30 September 2020

The Sirius Star Wisdom Codes ~ Celia Fenn ~30 September 2020

Source: Celia Fenn

The energy is heavy today, and with the Full Moon in Aries approaching, there is a fair amount of aggression (Mars) energy making itself felt.
But at this time, those who are Awakened and Remember Who They Are, might connect with their Galactic families and the Light Codes they send out.
The Ancient Egyptians learned a great deal from their Star Teachers from Sirius. They leant that to be multi-dimensional one must transcend duality and embrace Paradox which is an essential part of Quantum Reality.
Their favourite paradox was that of the "One" and the "Many".
The question asked of the initiates was "What takes preference, the needs of the one or the needs of the many?".
A simple question but framed in such a way that the choice predetermines that one group is favoured above the other.
When the initiate was ready, he or she would come to understand the paradox that the interests of the one are not different from the interests of the many.
So, as we awaken to the Star Wisdom of our Ancestors, we come to realise that whatever issues we have, there is no need to frame them in such a way as to exclude. We need to find ways of thinking that go beyond division and aggression, and that open us to a sense of the Oneness amidst diversity that is the key to fifth-dimensional being.
We are One Human Family on Earth.
We may be different and we may be diverse but when we are awakened there are ways to rise above aggressive duality and into Harmony and Love.
Our Galactic Families are here to support us in this quest and to remind us of their Wisdom!

The Global Crystals Operation – The Great Quantum Transition ~ Lev ~ 29 September 2020

Source: Disclosure News Italia

The Global Crystals Operation – By Lev.

On September 26-29, 2020, the Light Forces ground team conducted the new operation. Its main task was to restore one of the most important crystalline structures on Earth, to create a planetary Matrix and Space Axis on its basis.

What was the reason for this need? Why did the High Light Hierarchy put on the group to do the Global Crystals Operation?

To answer this question, it’s necessary to go back to the events of Cosmic Night again.

Having invaded the Earth with their Black fleets and established control over it, the Archons and their dark civilizations began to rob the natural resources of the planet on a huge scale.

For example, Southern California, the lowlands between the coast and Sierra, all of Nevada, Arizona, Utah, part of Colorado, and northern Mexico are actually the bottom of a mine.

What have they been digging? Mostly gold. It lay there almost on the surface – megatons of precious metal.

Flying combines were used. They hovered in the air above the ground and energetically extracted gold in the form of special pulverized clammy dust from it.

This allowed packing large amounts of it in smaller volumes for export to their planets. There, the substance was treated with reagents to produce pure gold.


The Global Crystals Operation

How much has been taken out? Unimaginably much. Kilometer (!) layers of rock were removed from the surface of this region alone.

With the help of aggregates, gold was literally sucked out of the surface and ground, and rocks. After the evaporation of the metal in place remained the mountains. These mountains were inclusions in the gold-bearing rock. In Arizona, for example, they were harder, in Nevada and Utah softer. And all turned into hills and heaps of waste rock.

Golden fever of the 19th century – pitiful crumbs found after the global robbery.

Gold was needed by Gaia. Its deposits served as a conductor for communication with the Local Universe and for energy recharge. When metal extraction took on a global scale, the planet’s energy began to weaken.

Gaia started using crystals to compensate for it. To produce and push them out of itself on the surface as a lattice.

Crystals caused failures in the work of Archon’s multi-purpose machines. When they realized it, they decided to extract and take away the crystals. This is how the Grand Canyon appeared.

The plundering, not only of gold, continued in other territories – present Australia, Middle East, Africa, Siberia, and even at the Poles…

The Global Crystals Operation

The geological battle has begun. Losing the make-up structure in one place, Gaya tried to restore it in other places by lifting the crystal lattice.

The Intergalactic Confederation tried to help by its global crystals operation. The elevated structure was preserved. Some crystals were hidden deeper in the locations from where the lattice was raised. Some of them were transferred to the Subtle Plan.

Please read on....

