30 November 2020

{Wayshower's Weekly} Channeled Message from the Great White Eagle Spirit πŸ”― ~ Aja Love ~ 29 November 2020

Aja Love talks about the ongoing clearing of distortions and chaos, and how we can stay centred in her latest video update. The answer, as always ~ go within the (High) Heart Centre and step into our own Sovereignty. More in the video. 

(Interestingly, there's also a reference to a staircase, which was used symbolically by Jenny Schiltz earlier.)

Decree to Remove Implants ~ Diana Cooper ~ 29 November 2020

My suggestion is to do this (or any other you prefer) daily, as there are lots of AI "infection" out there at the moment, especially if we are online a lot and accessing various sites.

Source: Diana Cooper

Decree to remove implants

In response to a question, I shared this decree to remove implants and anything you may have in your energy fields or physical body. Decrees are very powerful and should be done with focus and pure intent.

In the name of God, under Grace, I now decree that all alien implants, negative entities, etheric mucus, negative clouds and thought forms from this Universe or any other, from this life or any other, from all levels, from my physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies, be released now. (repeat three times). So be it. It is done.

When You Connect to the Cosmos ~ Lee Harris ~ 29 November 2020

When you connect to the Cosmos, you connect to your Expanded Self

Source: Lee Harris

When you connect to the cosmos, you are connecting to your expanded self as a human.
You are expanding your human self. 
Connecting requires your focus, attention, expanding your soul, your mind, your higher mind. But it also always involves your heart. 
You cannot fully connect to the cosmos without connecting to your heart, through your heart. 
So often the heart is seen as a human aspect. Yet the light of your heart chakra is entirely cosmic.
The light and power of your heart chakra comes from the stars. It is what takes you beyond the human. It is what connects you to everything. 
-From Connect to the Cosmos Meditation MP3

The Deepest Knowing and Guidance is Deep Within ~ Judith Kusel ~ 29 November 2020

Jean-Luc Bozzoli
Source: Judith Kusel

The deepest knowing and guidance is deep within.
The truth and the way are there within.
The Alpha and Omega.
Divine Truth.
Divine Wisdom.
Divine Light.
Divine Power.
Divine Presence.
Divine Love.
Divine Loving Grace.
Divine Peace.
All is within.
When we seek all of this outside of ourselves, we are not living and walking the highest truth within.
It only when we embrace the Divinity within and live this AS ONE with the Divine Source that we start walking in the highest truth, as Sons and Daughters of the Divine.
It means an intimate walk with the Divine – so that the Divine within is a constant companion, a constant Source of Divine Energy flow and an ever deeper and more profound infinite connection to the eternal vastness of Creation itself. Indeed, we embrace the whole of Creation as we embrace the Divine within.
There is no higher state than this.
We become co-creators in our own right, creating within the Divine Laws.
The Divine Will and our Will become AS ONE.
There is no separation.
We cannot see nor live duality anymore, for in truth nothing can ever be separated from anyone else or anything ever created and we most certainly can never be separated from the Divine. It is impossible.
The Divine experiences life THROUGH us. We are the Divine embodiment, we are the Divine living, being and talking and acting through us.
If that is not a miracle, then I wonder what is?
The minute we start truly living this, synchronicity will set in and miracles will happen.
All of this brings us back to the heart Center.
The Heart of Love.
The Heart of the Soul within us.
The Eternal Soul.
For we are eternal.
The Power of Love is that of unconditional love for self and others.
Indeed, for all of creation.
For if we start becoming aware that the Divine is indeed in every leaf, blade of grass, every flower petal, in the Mountains, the Ocean, the sky above, the constellations, star systems, indeed all Creation, as we are, thus AS ONE with us, we cannot hurt or harm. We understand that within the greater UNITY, what we are as the ripple effect on the whole. We ARE THE WHOLE. 
With it we start embracing our cosmic heritage, for now indeed the soul can traverse the cosmos, it is not bound by anything. It is not bound by the physical body. It is not bound by the earth. It is not bound to anything, nor anyone. It is free!
We can literally within our soul, access all the Divine Knowledge, Divine Love, Divine Light, Divine Presence, Divine Mercy, Divine Wisdom, Divine Knowledge, Divine Loving Grace, Divine Peace, Divine Harmony – all and everything under the Great Central Suns.
There are no limits or limitations.
The only limitations are there within our own mind and our thinking small as we lived this in the lower dimensional state of the 3rd dimension, but now we transcend this as we rise into the highest truth of who and what we in TRUTH are!
The heart center knows only infinite space.
So does the soul.
It moves through the Heart Center, but also through the Crown and Third Eye, and throat. 
Yet through them, the higher chakras and there are not just 12 – there are indeed 72. A fully fledged Universal Master embraces 144.
Yes, the heart links with our solar plexus, our navel, our sacral, our root and earth star chakras as well. 
When all are in ONENESS and UNITY with the heart and soul center and the DIVINE, more gifts will be added via the Holy Spirit as we are ready to receive this.
Judith Kusel copyright Applies.
Photo credit: Jean-Luc Bozzoli

