31 August 2020

76th Quantum Healing Moment on 1 October 2020 @ 12pm Everywhere ~ Nicky Hamid

An invitation from Nicky Hamid ~ sounds fabulous! Just a note, it's not "tomorrow" which is 1 September. But what's to stop us from doing it tomorrow as well, right?

Source: A Quantum Healing Moment
Welcome to the 76th QUANTUM HEALING MOMENT 1st October.

TOMORROW (Tuesday) at 12pm your time wherever you live in our Amazing Planet.
Thus we will have a 24 hour healing in linear time and singular Moment in Now time. And it begins as a Wave gathering here in NZ because we are the first to see the light of a new day. We will be with you wherever you are and feel us all sitting or pausing as One Heart. Please be present at 12pm your time to send or receive or both, your Love and Light for all who are present. And if you wish state what you wish to be open to.

WE So Love You


Some simple Guidelines for Newcomers.
We are Tuning into the WWW of Love of Humanity, for transformation, healing, and wellbeing.
For the Receiver: The healing continues long after each Moment and is permanent if you will allow it and take your Mastery. Jesus always said after His 'miracles', "Dost Thou believe?". You see there was not one iota of doubt in his Union with God. He knew. And so he was requiring of the "healed" to take that same knowing to ensure that what was done remained. So if after the Moment you have any doubt arise you must release it immediately.

Here's how. Simply ALLOW your own Divine Love to do the "heavy lifting".

Stop if any doubt arises.

1. Take a breath and bring your attention to your feet and the fact that they are firmly supported by the ground that you are standing on.
2. Place your hand on the middle your chest slightly above your heart.
3. Take a breath and feel yourself there. Feel the peace arise.
4. If the doubt remains smile to yourself and bless it as it leaves, “Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou.”

For the Sender
All you need to do is turn up for that time, be present, in your ‘At Homeness’ with yourself and affirm your Lovingness to All Humanity. You can do any visualization you like or simply be in silence and connected for the 5-10 minutes. After that time, with your fullness of feeling, when you are done say: “And So It Is. Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou. Job well done……(your name).”

And we let the vast Divine gathering WE ARE do the rest.

Loving You All

PLEASE TAG or SHARE with Friends you know who might like to join us.
It would be great if you could MAKE A COMMENT below (eg where in the world you will be sitting). It signifies our beautiful commitment and that none of us are alone in our Love for all. 

I Think this Dog has Found Enlightenment ~ Christine Oberlander

Christine Oberlander
This was shared by ΰ₯ Spiritual Bliss ΰ₯

Light Language: Master Builder Activation ~ Aja Andromeda ~ 5 July 2018

Aja Andromeda re-posted this video from two years ago, but it's so relevant today. Aja talks about the need to be Multi-dimensional, and that our work there is crucial to bring in the New Reality. Being in Multi-dimensional awareness was my goal for my pre-Solstice practice, and I had earlier mentioned to a couple of others that our work in this realm to bring in the changes must not be overlooked.

Please listen in here.

Deeper than Thought ~ Eckhart Tolle

Eckhart Tolle
We are here to find the dimension within ourselves that is deeper than thought

Our Role During the Shift ~ Guruji Krishnananda

Source: Revolution By Light

Our role during the Shift by Guruji Krishnananda

Our world is currently going through a phase of transition. The transitory processes are in full swing. We can see these processes in surfacing of scams and revolts worldwide.

The conscience of the ordinary man has been stirred. And there is no going back. The changes that result from the transitory processes are permanent.

What is the role of us, the meditators during these times?
We are required to support these processes.

How to support them?

Very simple - meditate, positivise, reject all that is negative and channel Light. If you can do this, you will be participating in the greatest revolution the earth has ever seen.

In addition to following these, we have to help others do all this. We have to awaken and help others awaken to the present realities, awaken them to their true potential.

Spirituality is growing towards perfection. This includes helping others grow towards perfection. To be fully Spiritual, we also have to help others grow.

We have to share everything with others, whether it is material wealth, Spiritual wealth, energies, knowledge or hope. This is a Spiritual law.