Spirit Drive: The Black Ball Technique Healing Method ~ Brad Johnson ~ 29 September 2020

This post from Brad Johnson really caught my attention because it's related to what Lisa Renee has written about in her update (Virus in Genetic Engineering) and something that I've often mulled over as my personal experience with rashes has made me strongly suspect that it's more than just a biological/dietary matter. What Brad has written made a lot of sense to me, and perhaps it would be of interest to you. As for the healing technique, please do decide for yourself if it's for you.

Source: Brad Johnson

Working with many clients, I've noticed that when they come to me, it's not so much the dietary regime as it were that's the problem. In fact many that come to me are vegans/raw foodies, etc. But they notice that there can be aches, pains, sores in the form of something that feels like a blob that shifts through the body moving from one organ or area of the body to the other. In many cases, these are viruses in the body that can move through your body like a cockroach. Viruses such as EBV, Shingles, etc, work like artificial intelligence and will know when they're being threatened. They'll migrate to other areas of the body that may be low in health or quite acidic and will attempt to nest in there.
The key is to work with this not only with food, but with your mental body, meditation, the black ball technique, BCR/TC technique. Love energy has the power to clear such things out of you and very quickly as when you culminate love energy, love energy neutralizes instantly the vibration of the virus AI that is within you. It may be shocking for some to hear, but these engineered viruses are far more programmed to act as AI than biological organisms, hence their geometric patterns looking at their form.
So if you're new to the Black ball technique, the video has an attachment in its description of a simple meditation that can help you. I mention this because many are affected by the AI programmed viruses and food will only do so much to cleanse them out. This is where intention, mental ability, inner work needs to come into play to clear it out and neutralize its vibration for good.

DDS - Day 21 || The New Human: Activating our Divine Avatar Human Potential by Judy Satori ~ 30 September 2020

Source: Judy Satori

Join me LIVE now... with Digital Dyhana Swadhyayam PSSM, Pyramid Meditation Global Event
as I discuss The New Human – Activating Our Divine Avatar Human Potential  

💫 This presentation will include energy transmissions. 
Click on the link below to join the event

The Pulse: 27 September - 1 October 2020 ~ Gene Key 18: Judgement | Integrity | Perfection ~ Richard Rudd ~ 27 September 2020

We humans are the next technology to be developed
Source: Gene Keys

The Pulse – 27 Sept to 1 Oct – The 18th Gene Key moves from the Shadow of Judgement to the Siddhi of Perfection and it is the Way of Integrity

The Healing Power of Mind

"One day we will perfect our world. It may well take a period of deep chaos before we get there, because the Shadow must be rooted out and utterly transformed.

We humans are the next technology to be developed. All we need is the inspiration and this will happen. We all have these latent higher capacities. We have these Siddhis. There’s a big incarnation coming, and it’s going to open up these pathways of magic, of alchemy, and not just individually, but through the collective. That’s more powerful than we can possibly imagine.

There’s a higher ideal at the core of our DNA. We call it Synarchy. We’ll be its vehicles. As it comes into the world, into form, it will implement the principle of Syntropy - generosity and service throughout humanity. The most efficient means of organisation comes from being awake, because when we’re awake, we move in harmony with all that is and then we embrace the miraculous".

- Excerpt from The 64 Ways

#genekeys #thepulse #judgement #perfection #integrity #synarchy #64Ways #genekey18

For more information please visit or subscribe to The Pulse at https://buff.ly/341axCf

Forcing Positive Feelings ~ Matt Kahn ~ 29 September 2020

Source: Matt Khan

Trying to feel one way all the time can easily distract from the emotions that heal the deepest as you feel them. If you think you won’t get what you want as it has already been written to be, all because you didn’t spend enough time and energy trying to force more positive feelings, then you have subscribed to the most superstitious of ideas only fear can convey.

Free Registration: 30 September 2020 ~ Meg Benedicte & John Burgos

For anyone interested ~ Meg Benedicte shared the registration earlier this month, and she's posted again for those who haven't yet signed up.

Source: Meg Benedicte

It is always a special treat to soar into the higher realms of consciousness with my dear friend, John Burgos. Join me on his Beyond the Ordinary Show this Wednesday, September 30th at 5pm PT. Be a part of our conversation as we bring real life solutions for the spiritual and energetic initiations that are leading to the creation of a new world. Learn how your personal growth at this time will have a crucial impact on the next phase of humanity.
*What does the last half of 2020 have in store for you?
*How will you navigate the energetic tides?
*What are the messages that are being transmitted from higher consciousness to assist us during this great time of transitions as we learn to expand our communication with the invisible realm?
Come and sit on the couch with us and have a REAL conversation plue ‘Live’ Quantum Activations that will offer consciousness altering insights and solutions that are actionable, that connect you to your innate truth and that empower you to live your best life NOW!
Register to attend and get all of the details.
It’s 100% free to attend
(If you can’t attend live the webinar, it will be recorded so that you don’t miss out)
With love,
P.S. If you are new to Beyond the Ordinary or to John Burgos, this will not be an ordinary conversation. Join us and experience the energy we create together.
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Be Yourself ~ Nicky Hamid ~ 29 September 2020

Source: Nicky Hamid

A Lightworker is simply someone who Shines their Light in their life as they find it.
Full stop. 
We are all going through this Consciousness Shift.
It is magnificent, and it is confusing, and it is demanding, and it is tiring, and it is exciting.
There is no need to keep scaring yourself no matter what APPEARS to be out here.
Get over it and stop being so dramatic and self-absorbed. 
Social media generally,, and FB in particular, love to get you to be dramatic.
Stop compromising your better discernment in order to be notice.
Just be Yourself and ...
Shine On
I So Love You
Please use your discernment.
While we all have to make a living be very aware that many are being sucked in by the advertising fraternity on social media promising prosperity at the expense of your own integrity.
A Lightworker does not TRY to stand out and therefore stands out.
The Light is always there within you.
Be in your heart and it radiates in and through everything. 
Sing your song and that light calls to Itself and brings it out everywhere.
In truth people are seeking the Light.
They will find you. 
The Universe, SOURCE Knows who you are.

Your Keys to Abundance ~ Lee Harris ~ 29 September 2020

Your keys to abundance will be quite different to those of others
Source: Lee Harris

Your keys to abundance will be quite different to those of others. ⁣
Which is why following the crowd or following the herd against your own truth is so deeply painful and lonely. ⁣
It is not because you cannot keep up with the crowd, it is because you are chasing something that you do not understand. ⁣
You are looking at the outer appearance of abundance according to other people's ideas, values - with no actual connection to how they truly feel inside. And you are not honoring what you need. ⁣
- From Magnetic Abundance Meditation MP3⁣
Learn more here: ⁣

Shekina Rose Update ~ 29 September 2020

So grateful Shekina Rose mentions this:

"Because of this you may start to feel out of alignment with current updates and information about the energies and 5 D. As you may be seeing and feeling it differently."
Source: Shekina Rose