1st Eclipse Has Arrived: Just Hours till the Lunar Eclipse Global Activations ~ Meg Benedicte ~ 29 November 2020

Source: Meg Benedicte

The first Eclipse of the season arrives on November 29/30 with a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 8° Gemini at 7:32:21 UTC. The upcoming Gemini Lunar Eclipse (sign of polar opposites) is a Southern Eclipse, with the Sun and South Node in Sagittarius, signaling personal and planetary purging. 2020 has been the year of decomposing, purging and dismantling all that does not come with us into the Aquarian era. 
Eclipses are evolutionary gateways that initiate unpredictable change in a short time. While living during a global pandemic we are reminded that we are all in this together. We must evolve beyond seeing everything thru the singular lens of the ego if we are going to survive as a species. The Gemini Lunar Eclipse highlights what divides us and how to transcend polarity into non-duality.
Personal freedom does not exist in a vacuum, it comes with responsibilities as well. Expressing your freedom does not include putting others at risk or in harm’s way. Demanding religious freedom is not enforcing your religious ideology on others. These are just examples of how the ego pushes its will on the world around us. The path of Spiritual enlightenment is a step-by-step process to elevate beyond ego control, into the realm of heart, compassion, and loving kindness as we ascend into unity consciousness.
“The pandemic has reminded us that no one is saved alone. What ties us to one another is what we commonly call solidarity. Solidarity is more than acts of generosity, important as they are; it is the call to embrace the reality that we are bound by bonds of reciprocity. On this solid foundation we can build a better, different, human future.“ - Pope Francis
We cannot ascend into 5D without embracing unity consciousness in our heart, our mind and in our lives! It is imperative we focus on what we have in common, what unites us, what we share and experience in our heart that connects us. In order to build the New 5D Earth, we first need to dismantle the divisive battlefield ravaging within us and with each other. Remove yourself from the conflict, step away from the battle and neutralize the polarization within. The time has arrived for us to fulfill our Soul mission… 
When we join together in united focus and coherent, loving heart, we influence the collective consciousness with new focus, new visions, new ideas and new ways of living with each other harmony. We are the New Earth Emissaries!
Join other Light Bearers, Gridworkers, and Star Beings from all around the world for the Lunar Eclipse Global Activations on Monday, November 30th at 12:00pm Pacific Time. The show is recorded for replay. If you would like to participate, register here:  
Lovingly, Meg Benedicte
Quantum Access®
Copyright (c) 2020
Meg Benedicte
* All Rights Reserved * 
You may copy and distribute this material as long as you do not alter it in any way, the content remains complete and you include this copyright notice.



As stated in the previous post, the 333rd day of 2020 is 28 November 2020 ~ there seems to be a typo in the image above.