We have to manifest love, and help others manifest love.

We must realize that if we do not awaken and participate in the work, the world will not wait for us and we will miss the opportunity. 

Channel #Light for at least 7 minutes daily, from anywhere, at anytime. Heal yourself. Heal the World. 

The Law of Duration and Density 🌌⁣ ~ Cosmic Laws of Cosmic Awareness

Excerpt from Trance Healing: 
Wherein you are capable of looking at your health and seeing it as it is, and then seeing it change as it becomes better, more to your ideal liking. As you visualize yourself, so you are. This Is a matter of how long and how intensely do you see yourself, in what vision. The longer and more intense (this is in terms of the Law of Duration and Density), then the more substance you have in that new visualization.
As you look to discover what you are and from then begin looking to discover other images of yourself, so you shall change. It is necessary for entities to see themselves as they are, for otherwise they know not what they change from, and toward. 
Think not in terms of becoming so much as in terms of being; for when you are imaging something, you image it best by being it. 

Source: MTVO

The Law of Duration and Density 🌌⁣

The Cosmic Laws are meant to illuminate and bring understanding to the spiritual laws that govern this universe and which all beings are subject to.⁣

The laws can be found in the book, "The Cosmic Laws of Cosmic Awareness," which is available as a free PDF online. You can find it easily if you do an internet search of the title of the book.⁣

#consciousness #mtvo #selfhealing #cosmiclaw #universallaw #spiritualascension #5d #energywork #awareness

Knowing that Comes from the Heart ~ Nicky Hamid ~ 31 August 2020

When you Truly Love who you ARE you no longer need to search for Love anywhere else
And the Miracle IS you then find it EVERYWHERE

Source: Nicky Hamid

We live in a duality reality and it has always been my experience that when I am near Truth there is always a paradox in terms of logic and mental mind. It involves stepping into a Knowing that comes from Heart and transcends the two sides that little mind will always pose to you about anything.

Thus in our transition from what is often called “3D to 5D” our perspective about everything changes, often being reversed, turned upside down, from right to left, and even inside out.

For example, Crazy but True.
Forget the things you have remembered for too long.
Forget the self that you have been told of that you are not.

And Remember the things you have forgotten.

Remember the SELF You Are That you are Love Incarnate, One in and One with the Source of All That Is. GOD SOURCE.

That you can create whatever it is you wish to experience and you are forever.

Look no further “outside” you for who you are.
Feel the Radiance Shining through you from within.
Shine On everyone in your sphere of activity.

Just like our Sun that has recently cracked the magnetosphere and is beaming neutrinos and photons constantly right through us all and into -the core of all ”density” just as if it were not there. Because it is not.

I So Love You


PS: Your Life and in fact physicality itself is not about “separate things”. It is about Relationships.
Everything is relative to everything else. What kind of relationships are you creating in your World (Dimensions).

What you once thought of as solid is actually energy frequencies in limitless dimensional space dancing together in an infinite variety of dancing relationships.

And You are master as far as you allow your intentions to be in the SOURCE FIELD OF GOD LOVE/LIGHT

You are Learning to Stand Tall in Your Own Soul ~ Lee Harris ~ 30 August 2020

Source: Lee Harris

You are learning to stand tall in your own soul.
Which means, trusting that if you are learning to stand tall, so will others.
And sometimes that will involve you reaching down to help them up if that feels like it is welcome, but other times it will involve you knowing that standing tall in their presence is all you need to do.

For the great illusion of humanity is that what you say to each other is what helps you communicate. It is actually what you beam to each other energetically.

You use words to make those connections safe.

- From Alchemize Your Purpose MP3
Learn More: https://www.leeharrisenergy.com/store/JhWmEb5m

September 2020 Energy Update ~ Jason Estes ~ 30 August 2020

Source: Jason Estes
Welcome to September

This month is more focused on our bodies integration and clearing 
as we progress through it we will want to be paying attention to our world so as to enhance our awareness of what is real and to sync back up to that 
this can easily be done by catching yourself every time you move with out purpose and by then taking a moment and saying "I am Committing to _____" then following through with that action immediately 
this can be said out loud for maximum change or in your mind for subtle change but ether way it begins to course correct your ability to escape moments and instead brings new value to each moment.