Blue Ray Empath Soul Portal Liberation Ascension Symptoms the Celestial Energies "I am Dying or am I Ascending?
For many of the Old Souls, New forerunners, deeply sensitive empath Angelic’s and especially for those who have been on the path and serving for a long time. You may feel like you are going through a death. You are leaving one space, dimension and frequency and experiencing yourself on a new level, emotionally, mental, spiritual, and physically. 
This is the Soul essence Ascension Christos embodiment in collaborations with your DNA and the ascension energies. Where many of you are going beyond your star, galactic, lineages and going to your true core essence. 
The soul origin and Higher self that came through the different dimensions, incarnations, planets, and rays of creations. Through these rays of Creation and DNA that assisted your direction for your purpose and mission. That attracted you to make connection's to people, places and agendas on the planet and effected your personality. You are expanding beyond this and allowing all that has served you and letting go and leaving what does not resonate in your now eternal presence of Soul. 
Because of this you may start to feel out of alignment with current updates and information about the energies and 5 D. As you may be seeing and feeling it differently. 
Ascension Soul embodiment Shift Symptoms
It is suggested to consult a healthcare professional for symptoms as not every symptom is from ascension. And though it may be an ascension symptom, you still may need assistance with the process.
Self-care, nurturing, resting, and love is being called to allow your beautiful essence expression. It may be harder to work and sometimes anything that is not just expanding, allowing and being is challenging. 
You may need more minerals, supplements and super nutrition, with energy and holistic treatments, mineral salts baths, essential oils, Nature, water, crystals, a retreat or vacation. 
Current Celestial energies, Mars retrograde and geomagnetic storms
Times where the energies of Mars of action that want to get things done, create and do and yet there is an opposing frequency at the same time. The Sacred Divine Feminine Soul of allowing for the rebirth and recuperation. As your body feels tired. 
This is where the New Forerunners are feeling the long years of service. Where you had to push and push to create and to transform. Where you lived in a system that solely uses the male energies of the patriarchy system to get things done. You are sensing a new flow and wave that incorporates both and allows for the Sacred Divine Feminine expression. 
Empath Star Angelics Sensitive Souls and the Geomagnetic storms
*Times of exhaustion
*Waking up tired and sore or achy as if you did tons of work in your dream state.
*Not interested in the way you used to get things done and even your spiritual work.
*Old projects or creations that you let go of maybe coming back where you feel you now have the pieces and information to create them.
*Current projects may need revising and need more time to finish them.
*Reconciliation with friends, family and situations can be happening at this time.
*Old core wounds and issues resurfacing. Through your emotionally and mentally bodies and your physical environment maybe shifting to assist you in this last deep reverence of letting go, healing and sacred emergence of your true Soul essence and who you are now. 
Their is a beauty to this new momentum and you can attune to. Its a new place of liberation, freedom Higher Soul Love. This new flow of not pushing or rushing, allowing for things and events to take place and as you also maybe more sensitive and vulnerable.
Sacred beloved beautiful soul ~ know you are not alone in what you are going through. We are kindred spirits, soul family that has brought you to this information and connections. We are doing this together ~ thank you for being here and remembering who you are. The Courage, Love and Light, that has brought you here ~ your sacred service and sharing ~ I love you ~ We Love you.
Please feel free to share to assist and connect other Thank you Love Shekina
Shekina Rose Angel Messenger, Language of Light Songstress, in the 528 Hz Miracle frequencies Sound Healer, Blue Ray Emissary and Channel, Intuitive (Empath) Spiritual Psychic, Creator of the Sedona Vortex Frequency Crystals ~ Pendants and Activators Sacred technologies from her regular physical and telepathic visited by the Archangels & Ascended Masters, Fairy realm Kingdoms
Are You From The Blue Ray?
Ultra Senstive Empaths Star Seeds of the Sacred Divine Feminine
As a Blue Ray Being, you came to transform the damaged, mutated DNA of humanity, and set the stage for the other rays to come.
Free Sacred Angelic Language of Light Transmissions of Healing Awakening and LOVE https://www.youtube.com/user/ShekinahsLight

Diamond Shining Rays of Pure Cosmic Christ ~ Divine DNA Decree ~ Sandra Walter ~ 29 September 2020

I call forth the Diamond shining rays of the pure Cosmic Christ to penetrate, saturate and activate the highest quality DNA within me
Flow as a continuous stream of Diamond light as I enter into the Divine Crystalline DNA activation of the Infinite 144,000 Light codes of Divine perfection

Source: Sandra Walter

Decrees are an honored Mystery School technique for #Ascension. ⁠
Our out-loud commands, decrees, invocations and prayers have a direct effect on our #DNA, which produces our experience in the physical. Decrees affect our realities.⁠
Use Mastery Decrees every morning, or anytime for alignment. ⁠ 

Important Information on The Ascension of Planet Earth ~ Laura Whitworth ~ 29 September 2020

Posting this now ~ I will only watch much later. The link for the video is here. I have read the description provided and note that a date/timeframe has been given. As Laura Whitworth stresses, linear "time" is fluid. Additionally, dates/timeframes have been given before in past sessions and these have come and gone without playing out.


This regression session was conducted on the 28th of September 2020. The client immediately begins to give very important and timely information on the impending Ascension of planet Earth. 

Please note, that the client says November is the beginning of the Ascension process and the splitting of Service To Self/Service To Others. Or Light and Dark. She goes on to say that from the November nexus point, all timelines will converge and this will be the catalytic point that begins the splitting of the energies. 

Please also note that it is explained that not all humans will experience this in the same way and that it is dependant upon where your consciousness is currently vibrating at. Please also be aware that linear 'time' is fluid and no specific date or time can be given as it is a Masterpiece of many different variables which all have moving parts. 

What is VERY clear, is that we are moving into a VERY exciting and critical point in the mass Ascension Event on Planet Earth! What a time to be alive! Many thanks to my client for allowing me to post this publicly. 

NB- THIS IS NOT A QHHT SESSION, All Laura's Online Sessions use a different hypnotherapy technique to induce the Theta brainwave state in the Client. If you wish to book an online Past Life Regression/Multi-dimensional Journey with Laura Whitworth please visit www.laurawhitworthqhht.com 

If you wish to book a QHHT Session with Laura which are all conducted in person and face to face please visit www.laurawhitworthqhht.com

29 September 2020

Swimmers of Light are Released ~ Gaia Portal ~ 29 September 2020

Source: Gaia Portal

Swimmers of Light are released.

Multicoloreds show the way.

Awakenings of the Gaia Keepers expand.

Twists and Turns ~ Lee Harris ~ 28 September 2020

Little but important surprises are unfolding
Source: Lee Harris

There are many twists and turns right now in all of our lives - and not just on a global scale. ⁣
You know, the things that we have all been experiencing together, even if we're experiencing them in slightly different ways. ⁣
Everybody has been swept up in the themes of 2020 so far, but you'll be having very direct twists and turns in your life too - things that you didn't see coming, and that may sound like such an understatement in 2020! ⁣
But this is going to show up in quite a big way in September... Twist and Turn energy, which began in August and is going to continue to run through September means there will be surprises - little but important surprises that you didn't see coming. ⁣
And your mind, when they happen, might want to panic. But remember, if you've got through these past six months, you can get through whatever these twists and turns are. ⁣
From the September 2020 Energy Update⁣

Rising Universal Shadow Body ~ Lisa Renee ~ 29 September 2020

Source: Energetic Synthesis ~ Time Shift Blog

On the earth, we have penetrated through another portion of memory layer that moves past our Solar System records and into the Universal Gateways which is connecting into the next layer of the quarantine field called the Wall in Time. During this phase, the planetary architecture is undergoing massive changes which integrate the next harmonic layers of non-dimensionalized God Forces from the Cosmic God Worlds, which has also penetrated through and beyond the Wall in Time and into Universal Shadow and phantom bodies. This phase has begun the dismantling, routing and transiting of vast quantities of Universal Shadow bodies which contain the historical records of many wars of the Christos Human holocaust, and the anti-christos conflict in which our species suffered the fall. The Wall in Time is a quarantine field barring us from accessing many higher dimensions from the chaotic time of the Electric Wars. A huge war broke out over this First Root Race Seeding on 7D Future Earth Gaia, and this event is called the Electric Wars. The return of the Amethyst Order has been impacting the Violet Ray current and related fields connected to Gaian histories, which has purged out shadow bodies containing the crucifixion implants and painful cellular memories from these war timelines. The Electric Wars is a timeline which holds a major causal trigger event memory when artificial intelligence was in its earlier stages, used as psychotronic warfare against the earth population. From this point in time, AI technology was set into motion from higher dimensions of control to gradually pull the earth down into Inorganic Black Holes. Much of the Electric Wars was fought with AI machines being programmed from remote satellites or NAA ships cloaked inside phantom black holes. These are subspace and hyper-dimensional pockets used to cloak ships or bases directing energy weapons, such as massive EMP blasts.

This time creates both beginnings and endings relating to the next stage of spiritual consciousness evolution that is chosen by humans and nonhumans, as we must progress or move through that time-space field during this phase. There are areas in the lower densities with time pockets that are undergoing dimensional collapse and are being transformed when they are exposed to Cosmic God World Plasma Rays, as these areas cease to exist as that same body or form at that specific time and space. There are many areas being opened up now, such as phantom pockets, that have existed in our Universal Time Matrix over the last 250,000 year cycle that can no longer exist in the form it was previously. The body, spirit, intelligence or raw materials, that which was made by the builders that existed in that phantom realm, must be transformed in order to be moved and routed into other time space continuums. We have had positive and benevolent interdimensional species helping us to reinforce the protective buffer field around the planet, as the Wall in Time quarantine fields are being adjusted, moved, dissolved and worked on, especially in the problematic Buddhic fields in the 11th dimension. During the trauma events during the Electric Wars, this quarantine was necessary to protect the neighboring civilizations outside of our Solar System, so they would not be pulled down into the lower phantom fields through black holes. Since the Electric Wars, we have had a phantom black earth that existed as a negative form of itself in the lower timelines that is manipulated by the NAA, mostly through their artificial software programs. Starseeds have been busy building new Christos trinity architecture for the new earth fields that exist outside of the Wall of Time, and outside of these spaces that are infected with phantom black holes. The Electric Wars event is recorded as cellular memories into the raw material of earth and its form of artificial intelligence exists buried in the Black Goo that can be accessed in the Underworld timelines, which also connects directly into the AI fields of the black or phantom earth.

As above, so below, and we have had a hidden version of the Electric Wars taking place this summer throughout the earth fields in regard to the plandemic rollout for techno-totalitarianism. As we observe the AI transhumanist agenda getting more aggressive, we can feel that includes next generation of military grade mind control weaponry that is being aimed at the public in the most densely populated areas, and certainly those of us on the Ascension path.

Please read on....

Breaking Free of Family and Friend Attachments ~ Nicky Hamid ~ 29 September 2020

Detaching from Family and Friends who have challenging pr drama-filled relationships with us ~ this was the topic of heart-felt discussion I just had last week with a dear friend.

Source: Nicky Hamid

Breaking Free of Family and Friend Attachments.
Your awakening requires of you to stand on your own two feet. It requires you to know where you stand first.
Thus you experienced isolation because, while this was a necessary part of ‘growing up’ to who you are, it requires the cutting of all the ties of dependency you have on others for what you truly desire. It requires a divorce from all your human contacts in order to reform them in the light of the new truth of you that is unfolding.
This results in the grief of separating and a great guilt of the separation because you are in between the equal and opposing pressures of, honouring your loyalty and promises to care for others on the one hand, and honouring your commitment to be true to yourself on the other.
All this is occurring in your mind and emotions and may not necessarily require any action to break any actual working relationship in your life. It is a process of learning to take charge of your life, your energy, not to change others. In fact it is only by cutting all the dramatic ties you have clung to for safety, that you will be able to reform the relationships you do have based on the truth of you and on your unconditional Lovingness.
Love without conditions, love that will be there and has always been there, regardless of how the other is behaving. Love that truly allows the other their choices and has no judgement of their worth because your own worth and love of yourself does not depend on their approval anymore.
The price of this turn around to freedom is the temporary and periodic feeling of being isolated, alone, and often misunderstood. It is necessary and universal at present and will come and go as you come to terms with yourself and make your now conscious connection to your new reality, your enhanced state of knowing and feeling.
You are freeing yourself of all old, worn out emotional attachments. From the strength of knowing of the Love that You ARE, comes a deepening of your Love and Compassion for all.
You are learning to stand tall fully grounded HERE and Now. You are getting a real sense of standing on your own two feet without ‘props” but you are not alone. Millions of us are doing this same thing each in our own way and in this self healing, WE heal the world with LOVE.
Shine On
I So Love You

Stillness ~ Buddha Doodles

Sometimes Stillness is the best choice ~ Buddha Doodles

Jason Estes October 2020 Update ~ 28 September 2020

I used to say buckle up and hold tight to your seat....Now I say UNbuckle that seat belt and FLY. (The scene where Jodie Foster unbuckles in "Contact" comes to mind....)

PS. If you don't have a PNR or Source Seeds, may I suggest using Crystals (and do your own thing).

Source: Jason Estes

Welcome to October 😊 

This month is about awakening to the true purpose of humanity and breaking away from the distractions and illusions of this world to see clearly 
while this month comes with massive influxes remember they are all to assist you to become a greater you 
there will be much movement on the world stage as events from last 20k years come to light and the change over begins to be physical on Sept 30th the curtain is caught on fire and by mid oct will be burned completely exposing much hidden in this world for all to see 
remember this has been going on and while it may seem hard to understand or accept our job is to accept it so we can begin to change it 
Oct is a trial of shorts as it shows us the unacceptable within us and our world and we face it once and for all so we can make an empowered choice to become whole. ::hugs:: ❤ 

Practices: Oct is massive for the energy field and proper translation is key for this month these practices can assist 

PNR practice: with symbol facing up set a timer for 5 mins then sit on the PNR allowing it to be at the base of your spine once timer ends then symbol facing to heaven place it on your head at the center and set timer for 3 mins and start then right hand 3mins and left hand 3mins all while in same sitting, focused breath will enhance this practice.  

Source Seed bathing: set 1-1000 source seeds in a bowl add 1/2 cup Epsom salt and which even essential oils you want then with water at right temperature hold bowl under the facet to diffuse the biophotons and the oils into the water once tub is full if u want to add source code phase 1 then wait 5mins and add phase 2 you can, and to enhance this further take 1 dose of silence prior to entering the bath soak for 10mins+ 

Stretching: this one is going to be one of the most important do some form of yoga or stretching daily really work on heart opening positions as well as positions to assist with back stretches 
5min fast: this is an easy practice where u set a timer for 5mins prior to eating, the best way i have found to do this is when im hungry i get the food out i am going to eat then i set timer for 5mins and connect with the food learning from it once timer ends if i still need to eat then i do otherwise i put food up and go on through my day, this practice assists your body to learn to make its own resources 
Sound Sequences 1-4: if your new to these take your time and start with the 1st one and do them in order at least 3 times each prior to doing #4
Tech: these are found on activationstation.org
Heart Resource
Light Body Updates
Lemurian Remembrance
Fearless Faith
Legacy of Light
Movies: Tron Legacy, Lego Movie 2 see comments below for links
T.v. shows: both of these shows are very graphic and can lead to intense processes i do not recommend you watch these if you have a hard time processing dense images i only share them because they will bring up the same energies that oct will and some choose to process this way instead of with their world.
The Boyz, Titans see comments below for links

Powerful Women and the Teardown Dynamic ~ Kerry K, Jason Estes, Jennifer Earnest ~ 19 September 2020

Posting first for anyone who would like to listen in to this discussion. (Link here)


You're invited to be a fly on the wall to a conversation between three people who came together to discuss The Teardown Dynamic. In this chat you will hear concepts about women in power, this can be applied to all humans not just women. You will witness the power of divine authenticity, sacred conversation and three friends exploring concepts of what it means to be more truth embodied. Much of this conversation was edited out where it was confidential however I have left the bulk of the conversation here for you to listen to, should it help you in any way. I hope it does. Let me know in the comments.

Please continue reading here.... 

Planetary Reboot 2020 * October 17 -22 ~ You were Born for this Moment ~ Patricia Cota-Robles ~ 27 September 2020

 Source: Era of Peace

Patricia Cota-Robles


This is an unprecedented moment on Earth and YOU have the ability to help Humanity transcend the chaos and to cocreate a far more Heart-based reality. If this resonates in your Heart please watch this short four-minute video and respond according to your intuitive Inner Knowing.
Please share this video with all of the people in your sphere of influence who you feel would be interested in assisting Humanity and Mother Earth in this wondrous way.

Vlog 186: Step 4 ~ Preparation for Planetary Reboot ~ 29 September 2020

Patricia Cota-Robles' vlog is here. An invocation with Archangel Michael is included. 

For what it's worth, I add a sort of "disclaimer" before any meditation or invocation, stating my intention that I only receive what is in alignment with my Divine Will and serves my highest purpose.

The Law of Identification🌌⁣ ~ Cosmic Laws of Cosmic Awareness

 There is a tendency to move toward that which one identifies, regardless of the positive or negative nature, to the degree and intensity of that identification

 Source: MTVO

The Law of Identification🌌⁣

The Cosmic Laws are meant to illuminate and bring understanding to the spiritual laws that govern this universe and which all beings are subject to.⁣

The laws can be found in the book, "The Cosmic Laws of Cosmic Awareness," which is available as a free PDF online. You can find it easily if you do an internet search of the title of the book.⁣

#consciousness #mtvo #selfhealing #cosmiclaw #universallaw #spiritualascension #5d #energywork #awareness

Full Moon: 1 October 2020 ~ Alyonna Angelica ~ 28 September 2020

Tension and passion amplified

We are in the middle of a remarkable shift that we have no control over. This is not the time to be impulsive. Think things thoroughly before responding, participating or reacting to anything. Release ego and defensiveness. Keep an open mind, embrace humility, and be open to change. Stay in your heart space and remember that you are the walking embodiment of love so act as love. Rose quartz crystals and heart chakra meditations will help greatly at this time. The world may seem chaotic right now but know that great and positive changes are happening behind the scenes.

Message from the Humanoid Butterfly of Sirius A- Believe it to Receive it! (Ascension) ~ Laura Whitworth ~ 28 September 2020

** Update: I just finished watching and would recommend this as the information that's coming through about the fruits and vegetables as well as sea vegetables is important. They now hold very high potency for our on-going activations as well as hold information and frequency of New Earth, and the client confirms that the sea vegetables are able to detox even heavy metals. The client also talks about the Cosmic Plasma that flows through everyone and everything. Interestingly, Laura  talks about taking exams and graduating from college ~ I've been mentioning to some family and friends that 2020 is like a massive long test.

For anyone interested in this session from Laura Whitworth, here's the link. Posting first.


Laura shares a really special and unique session this week. In this video Laura details a session where the client went into a part of her Multi-dimensional self that was a tall Humanoid Butterfly being that was tasked with infusing plants with life force on Sirius A. We discover more about the creatures on Sirius A and we also examine the water in the oceans or plasma. 

This being gives us so much information on how the Universe works and how we can access the life force on our planet and harness it for our Ascension. The being explains which plants are good to eat right now in order to further accelerate our DNA and also the role that our plants and oceans are playing right now in supporting us towards our leap in consciousness. 

To book a session with Laura Whitworth please visit www.laurawhitworthqhht.com. Laura offers QHHT Sessions face to face and also Online sessions globally which use her own Past Life Regression/ Multi-dimensional journey technique.

SR Reading & Solar Activity

Space Observing System



28 September 2020

🔱 Meditation Monday - Dimensional Field Stabilisation 🔱 ~ Tim Whild ~ 28 September 2020

"Goldprint" instead of "Blueprint"....that is such a beautiful substitution. To listen to this meditation from Tim Whild, please continue over here.

Celia Fenn Update ~ 28 September 2020

Source: Celia Fenn

Some intense Space Weather happening right now as we head towards the Full Moon on the 1st of October.
These Auroras, picture taken near Tromso in Norway, are the most beautiful Divine Feminine Pink.
The Sacred energy of the Sophia/Shekinah is flooding our Earth as we prepare for the shifts and changes of the next two months.
It is time for us to Shine.
It is time for us to embrace our Divine Feminine.
Her Power.
Her Love.
This energy may feel strange to us as it floods in.
For so long we have been without her Grace.
But now....she returns in her gentle power!
So...time to open our Hearts and embrace the Love.
Om Shanti!
❤ ❤ ❤
(Image from Spaceweather.com)