Source: Harmonic Convergence 2020

We are living extra-ordinary times on planet Earth. As we close this memorable year 2020, a large percentage of the human family still enduring the effects of the planetary health emergency and prolonged quarantine declared 260 days ago… This event has been opening an opportunity for self-reflection and a major transmutation of our collective unconscious / shadow. As a result, ALL Life on Earth is also undergoing massive recalibrations. 
As we enter the final month of 2020, this process is being amplified by a masterful set of fractal synchronizations of celestial events in SPACE taking place at KEY intersections in TIME, signaling the completion of yet another set of larger evolutionary cycles of TIME on Earth. This defines a new fractal stage within the process of harmonic convergence /galactic synchronization that has been taking place from 2013 to 2020 and that we have been carefully tracking and documenting on this page for the past 7 years. 
On this SPECIAL REPORT we will explore in detail the compounding synchronizations leading to this new “galactic reset”, analyze their multi-dimensional significance and make conscious their unique prophetic message at this TIME on Earth. 
The coming LUNAR eclipse of November 29-30, 2020 is marking the entrance to the last eclipse window of 2020 that will come to a close with the Total SOLAR Eclipse of December 14, 2020 and synchronize with the last day of the Galactic cycle of 260 DAYS on KIN 260 13 Sun. This celestial event will also close an eclipse cycle of 2600 days (10 Tzolkins) and open a PERFECT FRACTAL cycle of 26 TZOLKINS to the next Total SOLAR Eclipse on the Solstice point of June 21-22 of the year 2039, (KIN 259-260). 
This remarkable fractal synchronizations in TIME will be followed 7 days later by the conjunction in SPACE of Saturn and Jupiter on December 21, 2020. The rare 400-YEAR closest conjunction between the “two giants“ of our solar system on the Solstice Point intersection with Galactic Center is ALSO synchronizing with the completion of 8 SOLAR orbits since we crossed the Event Horizon of the 13th Baktun of the Mayan Long Count on December 21st, 2012 (2012-12-21) Long Count date 4 Ajaw, 3 K'ank'in. 
This alignment is therefore bringing the 2012-12-21 date back to the surface of our collective awareness. It is also triggering all kinds of speculative narratives on this December 21, 2020 as being the “real” end of the Mayan Calendar”. The fact is that the precision and elegance of these alignments are allowing us to observe a new stage of higher harmonic resonance between planetary, solar and galactic cycles synchronizing over the past 8 years…
2020: 333 DAYS ELAPSED AND 33 TO GO…
As a potent sign of the synchronic power condensed in this portal, the start of this eclipse window of November 29-30 is synchronizing with the completion of 333 DAYS of the Gregorian year 2020, and 33 DAYS to the start of 2021!!! 333:33!
Remarkably, this 260-DAY Tzolkin Matrix that we are closing with the coming solar eclipse of KIN 260 13 Sun, started precisely on the Gregorian Master Number date 3.3.2020 Kin 1 (1.1) and this 2020 we are transiting the New Sirius Cycle 33 (NS1.33) of the New Dispensation of Time. 
Today is then a perfect opportunity to start a new journey through the ocean of time in search for answers to the many questions the current crisis is bringing to the surface of our collective consciousness…
What are these events trying to tell us NOW? How are they connected with similar events from the past? What kind of threshold are we transiting within the larger scheme of evolution on Earth? What lessons can we learn from all this?
There are several KEY fractal factors to consider. We will examine them below in more detail.
Last November 26, 2020 we completed 260 DAYS since the World Health Organization declared a global pandemic emergency on March 11, 2020 (NS1., triggering an unprecedented wave of lockdowns and a “new normal” set of restrictive measures across planet earth. Planned or not, the announcement took place exactly on the 9th anniversary of the Fukushima tsunami and nuclear emergency…. As with any other health crisis, this new planetary emergency has been a window of opportunity to go deep within and reflect on the healing of our collective shadow and our future as a species. 
The past 260 days have been characterized by unprecedented levels of confusion due to the manipulation of information and a frenzy technological race to find a vaccine based also on the manipulation of human DNA… With a second wave of control measures looming around the globe, people are now even more confused and causing many to fall into despair and into biblical / apocalyptic narratives… “End Times” narratives… The times that many ancient traditions foresaw. What alternatives do we have now to face this new crisis?
As Jose Arguelles well put it: “The only meaningful response to such a transition as is now occurring is to shift our consciousness to meet it.”
Parallel to the dystopian narratives projected by the mainstream media there is a more powerful, subtle and uplifting archetypal story taking place behind the third dimensional veil of illusion. With events on earth appearing NOW to be entering into increasing levels of volatility and unpredictability, is KEY to keep present that above and beyond the external world of chaos, the synchronic order keeps informing us that we are entering into higher resonance with the larger HARMONIC patterns of Time. This is the case NOW.
As we publish this article, we are also transiting the “end days” of the 260-DAY Sacred Calendar. We are approaching fast the END of a Galactic Cycle of 260 days with the Total Solar Eclipse on KIN 260 13Sun (13.20) and the START of a NEW Tzolkin matrix on KIN 11Dragon (1.1).
From the 4th dimensional perspective of the synchronic order, the current events represent a NEW chaotic node of unprecedented proportions within a much larger evolutionary framework known as the biosphere – noosphere transition timeline. During the past years we have been tracking and mapping here this timeline and presenting evidence that the year 2020 is a threshold of special harmonic evolutionary significance.
Over time, we have compared this evolutionary journey to a collective initiation or rite of passage. This process has been enabling us to bring an element of coherence to the events unfolding on Earth and to keep adding new KEY chronological and archetypal components to this multi-dimensional narrative of evolution. It is also allowing us to by-pass the traps of the third dimensional drama we are witnessing and to contemplate the current state of chaos from a higher and ALL-ENCOMPASSING perspective based entirely on Synchronicity.
This time of the year marks the passage of the Sun across the area of the sky that aligns with Galactic Center. Galactic Center is located in the direction of the constellations Sagittarius, Ophiuchus, and Scorpius where the Milky Way appears brightest. 
According to space.com:
“At about this time each year, the sun passes out of Scorpius to enter Ophiuchus [November 30 to December 18]. Like Scorpius, Ophiuchus is a constellation of the zodiac… but unlike Scorpius, Ophiuchus is not one of the traditional twelve zodiacal constellations. [This is why it is considered the occult 13th zodiacal sign…] The ecliptic – which translates on our sky’s dome as the sun’s annual path in front of the background stars – actually passes through 13 constellations, as defined by the International Astronomical Union (IAU), although this is not commonly known.” […] “Ophiuchus is often associated with healing images. The Romans associated the constellation with Asclepius, who learned the secret to immortality by watching one serpent treat another serpent with healing herbs.”
This means that the entrance to this second eclipse window of 2020 with the penumbral lunar eclipse of November 29-30, 2020 will synchronize with the Sun entering the Galactic Center zone and its 19-DAY transit across the 13th Constellation of the Zodiac: Ophiuchus, “The Wounded Healer”…
Ophiuchus is found on the center of the galactic rift between Sagittarius and Scorpio. It is therefore known as the “Sign of the Crossing” representing the intersection of the terrestrial and heavenly spheres. As we can appreciate on the images, Ophiuchus / “The Healer” is standing on the path of the Sun holding the Serpent (Life-Force). His left foot is stepping on Scorpio… his right foot close to Galactic Center…
“The constellation Ophiuchus, the “Serpent Holder”, is the missing 13th zodiac sign that sits 180 degrees across from the Orion constellation (Osiris). It is suggested that the Greeks removed this sign because it represents the resurrection of the Gods. The sign opposite in the sky from Ophiuchus is Orion. Ophiuchus sits in the general direction towards the center of our galaxy. The ancients called this the ‘Gate of the Gods’. Orion sits in the opposite of this direction which would be considered the anti-galactic center. The ancients called this direction the ‘Gate of Man’. 
Ophiuchus and Orion represent the phases in our life cycle and the progress made through spiritual ascension. We all incarnate as earthly beings that potentially evolve through the precession of equinoxes, taking us into the Gate of Man to eventually become eternal beings through the Gate of the Gods.“ – Lisa Renee (Energetic Synthesis)