Movies: The Giver, Inception
T.v.: People of Earth 

Practices: Sound sequence 3, some form of daily movement or stretching committed to a week in advance, daily sit with a glass of water in your hand and connect with its energy for 3-5mins then drink it.
Links Below in first few comments ::hugs:: 

(Here are the links that Jason provides, for those without fb)

SR Reading & Solar Activity

Space Observing System
** Updated to include Solar activity ** 

If I were to translate this chart in my own way into energies, that would be how it's been like.....

At the same time, Solar activity looks like this:

30 August 2020

Celia Fenn Update ~ 30 August 2020

Source: Celia Fenn
The Global energies continue to be intense during the week end, as awakening codes continue to sweep the Planet.

One of the reasons for this is the influence of the Royal Star Regulus, at 4 degrees of Virgo, which is still influencing our Sun with its powerful Interstellar radiation and frequencies. Towards the middle of the month the influence of Regulus becomes less intense as Antares takes over as guiding Star and Guardian of the upcoming Scorpio Gate and the 11/11 Portal on the 11th November 2020.

But before that, we have the Full Moon on the 2nd of September. This Full Moon will be in Pisces with the powerful and dreamy energy of Neptune, so we will really have to work to stay grounded early next week.

The energy of the "Lady and the Lion" is very strong here. The Lady and the Lion are symbolic of Regulus in Virgo, the House of the Goddess. The symbol also suggests that in this energy we will need to draw on the energy of the Divine Feminine and our deep intuition in order to "tame" the chaotic and powerful energies that will flow next week.

It is all good, for the great flow of light is cleansing deeply and providing impetus for the awakening and for the New Earth.

The Waves of Diamond Light Codes that are flowing to Earth are helping to fully awaken us to reconnect to our Divine Sovereign birthright as Empowered and Embodied Souls.

More and more people are remembering who they are and how life was meant to be on the Earth.

So...indeed expect next week to be intense as we swing past the Full Moon and head towards the Equinox on the 22nd September.

We can expect the September Equinox energies to be very significant this year.

The energy of Balance that needs to assert itself at this time will provide a strong counterpoint to the powerful flows of Light Codes and new energies.

Have a great Sunday everyone and be ready for next week!

If anyone wants to read more about Regulus in Virgo and the Energy of the Queen/King...this is a great article.

Amanda Lorence Update ~ 30 August 2020

Source: Amanda Lorence

At the TOR, for 22 Weeks of Anchoring, I periodically spoke of the significance of the weeks/months leading up to September Equinox 2020. I explained many times that our individual thoughts, emotions, words and actions would accrue week by week as energy, and CREATE for each of us an individual HARVEST POINT, that STARTS on EQUINOX, 22 September 2020. I emphasise STARTS (so will unfold from that date onwards).

Through the years, those in Service to All, try to point you INWARD, to help you SELF REALISE your OWN path, gifts, trajectory, Service, power (of ONE).

Those that still operate from Personality Ego, will tell you what to do, how to speak, what to say, will want to fix you WITHOUT your prior consent, tell you your own path based on their perception which is theirs and not ‘your diamond facet of the Divine’, which ultimately and subtly disempowers you from strengthening your unique INNER connection to the DIVINE, that every human being has WITHIN them, if they choose to seek it. 

I have tried over these years to point people to they're WITHIN, via their heart centre; the KEY frequency being ‘LOVE FREQUENCY’, knowing fully what it is like to be disempowered. Regardless of any desire to gently assist you, I KNOW categorically, these next few weeks are about EACH’S ‘SELF'. To focus on SELF. At this TIMELINE of these few weeks before EQUINOX, I know for any person to try and assist another on a personal one to one basis, even if so very well intentioned, would be at higher level, an INTERFERENCE with another’s chosen DIVINE TRAJECTORY. The HIGHEST action we can each take is to simply allow all peoples their chosen divine paths unfolding, leading to their own HARVEST, they have chosen for themselves at SOUL LEVEL. To honour everyone. Because even the most well intentioned desires to help another, is AT THIS PARTICULAR TIMELINE JUNCTURE, IS interfering with THEIR CHOSEN path. The only job to hand, IS YOU, until after EQUINOX.

What matters, is YOUR OWN BALANCED perspective. Not that of another PERSPECTIVE within your Self Created HOLOGRAM. This is how you empower more. FROM WITHIN YOU. Each person becoming increasingly reliant only on data that unfolds WITHIN them. We end up playing together, honouring each other, from WITHIN each SELF. The higher frequency data you bring IN to YOU, by YOU, from OUTSIDE of your holographic reality. There are many frequency LEVELS of what we call ‘TRUTHS’ (until the level we reach where we KNOW there is no truth, there JUST IS PRESENCE). So what level is the highest accuracy of truth for you? Here are some pointers to help you through these weeks before Equinox;

1] Are your seeing/feeling from human PERSONALITY within this REALITY or observing from OUTSIDE of it?
2] Are your emotions in a balanced state, or are you viewing from extreme emotions?
3] Emotions affect our thoughts. So are your thoughts neutral or polarised?
4] If any thought is polarised, it is still within the polarity field.
5] Are you the OBSERVER of your thoughts and your Self Created Reality? Observer is neutral. Non Polarised. All just IS.
6] Is there a subtle fear that is underlying any thought, any emotion, any word, any action?
7] Is there a subtle BELIEF SYSTEM that underlies a thought, emotion, word, action?
8] Are you serving your own human PERSONALITY or in Service to the DIVINE WHOLE?

These questions will help people see more clearly if they choose to, in these weeks ahead, which for some will be intense. And if it gets intense, becoming the OBSERVER brings peace, joy, balance as you are then outside of the polarity field. Outside of suffering. Outside of any fears and belief systems. Outside of control. And always your power to choose in each moment as you go. There is no right or wrong choice, but thinking makes it so. There will be MORE and further GREAT DIVISION; we can be in it, or outside of it. Where all choices are just choices. Everything is so much more SIMPLE, the higher we go. 

The DIVINE BREATH through the Heart Centre is the way; the highest answer always being a particular energetic frequency we call ‘LOVE’. Which is Source energy at varying degrees embodied.

No matter how it looks, there is ALWAYS a higher answer available at your Higher Frequency Consciousness levels. Yet even there, the HIGHEST answer will be Love based frequency, and non demanding of you. 

Please just take what resonates, and discard the rest. 

With love,
Amanda Lorence
30 August 2020 

The Fall of the Dark Age ~ Brad Johnson ~ 18 July 2019

Brad Johnson presents a most fascinating account of our Solar System, encompassing several poignant, tragic and gut-wrenching episodes throughout the eons of time, in particular pertaining to Goddesses Gaia, Saturn and Venus.

(This video was produced in July 2019 ~ since then, we've been told that there have been massive clearing and cleansing in Saturn, and even Science has reported its ring weakening.)

For those interested, here's the link.

Brad Johnson shares perspective on what had caused the rising of the dark age and what will also lead to its downfall. http://www.newearthteachings.com

One ~ Judith Kusel ~ 30 August 2020

Jean-Luc Bozzoli 
Source: Judith Kusel
Open the heart center.
Allow yourself to be cleaved open and allow all which is no longer serving your highest soul growth to be released.
Allow yourself to be emptied, totally emptied, in order to be totally filled.

Let go of the past, and all personas you ever took on and wore like a mask:- let your highest soul self emerge, the Source Self within you.
Let the past be past.
Let the future be.

Be fully present in the here and now.

Let gratitude dwell within you and find its eternal home within you, for indeed blessings flow through the grateful heart and soul.

Allow eternal Love and eternal Light to pour through you into the world. Become the Source of Loving Unity and Higher Healing by living this.
Allow the Divine Source Love, Light and Power to be the filling of you, As One. 

Embrace infinity within you and all around you.

All is One.

This Is What Your Unsolicited Advice Sounds Like ~ Natalya Lobanova ~ 25 August 2020

Have you considered taking up Yoga?
All images by Natalya Lobanova at The New Yorker

When Self-help/Spiritual platitudes harm more than help. Insightful work from Natalya.
Just focus on the things you can control
You need to speak goodness into existence
Focus on the positive in the situation
Maybe you should make a vision board

The Alchemist ~ Nicky Hamid ~ 30 August 2020

I do not allow negative opinions of others to affect me
I seek only to empower the world and to be of service
I am lovingly, playfully embracing the reality of this

Source: Nicky Hamid
Many of you have noticed that as you go into places in your joy and lovingness you will be met by opposition, scorn, and sometime almost fear. Especially where family and ‘old friends’ are concerned. They will react, by trying to bring you down, strike out irrationally and want to blow out your Light or run and hide from it.

The most shadowy places are brought to life and into the light of day, the Light of Smile, and through YOUR Loving Presence.

The subconscious in any of us cannot hide any longer.

In the Truth of your Divinity this is the Alchemy and you are the Alchemist. And wherever you are is where you are meant to be. DO NOT put yourself or the other down nor take a dive again into the pit of hurt, self-pity, blame, confusion, or doubt.

The self-pity that said somehow, there is something wrong with you, or how unfair others are. They are where they are as Divine Beings choosing their own experiences
You may be a trigger but you are not their ‘punching bag”.

You learn to experience it all in understanding and equanimity but you have choice always and if you would honour yourself when it is necessary you must “speak your piece” in love and then walk away. Not with a feeling of superiority but with understanding for the uneasiness that your comfort and contentedness can engender. Have Compassion for others and gratitude for your own choices. Perhaps with a little sadness but never with judgement nor regret.

Live wisely and live in joy and gratitude and all things will be added unto you.

I So Love You. 

2021: Year of Transition ~ Brad Johnson ~ 29 August 2020

Brad Johnson claims this as truth, which is normal and expected for any other source coming out with their information, so as always please go with your Higher Guidance.

Source: Brad Johnson

In less than 4 months from now, the upcoming winter solstice will be by far one of the most transformative, powerful and life-changing shifts lifting us from Earth elemental energy to Air elemental energy in many of our directions. This is also what will fuel 'the point of no return.' This window of great change is going to be a phenomenal one as each person boards their own train and ride out their momentum based on their personal alignment, beliefs, behavior and mentality, and it will intensify as we move from Earth to Air.

I say this now not to cause fear to anyone, but only perspective. Those of you who are on the path that represents discernment, inner work, support, love, assistance and awakening, my friends, you will prosper TREMENDOUSLY. I can guarantee you that. However, those who are doing the exact opposite committed to dependability, reliance on authority, denial, fear, apprehension, hostility, judgement... you will go through the roughest of times moving into 2021.

This is an energy thing. A momentum of new consciousness. Earth is giving birth to this new consciousness at the end of the year. The transitional labor ends, and this new life is going to be nurtured by those walking the fork in the road to prosperity. A new world will come together, and old agendas will not be a part of it. They will be pulled out from the ground and left to die.

This is why Adronis and I have termed 2021 as the year of Transition. The old agendas and systems will be ripped out, torn apart and left to die, while new systems through this time will begin to take its place. A new benchmark time where the grass roots and organic side of life carried by its people are going to be planted in the place of the corrupt, foul old roots.

Again, this is not a post to create fear or to frighten anyone, but it's the truth. Whether you believe me or not, I don't care, but I'm being pushed to share this from within... Those who look within will also see this message similarly delivered to them in truth.

We are almost at the point of no return. Make these next four months count. Go within, trust yourself, work with others, tell them what's happening beyond these agendas whether they wish to hear it or not. It's not a time to be silent and muzzled anymore. This is the year of exposure and voices calling out that hold sincerity within them are the reminders of what we need to listen to and work within ourselves to walk that path of prosperity as the point of no return begins on December 21st, 2020. May it be well.

Connecting to the Crystalline (Christ-aligned) Grid ~ Jenny Schiltz ~ 29 August 2020

Source: Jenny Schiltz

I had an incredible and important dream that I wanted to share with all of you. I was in a cafΓ© getting a bite to eat. All around me the people looked gray and lifeless, yet the world around them had color. It didn’t make any sense to me. The next moment I find myself near a group of woman. These felt like people I had met in many, many lifetimes, they felt like sisters. Yet they too had no color.

I watched as they formed a circle and began to breathe, really breathe. As they took the deep belly breaths, I watched the color return. Then I watched as their crystalline (Christ-aligned) body lit up and then connected with the crystalline (Christ-aligned) grid. With each breath I saw the energy flow into the grid and reach far and wide, until it met with the next person or group doing the same. It was absolutely amazing to watch.

I was then told that the importance of the breath cannot be overlooked. Big belly breaths help the body to connect to all that is, detoxify our bodies, aid in the cellular function and DNA changes. When we use the breath to activate the Christ-aligned body and connect it into the Christ-aligned grid, it helps us to connect to each other and the creation of the new. It was explained that with all the turmoil on this planet right now that many are only shallow breathing and this is not the Breathe of Life, rather it is only the breath of one merely existing.

The Christ-aligned (Crystalline) grid holds the Christ consciousness which is one of unconditional love and complete unity within and without. For those that have experienced pain caused by religion, know that the frequency of this consciousness can help to heal the wounds. When connecting fully to this frequency and grid I understood clearly just how much had been perverted and changed to fit an agenda by those that wanted to control. The Christ-aligned frequency is one of purity and truth that is not about one man, but rather it is a frequency that was carried by him and can be carried by us all.

Please read on....

Incredibly Strong Incoming Energies ~ Amanda Lorence ~ 29 August 2020

Amanda Lorence
Incredibly Strong Incoming Energies have started (approx 18:00 hrs UK time)
Huge vibrations (strength) & multiple light code patterns within them
This is big
One Love

SR Reading

Pessimistics Dissolve ~ Gaia Portal ~ 29 August 2020

Source: Gaia Portal

Pessimistics dissolve.
Higher Energies come in to the midst.
Petrifications are crumbled.
Awakenings accelerate. 

29 August 2020

Shifting Reality Systems ~ Solara Anani ~ 28 August 2020

Polarisation is a huge trap of duality and many of us are getting pulled into it
Staying LARGER than all the polarities is how we shift reality systems and birth a new, true World!

Huge Incoming Wave Expected ~ Amanda Lorence ~ 29 August 2020

Amanda Lorence
There will be a Huge Incoming Wave of energy within next 7 hours
So it will start arriving by 5:30 pm UK time
It's NOT the Main Event Wave
One Love

Connecting 9/11 and MH370 with Field McConnell ~ Buzzsaw with Sean Stone ~ S1:Ep6 ~ December 2016

This video is free to view over the next 72 hours, starting from 8:00 hrs UTC Saturday.

This engrossing discussion between Sean Stone and Field McConnell took place in December 2016. It was the type of video that had quite a number of parts that I had to rewind, just to make sure I heard right. Field's information about 911 generally corroborates with the non-mainstream versions that we've heard in recent years. The part that was new to me was the security device that deters hijackers ~ control over planes can be wrested remotely and the planes then auto-piloted to designated locations. In the case of three out of four of the planes involved, they were re-routed to military bases. Field proposes that life-sized droned were used in their place ~ I think there's adequate visual evidence that holograms were enacted.

As for MH 370, a quick background story. I had watched a remote viewing session conducted by Courtney Brown's Farsight project a couple of years ago (here's the link). The two remote viewers had both separately used words like dozy, groggy, drugged, asleep, not awake. I did not know then why such terms were used. In this discussion with Sean Stone, Field alleges that the entire planeload was anaesthesised in large doses. Finally I can make sense of this (and reinforce my view that Courtney Brown assigning blame to the MH 370 pilot is not in any way a responsible gesture).

Field McConnell draws a correlation between the flights of 9/11 and the missing Malaysian aircraft as part of a greater plan put into action by members of a shadow government. Airline travel, statistically, has become the safest mode of travel on the planet.

But what if nefarious forces could gain access to the flight controls of a massive airliner and use it as a weapon? It seems that shadow governments already have this control. All they would need is an elaborate conspiracy to tie up all of the loose ends, and Field McConnell reveals the intricate extent of these plots.

Collective Timeline Shift: Imminent and Palpable ~ Sandra Walter ~ 28 August 2020

I'm wondering if this is why the reality "out there" is looking and feeling like disjointed pieces of a puzzle where nothing quite fits and the pieces are being moved around to find their place. That aside, this is such a pertinent and reassuring update from Sandra Walter.

Source: Sandra Walter

Blessings Beloveds ~
Another positive collective timeline shift is imminent. Gratitude to all who have participated during this Gateway. Congratulations on a task well done. This shift will physicalize as we enter September, another reality-shifting month in this transformative year.

Please stay focused on highest outcomes for all of HUmanity through the Crystalline Full Moon next Tuesday. The magnetics may make it feel like a switch has been flipped – because it has.

This continues to be a powerful passage, with massive amounts of positive change ahead. Dismantling and revelation are imminent side-effects. Rough to witness this collective subconscious purge sometimes. Of course there are attempts to steer hearts and minds into drama; let them have their experience, it does need to physicalize and release. As always, keep focus on the revelation of New Earth – and co-creating it.
Deconstruction of the old includes physical changes in these realms. This should not be a surprise, nor an opportunity for sensationalism, nor a way to keep old narratives alive. The inorganic realities must collapse, just as the time structures must collapse, in order to reveal the organic truth of Now Presence. This is a strong passage for physicalization of the etheric, and much of our elemental activity is reflecting clearing across the realms. Everything is amplified; be discerning about which stories (or spells) you support.
Please read on....

How Our Connection Works ~ Nicky Hamid ~ 29 August 2020

Good question with a good answer.

Source: Nicky Hamid

Someone writes to me “Just a thought, but are the only people you're reaching here in the main, those who already agree and are in harmony with what you are saying? ( I am one of them). Do you think this is enough to draw the rest of humanity inwards?

A very good question. "Oh ye of little faith".........Haha

If I thought what you are pointing to is true then I would probably redirect my time. There is much more for me to do than sitting for a couple of hours writing at my computer.

First and foremost the Love here on FB and in the space/time of this FB Timeline is shared and palpable.

Furthermore see the shares and how these postings go out to anything from 10,000 and over on high share postings. And sometimes it takes a year of more of seeing these posts until a person "owns up" that they are taking their own power in the remembering of who they are. And the quantum ripple effect of even a loving thought is huge.

We are all connected and you had better believe it because if we don't we will never know our creative power of SOURCE/ GOD that we are.

And the Unity/Community effect of the shares on this timeline has a power and a life of its own through everyone who contributes here (seen or unseen).

Of course I know you know all this, and it was a beautiful question because we all stop and wonder when things do not appear to be changing after our efforts.

But I have seen time and again that if I can bring a smile, a laugh. or a tear to this next person in front of me it can shift the whole direction just for a moment and doors open before them, and the gift is for everyone.

I have posted almost every day for over 10 years because it keys me in to the FEELING of All and reminds me constantly of the reality of BEAUTIFUL HUMAN and this Awesome Life entanglement.

Every move you and I and everyone else makes into our Lovingness, means it will be easier for the next person to move, if and when they choose. So Be It.

And your Shine naturally attracts others to you even if it is just a feeling in them that asks “She/He has something that I would love to have”.

So no more hiding your Light. Let the people SEE You and each make their own judgements and moves as to how they are feeling their own IGNITION from your Smiling Presence.

I So Love You

The Pulse: 29 August - 2 September 2020 ~ Gene Key 40: Exhaustion | Resolve | Divine Will ~ Richard Rudd

We tremble in our atoms with the awe of your coming...
Source: Gene Keys

The Pulse – 29 August to 2 September – The 40th Gene Key moves from the Shadow of Exhaustion to the Siddhi of Divine Will and it's the Way of Resolve.

The Will to Surrender

"We rejoice above all, at the coming of Divine Will.
We feel it in our bodies as a tremor of Truth.
We sense its descent into all forms within
the mystery and illusion of time.
We anticipate our own freedom,
at whatever level it has awakened in us.
We trust in its furtherance.
We tremble in our atoms with the awe of your coming,
of the coming of the kingdom of heaven on earth.
We sense its silence.
We remember its completion,
and we rejoice in the perfection of its unravelling."

- First Seal excerpt from Seven Sacred Seals

For more information about the Gene Keys please visit or subscribe to The Pulse at genekeys.com

#genekeys #thepulse #exhaustion #resolve #divinewill #sevensacredseals #genekey40

Holistic Healing Activations ~ Meg Benedicte ~ 28 August 2020

Posting this for the content and message. 

Source: Meg Benedicte

Holistic Healing Activations 

This Saturday, August 29th, Manette and I will devote an entire global meditation focused on healing and compassion. We are living in tough times during a pandemic and global restructuring. It can feel intense, stressful and heart-breaking. At these times it helps to come together and unite in a loving circle of healing, mending, sharing and inspiration. 

During the global activations we will focus on both personal and planetary transformation. As we breathe divine healing light into core wounds, debilitating patterns, and shadow programming, we initiate a deeper inner connection with Soul Presence. 

Shadow Work includes addressing, acknowledging and transmuting not only egoic behavior, but also victim-blaming, spiritual bypassing and superiority. Shadow includes not only dark emotions, beliefs and actions, but also wounding that disconnects our heart from Love and Compassion.

As we embrace, heal and clear the layers, our heart opens and expands, radiating more and more Love into the world. We require strong, healthy hearts to shift this world into unity consciousness. The lighter we feel, the more Love we can flood the collective field with. 

Join other Earth Keepers, Gridworkers and Star Beings all around the world as we gather for global healing with the Heart Health Global Activations on Saturday, August 29th. We will perform healing activations and global intentions for heart health during our gathering. The show is recorded for replay. If you would like to participate, register here: 

Lovingly, Meg Benedicte
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Unwinding the Nervous System ~ Matt Kahn ~ 28 August 2020

Matt Kahn
When the nervous system is overstimulated, you are bound to feel unsafe in your body, unsupported by the world, lost, disconnected, unable to make wise, decisive choices, and without direction in your life.
As the nervous system unwinds, your attention expands to dissolve self-doubt, to enhance your interest in listening, and to guide you toward the most inspired choices that are always in reach.

πŸŒŸπŸ’œFriday Ascension Update with Tim Whild πŸ’œπŸŒŸ ~ 28 August 2020

28 August 2020

The Wisdom of Atlantis and Lemuria with Tom T. Moore ~ Open Minds with Regina Meredith ~ S17:Ep3 ~ 20 August 2020

An enjoyable conversation between Regina Meredith and her guest, Tom Moore. It's been some years since I last posted something from Tom, who was introduced to me by someone with very strong Atlantean connections.

Tom reveals that within the next year or so, we will finally have access to free energy, and assures us that we will never again destroy our world. I'll include stills from this episode depicting maps of Lemuria and Atlantis below the post.

Please listen in here for much more ~ it's free to view for the next 72 hours starting from 11:00 hrs UTC Friday.

Millennia ago, Lemuria and Atlantis were wiped from our planet, but the wisdom of these civilizations live on with us today. In this interview, Regina Meredith and Tom T. Moore discuss their experiences of past lives in Atlantis and Lemuria and how tapping into the wisdom of those times directly connects to humanity's work in the present and future. As we each follow the paths of our soul contracts, we have the potential to end all conflict in the world, moving humanity to a higher vibration in service of the greater good.

Screenshots from this episode: