Understanding More of the Dimensional Fall ~ Jenny Schiltz ~ 29 July 2020

There are many "versions" (for want of a better word) of The Fall (and there have been more than one) ~ depending from which angle or Tribe/Star Race one is viewing ~ and the one presented here by Jenny Schiltz is no less captivating than the others. I appreciate Jenny's point about sacred sites because we tend to assume that all sacred sites are somehow immune from dark energies ~ we must be aware that most have layers of darkness upon them that need to be adequately cleared before they can be activated once again.

Source: Jenny Schiltz

I have felt the pull to go to Mesa Verde for a few years now. This year the universe made sure that I went as our annual family reunion was planned for this area in Colorado. I could feel the importance of me going even though I wasn’t able to understand why. As soon as I sank into the energy of the area I was met by a group of ancient star beings that worked with the Puebloans. The Puebloans are the forefathers of the Hopi and other tribes. They showed me that they held the codes of not only Lemuria but first life on earth.

The morning of the day that we were to spend at Mesa Verde, I was asked to send healing and codes of remembering to all that wanted to receive. Whenever I receive a request like that, I know that I’m in for something very special. We arrived at Mesa Verde and began the long drive to the top. It was raining and I was given permission to use the platonic solids to create an opening for the work that needed to be done. I was told that I couldn’t move the clouds or the rain as it would be needed for clearing. I was however able to create a space of no rain for me to do my work, which was awesome.

We arrived at the Sunset house, fire temple and the Cliff palace overlook. I dove into the energy and the beauty. I held a small drum ceremony and began working with the star beings that had experienced a  life there so long ago.  We worked together to send energy and healing to all that had accepted the invitation.

I was shown how each person was put into a healing frequency bath that assisted in clearing their field of distraction and layering that comes from many incarnations on this planet. Once a person received clearing to the level that is appropriate for them, they were then lifted out of the healing bath and set upon their path. The energy was one of full potential. I was amazed and grateful to be part of the experience.

I could feel the people that lived there, the sense of community, the connection with nature spirits and the earth. It was magical. It held the energy of what so many of us have been able to remember from Mu and Lemurian lifetimes.

When it was time I thanked the star beings for assisting in the healing and created a container for it to continue. All that would give permission in the future would also be able to receive this healing. In fact you can tap into the space right now and receive, simply request and then receive.

Please read on....

How Am I Right Now? ~ Lee Harris ~ 29 July 2020

Source: Lee Harris

The power of listening to others and the power of listening to ourselves is very important. So, do regular check-ins and deeply listen to your answers:

“How am I right now?”

But if you’re somebody who doesn’t really know how they feel and thinks they are not very good at looking into that for themselves, then stop two or three times a day and just write down how you're feeling, use whatever words come to you - however few.

This isn’t a contest and no one's judging you so don’t worry if you think your words aren’t very good. It’s not about what you can see, it’s about the practise of beginning to see - the practise of inviting yourself to become aware of how you feel and what’s going on.

Because the more you’re able to listen to yourself in that way, the more you’ll be able to help yourself to recognise how you’re really feeling.

Breaking Free from Conditioned Illusion ~ Adyashanti ~ 29 July 2020

Source: Adyashanti

“We break free from the bonds of conditioned illusion when we no longer value them. It really is ultimately that simple. The moment you see the conditioned known and know that it is only sorrow and nothing else, and do not desire the cause of sorrow (as most do), then there is nothing to confine you. 
Indeed, the only thing that ever confines us in the endless cycle of sorrow is our allegiance to it. We can drop it all at once (because it is, after all, created entirely in our own minds) but only when the unknown is our true and only desire without conditions or reservations.

Fighting one’s conditioned illusions is like trying to remove the waves in order to find the ocean. Unreservedly commit to Truth, and ask for nothing in return, and the spell of conditioned illusion will be broken.”

~ Adyashanti�

“Experiencing No-Self” Online Course

Leo Lionsgate ~ Meg Benedicte ~ 29 July 2020

Source: New Earth Central

Building in momentum since the three eclipses, a Galactic Superwave is streaming thru the Leo Lionsgate portal and blessing humanity with a powerful Ascension upgrade. It is blasting the veils of illusion and delusion, revealing hidden shadow lurking within. The Galactic Superwave is a very powerful surge of galactic photonic light force from the Central Sun that is awakening all souls to a world reality they never knew existed. A world beyond Duality!

The Lions Gateway opens during the heliacal rising of Blue Star Sirius (brightest star in the sky) and peaks on August 8th in alignment with the Giza pyramid/sphynx coordinates. In a spectacular display of light encoded waves streaming through the portal and into the earth plane, all are bathed and blessed with the Lion’s Heart of courage, strength and freedom. Leo Lion is the symbol of the heart center, creativity and strength. In Giza the sphynx represents the magnetic field aligned with the electrical force field in the pyramid.

The 8-8 Lionsgate is a celebration of the ancient Lumerian lineage many Lightworkers carry within their Soul code and bloodline. Dating back to the Sirian seeding of Christ Consciousness in Lemuria and Zep Tepi Egypt, many are being activated by dormant key codes waiting for this momentous occasion. The ancient Egyptians celebrated the annual event when Star Sirius aligned with the Great Pyramid and Sphynx forming a frequency receptor of celestial light transmission.

This gateway creates an incredible period of accelerated Ascension. On August 8th we will join together with Light Warriors in the quantum flow of the golden ratio spiral and travel to the Galactic Center. We will step into the Crystal Stargate at the Great Central Sun, connect with the 8-8 Lions Gateway and enter pure consciousness, untapped potential…we are stepping into Source Creator.

Join other Earth Keepers, Gridworkers and Star Beings all around the world as we gather for the powerful 8:8 Lionsgate Activations on Saturday, August 8th. We will perform healing activations and global intentions in unity consciousness during our Lionsgate gathering. The show is recorded for replay. If you would like to participate, register here: https://newearthcentral.com/?p=220336

Lovingly, Meg

Image credit: Lion’s Gate 8:8 by Ellen McDonough of www.PlacesofLight.com
Quantum Access®

Copyright (c) 2020 Meg Benedicte 
* All Rights Reserved * 
You may copy and distribute this material as long as you do not alter it in any way, the content remains complete and you include this copyright notice.

"Power-Filled" Energies ~ Amanda Lorence ~ 29 July 200

Amanda Lorence
Very strong Incoming Energies all day, but NOW changed to "Power-Filled", to whole of body. To be with, and amplify at Will

SR Reading

Space Observing System
Those thin vertical stripes are back....

29 July 2020

Divine Gift of Light Essence ~ AA Michael & Ronna Vezane

Source: Ronna Vezane


*** Through you, the Creator Love/Light is blended with your earthly Essence, stepped-down or transmuted into acceptable frequencies so that they may be integrated and used by humanity and also integrated into the Earth’s structure. 

Through your efforts, this Divine gift of Light Essence is also available to the Animal Kingdom in a greatly modified way. It is also used by the Devic and Elemental Kingdom to nourish and replenish the Nature Kingdom and harmonize the Elements of Nature. It is vitally important that you understand, the Rays of Creator Light nourish and sustain all Creation. 


Sound Sequence Set 3 ~ MTVO

Source: MTVO

Working with these tonal sequences can help you unlock your consciousness in ways that make it much easier to handle the strong ascension energies that humanity has been asked to process.

Each tone (Reu, Aum, May, Lee, Sah, Na, Dah, Jah) represents a different spiritual concept, and when you weave the sounds together, you unlock a deeper understanding of your eternal self.

In the month of July, we’ve unlocked two new sounds: Dah and Jah. Dah has allowed us to explore matter and physicality in new ways, while Jah has begun to take us deeper into a journey of time and timelessness.

This particular sound sequence (Sound Sequence Set 3) is an introduction in how to weave these concepts together safely, so as not to cause overwhelm. Have fun exploring them, and make them your own! To listen to the audio of this sequence, head to our YouTube channel, MTVOTeam, and watch the video called Sound Sequence Set 3.

#ascension #awareness #consciousness #spiritualascension #wayshower #5d #energywork #selfhealing #selfmastery

Deep Breathing: One of Body's Strongest Self-Healing Mechanisms

I appreciate such reminders now and then. Even though I learnt about this many years ago ~ in my first yoga class where we spent the entire time just re-learning how to breathe properly ~ I still find myself shallow-breathing.

Source: Galactic Historian

πŸŒ€⭐ Appreciate your breath and take a moment to give your body some love ⭐πŸŒ€
🌐 GH Team🌐  

You Will Be Strong, Powerful, Loving and Wise ~ Lee Harris ~ 28 July 2020

Source: Lee Harris

The more you can focus on your own sense of balance and learn about your sense of balance in the coming years, the more equipped you are going to be to BE part of the change, the solution, the innovation.

You came here for these innovations, and these changes. And you will be strong, powerful, loving and wise if you are able to continually return yourself to the center.

- From Zs Transmission on Fear of the Future MP3

Learn More: https://www.leeharrisenergy.com/store/y5rNTLUZ

You are the Co-Creator of Your Reality ~ Matt Kahn

You are the co-creator of your reality but your ego is not one of those creators. 
Co-creation is "This has already been created and you're the perfect person to play it out. Will you cooperate?

This simple profundity by Matt Kahn was posted by Jenny Schiltz.

A New Cobra Interview ~ 28 July 2020

Just a side comment because I also wonder about where they are now ~ the Galactis team of Alkesh and Amun, as mentioned in this interview. They gave us astounding information and riveting videos before some issue with the yoga centre they were involved with, and then disappeared without a trace. From what I understand, the yoga centre did not agree with the information they were bringing forth. Also, Cobra gives us good news about us not having to worry about the black goo, which is being cleared.

Source: The Portal

Just after our Age of Aquarius activation, a joint Cobra / Dr. Joseph McNamara interview was conducted by FESIG group.

You can listen to the interview here on Youtube:

Or read the transcript here.

Victory of the Light!

Manifestating From Heart Alignment ~ Matt Kahn ~ 28 July 2020

Source: Matt Kahn

The reasons why things aren’t the way you want them to be are the exact beliefs you are currently awakening from, simply by existing in a space, where what you desire is somewhere other than here.

It’s not as if you’d have what you wanted any sooner. You are destined to receive all that comes at the precise moment divine timing intends it to be. And yet, you’re intuition, as a perfect catalyst of self-inquiry, assists you in wanting what is meant to be, while yearning for it to come at the moment it isn’t meant to arrive, just to help you confront your most limiting beliefs that often make you the imagined root cause for why things are the way they are.

In the absence of self-blame, it seems as if you are able to manifest at record speed. And yet, it’s more the case of being so aligned with your heart, you are only capable of desiring what is already blossoming into form.

This is a rather magical level of alignment that occurs once we stop blaming ourselves for how things unfold.

Practising Experts Speak Out ~ 28 July 2020

** Update: I had totally forgotten about this report ~ published by The Lancet on 5 June 2020 ~  which I am now appending to the post:

This video is going viral, despite being deleted by social media platforms.

Bitchute link to video.

Amanda Lorence Update ~ 28 July 2020

Source: Amanda Lorence


Here is what I saw with open eyes on Sunday 26th July whilst anchoring. The main clouds stopped still, then a thick ring was formed of clouds. All other clouds were not moving. Time stopped. As I explained on the Live on Sunday, I had mysteriously been given the music to play this week. Which isn’t normal to receive it so far ahead. That music IS significant and will be played this Sunday, as we stand together, energy WILL be brought IN.

I NOW know the WHITE CLOUD RING is significant to this week’s Tor Energy (WEEK 20, Sunday 2nd August). I’ll explain on Sunday on the Live as you can take part and contribute your energy together, from your location if you wish to. But if you go physically to the Tor this Sunday, please seek others there that will explain what we will be doing TOGETHER AFTER the Anchoring is finished. We will be bringing Energy IN, after anchoring. By GIVING OUT, as remembered.

I will post the usual weekly Tor post at end of week with the usual times etc.

If you join via FB LIVE please be ON TIME, so to be on Facebook at the START TIME of 10.55am UK time (lol πŸ˜‰). An ADDITIONAL and also specific song (!) is to be played right at the very start, to take our VIBE HIGH! ...I’m doing as guided within here, so things are changing a bit as we go!!! We just show up and do as guided. So simples πŸ™ƒ

Whoooohooo πŸ˜πŸ’™πŸ˜œπŸ€πŸ™ƒ

Amanda Lorence
28 July 2020

28 July 2020

Crop Circle: Ammersee (South End), West of Munich, Bavaria, Germany ~ 26 July 2020

Images Philip Hebeisen Copyright 2020

A beautiful Crop Circle hosted by Germany....

At this point in writing, there are no other images or videos posted on Crop Circle Connector but there are articles and comments for those interested.

Relationships ~ Andrew Bartzis

Andrew Bartzis' website is Galactic Historian


Most often, when people grow apart and one is more spiritual than the other, it was destined that way from the beginning. You chose a person who wasn't going to have a high volume of spirituality while you were trying to grow yours.

If you saw them not growing as you were growing, those are a set of choices that you made in the past that now directly affect your present, because that person still isn't growing, and when they're not growing, they’re not healing. This does affect the other individual's path and journey. This is why I say it's our individual journey, and this is where so many people screw up, on the most fundamentals. They become couples and they think their spiritual journey is shared and bonded. It is only shared and bonded when they’re sharing a bed and sharing a dream space and there can be a common set of ethics that can be created to make sure that that is separate so when you're on your spiritual journey the love is still there as the basis and foundation for creation, but the journey into the spiritual self is an untangled, individual process. And when the other is ready to raise their frequency you will be able to assist them through what you've learned, but don't take them on as projects.

And this is the other thing where we see people taking on unhealed people as a project. Almost always, in any relationship, if it's a few years old, and I discover this, they took them on as a project and settled for something that they didn't really want.

When the relationship is loved based and they are truly exchanging love portals between their heart chakra centers, when you are going on your individual journey, you are allowing their love to be a background part of your footstep to footstep process into the ever moment of now, because it’s your support, their love.

“…the journey into the spiritual self is an untangled, individual process.”
- Andrew Bartzis

Vlog 177: This is the Key to Your Financial Freedom ~ Patricia Cota-Robles ~ 28 July 2020

Please listen to the vlog here.

Patricia Cota-Robles talks about the age-old adage that exists in various forms ~ you receive what you give, or the Law of the Circle.

Bring the Light ~ Lee Harris ~ 27 July 2020

Do not fight, bring the Light
Source: Lee Harris

Many of you are a little horrified at the division you are seeing right now. ⁣

Just as the shadow is coming out in the world at large, so too are the shadowy differences between human beings rising to the surface. ⁣

So there are people you quite like who suddenly have an opinion that you have judged or deemed as bad. But you must remember as you are villainizing another person, they themselves do not feel like a villain. ⁣

There are very few on the planet who celebrate darkness - they exist - but there are very few of them. Most are aligning with their own perception of light and dark, and they have their own reasons for doing it. ⁣

So this is why we always say, "Do not fight. Bring the light. Do not fight. Bring the light.” ⁣

Now, you can be at a protest bringing the light, that is not necessarily a fight. If you are bringing the light at a protest, you are saying, “I do not stand for this. In fact, I am casting my vote for something very different.” ⁣

But when you get caught in fight energy with others, with yourself, or with the world at large, you get caught in what we would call the 3-D matrix - the third dimensional drama net - that all of you listening to this are either fully out of or making your way out of - and that is vital. ⁣

For you will not create a new future for this planet or for yourself if you base it on the old 3-D drama net. ⁣

It has to come from something new, and Earth is going through a revolution where humans are concerned. ⁣

You are right now at the very beginning stage of the most important decade you will have lived through so far in your life.⁣

- From Create Your Future: Elevating the 2020-2030 Timeline MP3⁣

Learn more here: https://www.leeharrisenergy.com/store/tzaLS2F7

Healing Pain ~ Lazaris & Jach Pursel

One Day ~ Matisyahu at Port of Haifa

I featured this song here three years ago, and am featuring it again today in a different version. What a moving experience!  The song was shared in a closed group. 
"So powerful is the light of unity that it can illuminate the whole Earth." 
~ Baha'u'llah
Source: Nathalie ten Have-Fradin (with video)

This is just amazing and so heart-warming!

"πŸ‘†πŸΌMatthew Paul Miller, known by his Hebrew and stage name Matisyahu, is an American Jewish reggae singer. This most recent orchestration in Haifa asked 3,000 Muslims and Jews (none of whom had met before) to come together and learn the song “One Day” by Matisyahu in under an hour.

Not only that, but they learned how to sing and harmonize the lyrics in three different languages.

The resulting concert, which was made in collaboration with Beit HaGefen, the Haifa Municipality, and the Port of Haifa, is a breathtaking display of unity and beauty."

It reminds me of this quote from Baha'u'llah "So powerful is the light of unity that it can illuminate the whole Earth."

SR Reading

Creating a Way of Being ~ Paul Dobree-Carey ~ 27 July 2020

Source: Paul Dobree-Carey

Be patient, not as an instruction or demand, but as a Way of Being. A way of living life while you continue to observe the inevitable and expected changes becoming more evident as the established structures, both internal and external, start to weaken and crumble.

The turmoil within continues as your expected points of reference which define your identity become detached and removed from you. To truly find freedom from what was, all your former measurements, hopes, expectations and beliefs will become stretched to breaking point.

You cannot rise above that which you were and expect all around you to look the same. Coming to terms with the multiple changes taking place to you and Others around you becomes your primary focus at this time or you will be brought hard down onto the ground trying to remove, reject and resist that which is beyond your power to control. The objectionable adult becomes the petulent child once again if every change you observe leads to a deliberate negative behavioural reaction.

Freedom from restriction and control might well be the desire you seek but to what end? - as this also leads to creating voids within. For what you previously believed would make you feel free - more time, more money, more happiness through wish fulfilment, becomes instead, more threatened and more removed from your grasp by the external events taking place as you watch your external freedoms being removed one by one.

For those who want what the system gives to them, must consent and comply with the system. To rebel through non acceptance and dissent, requires you to find an alternative way to live and that means sacrificing the third dimensional attachments that hold you within that system. It can be done - but at the cost of the system rejecting the 'virus' that you yourself have become. The system will never adapt to the individual, it requires a new alternative system created by a new collective of alternative individuals. There is how all new civilizations have begun. The system doesn't give up its way of being, those within it give up the system.

Join with a growing collective of alternatives, not by becoming an aggressive system buster which has inevitable consequences, but by becoming a creative transformer. Trust in the Source of your Being of that which YOU are already becoming. That which you have previously measured your Self and Others by, releases and passes through you only by removing the resistance that holds it together. HERE is the place, and NOW is the time, not to destroy and leave behind what billions of lives have already created, but to embrace what a new growing collective are manifesting for themselves from within a failing system.

A billion new individualised paths created by incarnated Walking Masters of Light illuminating the Way ahead into the unified collective of the Golden Age it creates and becomes.

With deepest Love and Gratitude for all that YOU already truly are

Paul Dobree-Carey
Blue Ray Cosmic Messenger

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