Last November 25, 2020 corresponded to KIN 241 7Dragon on the SACRED Tzolkin count of 260 DAYS, marking ALSO the entrance to the 13th cycle of 20 days of the 13:20 Matrix. 
This entire eclipse window (November 30 - December 14, 2020) is therefore contained within the 13th harmonic of the Tzolkin Matrix (KIN 241-260) and under the celestial influence of the 13th constellation associated with healing. Within the Cosmology of Time number 13 represents the power of Cosmic Transcendence and Endurance…
It is therefore an auspicious sign of resonance between the celestial spheres in space and the celestial harmonics of time. This intersection node in SPACE and TIME is opening for humanity an opportunity to synchronize with the cosmos and transcend to the next stages of evolution on Earth. 
From the perspective of fractal time, this 20-DAY period serves as holographic memory container of the 20 KATUNS of the 13th Baktun of History and an opportunity to redeem once again the mechanization of time…
On the 13-BAKTUN / 260-KATUN map of recorded history introduced by Jose Arguelles 33 years ago on The Mayan Factor, we can observe that it was during the 13th Baktun of Recorded History, when the Industrial Revolution enter into high gear with introduction of the mechanical clock. This window also marks the time when the European expansion and colonization of the New World by the Old World took place. 20 generations later, humanity is still running on artificial time…
This is how this 20-DAY period now holds also the memory imprint of events like “the Inevitable Event” of 2001-9-11 on KIN 251 and the declaration of global pandemic emergency of 2020-3-11 on KIN 242… We will explore this in more detail later…
To enhance our comprehension of the relevance of the current eclipse window we are transiting, it is important to keep PRESENT (once again) some KEY archetypal aspects associated with eclipses:
1. ON/OFF SIGNAL: During an eclipse, there is temporary interruption of the flow of light/energy (consciousness) reaching the planet. Life cycles, biorhythm cycles, growth cycles, even digestive cycles, experience a subtle disruption. On a TOTAL Solar eclipse, this shift is much more dramatic and pronounced as we experience a sudden darkening of the skies when the moon covers the solar disk in its entirety. Animals are more sensitive to these energetic shifts, so their instinctual behavior is to retreat and go into hiding until the eclipse is over. Therefore we should not underestimate the effects that this celestial event has upon ALL LIFE on the planet. IT IS A MAJOR CELESTIAL RESET SIGNAL. Please bear in mind that this is the first year in modern history that both eclipse pairs are taking place still with a large percentage of the human population under the restrictions of quarantine, giving us an opportunity to stand still and go deeper within.
2. DEATH/REBIRTH: For some indigenous people like the Navajo, a Total Solar eclipse symbolizes the “death of the sun” and it is perceived as a moment to revere ALL LIFE in quiet contemplation and cleanse while we all undergo a brief symbolic Death and Resurrection.
3.LIGHT/SHADOW: Eclipses have been associated to prophecy, the occult and the super-natural probably since the “beginning of Times” or early years of Human Civilization. When these motifs appear on the screen of our reality/consciousness with such synchronic potency and precision, they invite us to look up to the sky and contemplate life from a new, higher perspective, and serve as opportunities to look also within and bring hidden shadow aspects of our consciousness into the light…
Every calendar year has at least four eclipses – two solar and two lunar. But, more rarely, we have five, six or even seven eclipses in a single year. The most recent Solar Eclipse preceding the coming one of KIN 260 13 Sun, was UNIQUE in the sense that:
1. It took place at the mid-point between TWO partial penumbral Lunar eclipses.
2. It synchronized with the the solstice point.
3. It closed the first 19-YEAR Metonic Cycle of the 3rd MILLENIUM (2001-2020) and opened a NEW 19-YEAR cycle (2020-2039) that will culminate with another annular SOLAR eclipse on the solstice day of June 21, 2039.
4. On the 260-DAY Tzolkin count this day 19 YEARS in the future, will correspond to KIN 259 12 Storm (19), serving as celestial preamble to the completion of a NEW Galactic Cycle the next day on Kin 260 13 Sun (22 June 2039).
5. Incredibly enough, there is a PERFECT FRACTAL interval of EXACTLY 26 Tzolkins from this coming total solar eclipse of December 14, 2020 on KIN 260 13 Sun, to the next total solar eclipse-solstice synchronization of June 21, 2039 KIN 259!!!
Why does this matter?
The relevance is multi-dimensional:
The year 2039 will mark the 52nd year of the New Dispensation of Time corresponding to the culmination of New Sirius Cycle 1 (1987-2039). This event signals therefore a MAJOR recalibration / synchronization of the eclipse cycles with the 260-DAY Harmonic Module.
The Metonic cycle is a period of 19 years after which the phases of the moon recur on the same day of the year. It is a luni-solar cycle tracked by many ancient cultures, and it was associated with ONE Generation by many ancient civilizations. This 19-YEAR cycle corresponds to ONE Flower of Life in Time.
Adding a NEW LAYER of COSMIC RESONANCE to these compounding alignments, this coming solar eclipse on KIN 260 13 Sun also marks the completion of an eclipse cycle known as the “Tzolkinex”.
According to Wikipedia:
“The tzolkinex is an eclipse cycle equal to a period of two saros (13,170.636 days) minus one inex (10,571.946 days).[…] The name Tzolkinex was suggested by Felix Verbelen (2001) as its length is nearly 10 Tzolk'ins (260-day periods). It alternates hemispheres with each cycle, occurring at alternating nodes, each successive occurrence is one saros less than the last.
As we can appreciate on the diagrams, what makes the current Tzolkinex cycle of almost 2600 DAYS that we are about to close unique, is that it synchronized PRECISELY with START/END of the 13:20 Matrix. The 10 Tzolkins are comprised between the Solar Eclipse of November 3, 2013 (2013-11-3) that took place on KIN 4 4 Seed (ALPHA), on the 4th Day of the sacred Tzolkin count and December 14, 2020 , KIN 260, 13Sun (OMEGA).
This opening Solar eclipse of November 3, 2013 was the first solar eclipse after crossing the Galactic Synchronization portal of July 26, 2013. Therefore, the completion of this Tzolkinex cycle of approximately 2600 DAYS is another clear indication of the PERFECT completion of nested cycles within cycles within the larger evolutionary process of LIFE on Earth…
Let’s keep present that the 13:20 Tzolkin Matrix represents the holographic time container for LIFE itself as it a measure of the Human Gestation period. 
“The Mayan Matrix, the Tzolkin or Harmonic Module, bearing the code of the galactic harmonic, informs all systems with a common regulatory resonance called the light body. Just as each living organism possesses a light body—the D N A infrastructure—and even the entire species has its common collective light body, so the planet, as a conscious organism, is also characterized by its evolving light body.” - Jose Arguelles
On December 21st, 2012 we closed an evolutionary cycle of about 26.000 years also known as the “PRECESSION OF THE EQUINOXES” comprised by 5 cycles of 13 baktuns each.
★ On the constellation chart by in-the-sky.org we can appreciate the Earth’s Equator projected in space along the path of the Sun (ecliptic plane) and its intersections with the plane of the Galaxy. The EXACT transit of the sun across the intersection of these 2 planes takes place around December 21 -24.
★ This 4-DAY window synchronized last year with the completion of 9 Tzolkins of 260 DAYS since we crossed the Galactic Synchronization portal of July 26, 2013 and the 26 YEARS from the New Dispensation of Time of July 26, 1987.
★ Adding to this compounding set of fractal galactic alignments, on September 9, 2020 (9-9-2020) we just completed a PERFECT FRACTAL of 2600 DAYS from Galactic Synchronization portal of KIN 164 8Seed. In numerology this date reduces to number 22: 9+9+2+0+2+0 = 22 = 11+11
As mentioned many times in the past on this page, the Galactic Synchronization portal of July 26, 2013 is the most important evolutionary threshold after the closing the 13-Baktun cycle of history on 2012-21-12 (OMEGA Point of 13-Baktun map of recorded history). 
This 2600-DAY wave harmonic that we completed last September 9, 2020 (9-9-2020) marked therefore a KEY HARMONIZATION NODE of intersecting timelines and multiple fractal synchronizations enshrined within the 13-day wavespell of the Earth (Kin 157-169), powered by Synchronicity, Evolution and Navigation. 
This 2600-DAY marker is a fractal representation of:
★ “The Pleiadian Year” also known as the Precession of the equinoxes, comprised by 26,000 Earth-Years
★ The Sacred Count of 260 days, corresponding to average Human Gestation Period.
★ The 260-KATUN count comprised within the 13-BAKTUN cycle, also known as the Wave Harmonic of Recorded History. On this count each KATUN corresponds to ONE GENERATION for a total of 260 GENERATIONS.
★ KIN 260, 13Sun, OMEGA Point of the 260-UNIT matrix codes therefore the last KATUN (GENERATION) of the cycle of Recorded History.
The affirmation for KIN 260, Yellow Cosmic Sun states:
I endure in order to enlighten,
Transcending Life
I seal the matrix of Universal Fire
With the Cosmic tone of Presence
I am guided by the power of Flowering

I am a Galactic Activation Portal.
★ From this Fractal Time perspective, 22 December, 2012 marked the entrance into a brand NEW HOLOGRAM of 260 KATUNS (13 BAKTUNS) and a NEW BAKTUN of 144.00 days (BAKTUN 14) and a new KATUN of 7200 days (19.7 YEARS) that will come to an end in the year 2032… This 2012-2032 window of time, corresponds the first Generation (20 years) of the new 260-KATUN cycle. It is then a period of INITIATION as it is coded by KIN 1 1Dragon.
★ This Generation marks then start of the 7 Baktuns of the Noosphere (2012-4772). This evolutionary stage will come to a close On Long count date in the year 4772 to complete ONE PERFECT HOLOGRAM of 20 BAKTUNS of 20 KATUNS each. This 400-KATUN cycle is known as ONE PIKTUN.
As presented at the start of this note, considering their long orbital periods, the rare alignment between Jupiter and Saturn, the “two giants“ of our solar system with the Solstice Point intersection with Galactic Center is a clear indication of major evolutionary cycles coming to a new level of COMPLETION. From the Galactic, to the Solar to the Planetary level.
Saturn is associated with “Father Time” in many cultures. In Greek mythology this archetype is embodied by God Chronos (Time)... This is an opportunity to go deeper into the significance of this alignment:
“Astronomers use the word conjunction to describe meetings of planets and other objects on our sky’s dome. They use the term great conjunction to describe meetings of the two biggest worlds in our solar system, mighty Jupiter and the glorious ringed planet Saturn. The next great conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn will be December 21, 2020. That date is, coincidentally, the date of the December solstice. It’ll be the first Jupiter-Saturn conjunction since the year 2000, and the closest Jupiter-Saturn conjunction since 1623, only 14 years after Galileo made his first telescope. At their closest, Jupiter and Saturn will be only 0.1 degree apart. That’s just 1/5 of a full moon diameter.
The extra-close Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in 2020 won’t be matched again until the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction of March 15, 2080. (NS2. 7WorldBridger)
But don’t wait until December to start watching these worlds. They’re visible tonight and every night – near each other for the rest of 2020 – an appealing and mind-expanding sight!”

The completion of 8 solar orbits since we closed the 13th baktun cycle on 2012-12-21 Event Horizon is then of special fractal significance. In music theory, an octave or perfect octave is the interval between one musical pitch and another with double its frequency. The octave relationship is a natural phenomenon that has been referred to as the "basic miracle of music”… This threshold represents therefore the entrance into the next octave of our evolution since we closed the 13th stage of evolution on the planet.
Within the Cosmology of Time of the synchronic order, number 8 corresponds to Galactic Integrity… The many integral multi-dimensional alignments taking place throughout the fabric of TIME-SPACE are fractals of a “galactic whole”…
The "collective shadow-self" of humanity is coming NOW to the surface of our shared reality to be consciously addressed, integrated and released, in order to start a new galactic cycle with a clean and renewed perspective of the FUTURE ahead of us. What kind of future are we envisioning?
These alignments are opening once again a perfect window of opportunity to look up to the sky and tune in to the larger picture. Let’s elevate our focus of attention to rise above the current climate of fear propagated by the old paradigm. With so much chaos transpiring around our planet now, it is wise to take some time to focus our attention on the sacred ratios and proportions of the synchronic order and enter into resonance with the larger harmonic patterns and cycles of time. Now is a time for deep reflection on the state of our world and on how we wish to shift the way we live our lives on this planet. Society STILL has an opportunity to change, are we paying attention?”
To close this note we leave you once again with some words by Jose Arguelles from his last book “Manifesto for the Noosphere”, that can assist us in the process of comprehending and confronting the scale and magnitude of the events transpiring now on Earth:
“The point is this: When we understand the scale of the mega crisis, we realize there is nothing that can be done about what is going on within the old system of behavior and belief. You cannot stop an evolutionary shift that is encoded – much like the stages of fetal development are encoded into the embryo’s genetic material – into the whole system process of a living planet like the Earth. The only meaningful response to such a transition as is now occurring is to shift our consciousness to meet it. And this is precisely the prescription that augments and affirms the coming of the noosphere.
When we extend our awareness and shift our consciousness to encompass the full meaning of this evolutionary shift, we can begin to retrain ourselves – refocus our psychic energies and redirect our practical actions – to come into alignment with what a noospheric civilization, a holistic and holomonic planetary culture will, of necessity, be like. We can begin to live the “new time” before it arrives, and by doing this, prepare the way for others.”
JosΓ© Arguelles / “Manifesto for the Noosphere”
We invite everyone to connect and vibrate, in tune with the Heart of the Earth and the Heart of the Galaxy during these last 33 days of 2020. We are ONE pulse. ONE Earth. ONE People.
May Peace, Harmony and Beauty prevail on Earth!
To learn more:

333:33 ~ Calendar Truth ~ 29 November 2020

Calendar Truth

Yesterday we completed 333 days from the start of 2020 and today we are 33 days away from the start of 2021!

This image was shared by Harmonic Convergence.

Here's where I checked the numbers: https://www.epochconverter.com/days/2020

The day referred to is 28 November 2020. Being a leap year, this numerical Synchronicity is possible.

Some Support, a December Update + 2021 πŸ’œπŸ™πŸ•Š ~ Amanda Lorence ~ 29 November 2020

Posting first, will only get to it much later ~ to listen to Amanda Lorence's update, please access this link.

The Nervous System ~ Matt Kahn ~ 29 November 2020

 Matt Kahn

When the nervous system is overstimulated, you are bound to feel unsafe in your body, unsupported by the world, lost, disconnected, unable to make wise, decisive choices, and without direction in your life. 
As the nervous system unwinds, your attention expands to dissolve self-doubt, to enhance your interest in listening, and to guide you toward the most inspired choices that are always in reach

The Greatest Distortion ~ Jenny Schiltz ~ 29 November 2020

Some have called this illusion of being separated from Source, the "Original Sin".

Source: Jenny Schiltz

As we make this huge transition from one paradigm to another, many are feeling lost, confused and alone. So much is shifting and we are being asked to strip ourselves completely bare. We can no longer carry the beliefs, programming, and conditioning we have for eons. This stripping down of all we thought we were is so that we become all we are, can feel quite brutal.

I’ve gotten messages from people reaching out because they feel so lost and disconnected within right now. I wanted to share an experience that I had and I hope it will be helpful to those feeling lost.

I have been looking at the discourse and uncertainty in our world. If you believe something is one way, you can find where the exact opposite is also believed. It is very difficult to know what is truth in a sea of lies. Discernment is everything.

We are being asked to trust what we feel versus what we see and hear? We are being asked to run everything through our heart space and vibrational field to feel the resonance. We are being asked to break free from the societal conditioning, from the matrix and the hypnosis programming. This is not an easy task and I wanted to be 100% sure that I wasn’t operating within distorted fields and perceptions.

I decided to ask my guidance team, my highest aspect and the angels to assist me with removing all distortions. I gave full permission to be assisted, regardless of the outcome. I didn’t care if the removal of distortions turned my life upside down and made it so I had to go live in a hut somewhere. I told my team “come what may”, I did not want to live a life clouded by illusion, distortion and inauthenticity. No matter the cost I wanted all distortions gone.

It was powerful and I felt something click into place. It was me signaling to Source that above all integrity and authenticity or the most important things. From there all things flow.

In the early morning hours I dreamed I was on the “other side”. I was working with a group of beings and Sophia. We were in such deep union and the energy was light and pure. It was home and how I envision heaven to be.

After some time Sophia tells me that it is time for me to go. She points to a white marble shining staircase and I reluctantly leave, grateful for the time I had. Even during the dream I knew it was one that I would remember. I began to walk down the staircase and it went from white marble to wood and then to stone. The further I walked down, the yuckier the stairs became. The stairs were becoming damp and smelly and it was getting darker and darker.

At this point I woke up and I could feel the staircase within me. I laid in bed and I continued to follow it to the end. I thought maybe there was a soul piece or something that I needed to retrieve. Yet, when I got to the bottom of the staircase I didn’t see or feel a soul piece. I saw nothing and it was pitch black. When I felt into it all I could feel was such incredible loneliness, sorrow and disconnection. This was especially contrasted because I had just been on the other side working in unity and wholeness.

The feeling of despair and loss was so acute that I could do nothing but cry. It was a feeling that I remember experiencing often before beginning my spiritual journey. My husband came from the shower and found me sobbing. You can imagine his face as I tried describing that I had a staircase in me that led to a pit of despair and loneliness. Poor guy πŸ˜‚. A fellow practitioner texted in that moment letting him off the hook. I told my friend about the dream and what I was currently experiencing and she said “All I keep hearing is to light a candle.”

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Solar Activity & Schumann Resonance

After days of minor flares, an M-class appeared.

Space Observing System

29 November 2020

You Were Built For These Times ~ Lee Harris ~ 28 November 2020

Source: Lee Harris

You were built for these times. ⁣
You were built to remember that this story has all played out before. ⁣
We will say that again. This story has all played out before. But this time the circumstances are different. ⁣
You are coming to the end of Earth Karma. That does not mean Earth itself is going away. ⁣
But you are coming to the end of the karmic cycles on Earth that have kept so many of you enslaved. ⁣
And you will see, between now and 2050, an extraordinary axis shift on this planet. ⁣
- From The Activation of Planetary Awakening: 2020-2030 MP3 ⁣

The Lion Within is Awake While Seeming Out To It ~ Nicky Hamid ~ 29 November 2020

Source: Nicky Hamid

The Lion Within is Awake while seeming out to it. 
I have never been one to share my ups and downs nor dwell on them.
However I write this just to indicate that I am not immune to all the experiences we all are having to traverse as we walk our Ascension journey.
Physically I am exhausted. I am frequently experiencing a “vertigo” and often have to prop myself up with the wall or whatever is handy to prevent myself from falling.
My whole body is going through an aching cycle and from time to time a purging.
This has been gradually coming on for some days and now the most comfortable place is lying down and going into a semi sleep/meditation state feeling somewhat doped.
I am not wanting sympathy or healing. I am just letting you know that whatever I think I know, I am HUman and go through 'stuff" just like everyone else.
Love and Surrender are the prime options I choose.
Yes, I have thoughts of dying, and Yes ancient fear arises and passes.
But as I say to my body and mind - that I have put them through so much and now they must have their say so that they can be open to the Light and Love I have to Share and is why I am here in the first place.
I see constant parallels in the Collective playing out and my experiencing and why not.
The Spiritual Community talks about us living in our own holographic reality but forget that we are part of a Collective journey, in a totally Unified Universe Field,. As such there is constant feedback from the Field of “THAT” (GOD/SOURCE) into our “personal” holographic reality. 
How else could it be, WE are ONE.
We are here to make constant daily decisions about How we experience what we are experiencing.
So I let my body have its way and I treat myself with the Loving Kindness that I deserve. 
So Precious Tribe. All is Well even when I feel like "Crap".
And I Smile within as i write this.
And now back to my doped state.
This too will pass.
I So Love You.
PS: Change is the name of the game and having Choice is the great Power we have been given. Always look for an “open door” into LIGHT. It is forever Present for You.

The More You Share Who You Truly Are ~ Nicky Hamid ~ 29 November 2020

The Miracle is the more You Share of Who You Truly Are the more others are given and the more You Have

Source: Nicky Hamid

Beloved friends. From time to time we all wonder just how it will be possible for the turn around of humanity to occur. 
Just remember how far you have come to feel more free unto yourself.
Waking up is not only possible for everyone, it is inevitable. We are doing it and I would remind you that each choice you and I make for non-judgemental loving kindness in thought, word and action any moment makes it so much easier for the next person to do likewise.
As we discover ourselves and turn up the Light, it is broadcast wherever you go. It (your Shine) touches others because their Soul Knows, their Soul recognises, their Soul has never forgotten.
WE (the millions who are dedicating their life to their awakening) have already tipped the scales and the momentum builds every second. 
Every look of love, every smile, every prayer, every footstep, every kind word, every gentle touch of you, every conscious choice, becomes a Blessing.
We are doing it.
Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou.
Shine On
I So Love You
PS: And there is a Great Plan and Not One will be missed.

December 2020 Energy Update ~ Jason Estes ~ 28 November 2020

December already! 2020 went by in three blinks of an eye, and yet sometimes each week seemed like one year. And 262 data points.... 😡 It's a wonder that we're still able to walk a straight line. Sort of.

Source: Jason Estes

Welcome to December
Now that we have made it through the eye of the needle into the new sector the major clean up begins 
for those who are in victim they will find themselves on a journey to reclaim their power 
for those who are creators you will begin to see the resources and connections coming in to build your dreams 
with as you can tell most of Dec is windows with some very low influxes as today Nov 28th is the final massive influx point we will go through and the end of the hell detox.
Movies and T.v. Shows: there are quite a few for December because this will be a very long month energy wise so much data points (262 dpts) and with eye of the needle there is so much reactive mind to process. you can find the links to the movies and t.v. shows below
Movies: Lucy, Jupiter Ascending, Tomorrowland, UglyDolls, Wonder Park
T.v. Shows: Westworld Season 3, Kevin (Probably) Saves the World
Sound Sequence 4(start with 1 and work up if your new)
Great Pause: before doing an action work towards pausing and stating out loud or to yourself I AM COMMITTING TO _____ then follow through immediately don't let anything distract you. this practice helps you to break out of auto pilot and bring your divinity into choices this will assist circuits to come online and be maintained
Jumping Jacks: 1 round physical then 1 round in your mind. this allows you to work on your physical and virtual to add increased stability
PNR: If you own a PNR place it Azure Symbol side Up under your tail bone for 3mins doing deep conscious breaths, next place it Azure Symbol up in your palm of your left hand for 1 minute while breathing in deeply from your nose and slow exhale from your mouth then move to right hand for 1 minute using same directions and finally place on top of your head with azure symbol up for 5-7mins breath naturally and enjoy the ride
Activation's found on Activationstation.org for December
Celestial Charity
Light Body Updates
Universal Bridge Keys
Celestial Redemption
DNA Updates
NPH can be a huge assist this month as we are finishing up rewiring our brains to the new sector
Access sessions can also be huge this month as we are opening to new levels of awareness and access in a major way this month ❤ ::hugs::
Links to movies/TV as per Jason: