07 March 2021

Glacia Rain with Eden Sustin & Kim Somers Egelsee ~ 10 & 17 January 2021

These were recorded in January, but I've just accessed them today. Please proceed with the following links to listen:

If you are only interested to hear what Glacia has to say, then skip to the 15-minute mark for Part 1, and about the 6-minute mark for Part 2.

Time to Move On....

When you realise you've been clinging on to your caterpillar stage for too long and now you don't know how to get out of it

Judith Kusel & Todd Medina ~ 6 March 2021

Posting this first for anyone interested ~ I don't have plans to watch for the time being. Here's the link.

Gift of the Unknown & the Re-Knowing ~ Paul Selig ~ 6 March 2021

Source: Empath 1111

"The gift of the times you sit in, humanity at a crossroads, is the gift of the unknown, the unseen, the unprepared for. “How can I prepare for a future, when all I have trusted and believed in seems to be falling away?” You do not prepare. You say yes to the uncertain moment. You agree that the path before you will be lit as you walk it, and not a moment before. And you love the one before you, even if that is painful, or a challenge to what you would have wanted as the small self you were. 
The gift of the times you sit in is re-knowing. And the restructuring of humanity—and we use that word intentionally—has already commenced. But the gradations it comes in, as waves of energy that humanity seeks to assimilate, also requires the divestment of what was mandated by culture, or religion, or the collective small self in times past."
Paul Selig - from Alchemy,
A Channeled Text

Sandra Walter Update ~ 6 March 2021

Source: Sandra Walter

Blessings Beloveds ~

This month is a powerful reality-shifter. Let us assist the elementals and Gaia in stabilizing the incoming light, magnetic shifts, weather and quakes.

Magnetic shifts open us to cosmic forces, objects, and stargate energies. Get outside to FEEL the override.

Bliss, Freedom and Crystalline DNA codes are amplifying. This has a purging effect on OverSoul groups; pay attention to relationships and highest choices. Be acute about where you put your focus. Shed energetic support (thoughts, words, feelings) for what you do not desire to experience.

The Crystalline field is getting stronger, which provides a faster feedback loop; a shorter gap between thought - and - experience. Focus on becoming the true Creator being you are, and SO IT IS.

SUNday Unity Meditations

Collective DNA activation is ON for this month's meditations. Prepping for Equinox in this Now.

Join us for the SUNday Unity Meditations at 5AM, 8AM and 11AM PST. Details on how to add your light, deeply connect with Gaia, and receive support from this collective HERE.

Let us show HUmanity what is possible with Ascension!

In Love, Light and Service,

For more details, please continue here....

Stillness & Quiet ~ Lee Harris ~ 6 March 2021

If you feel like you're lacking manifestation and flow, check how much you are focusing on stilness and quiet

Source: Lee Harris

If you feel like you're lacking manifestation and flow, check how much you are focusing on stillness and quiet. Quieting yourself down, bringing yourself back to you. 
And also see if you need to do things a little differently. Are you rigidly trying to organize things and it's not working? 
Try something different. Try the reverse. 
You can't lose anything. And more importantly, you might be surprised how much you gain by doing it very differently.

"Ascension" ~ Nicky Hamid ~ 7 March 2021

Source: Nicky Hamid

A Word on “Ascension” .
Your Awakening, your Remembering does not happen as a blinding flash, or waiting on the threshold looking through a peephole hoping for someone to invite you in, nor can you discover your Mastery by expecting someone else to recognise you first.
How can they when you have not even acknowledged yourself? Your own Shining Divinity.
It is seeping through and into all that you are and all that you experience as Beautiful HUman.
Gently, softly, stealthily, continually.
As a warming Glow of Being. Sometimes joyous and exuberant, often quietly smiling and contemplative.
Always receptive, always embracing.
Profoundly filling and gradually moving all your feeling, seeing and knowing.
And it comes easily, no more pushing because it is here within and around you simply for the receiving and the taking.
The more you sense it, the more that you beckon, the more you invite, the more you own it, the more you realise that that Glow, that radiance, that Light, IS YOU.
The flow is within you, all around you, it IS YOU.
You are Heart, the Heart of all things, All That IS.
There is nowhere to go, nowhere special to be.
You ARE, and ALL comes and goes as a most beautiful FLOW.
The Flow of YOU..........
The melding of WE.
I So Love You
The so called “clearing” just happens, no need to dig and delve, and explain, and direct. Just observing, watching, allowing. An ever increasing Loving wakefulness. Wakefulness is becoming conscious of your own Being.

Unlocking from the Hive Mind ~ Meg Benedicte ~ 6 March 2021

I feel it's good to bear in mind that it's understandable, given the current control agenda that dates back eons, for any Wayshower to see "others" as compromised when in reality, most of the community is affected to some degree.

Source: Meg Benedicte

The first step of Ascension is to unlock from the 'Hive Mind' collective simulation and become the ‘Observer’ - you begin to ‘awaken’ to your own authentic thoughts, feelings, intuition and perceptions. Due to the polarized nature of the 4D astral plane, there is a battle escalating between light and dark for control of your mind on the digital plane. 
Upon Awakening this is the exact time to turn within, spend time in the silence, the stillness. zero point balance, building connection with inner Soul presence. It is not the time to open your vulnerable mind to false teachers, gurus, conspiracies or youtube videos. 
An awakening Soul is a beautiful, impressionable essence...take care, be conscious. breathe self-love, bask in Soul frequencies. 
in blessings, Meg ❤

Your Uniqueness is a Vital Part of Your Life ~ Lee Harris ~ 6 March 2021

Source: Lee Harris

The levels of fear have been pumped very well in the last year. So we have to be careful of that. ⁣
We have to not ingest too much of it. ⁣
Notice what it's doing to other people. Help others where you can, but at the same time, stay sovereign in your own center and decide what's right for you. That's really important. ⁣
We are a tribe and we are a hive, and we are all living together. ⁣
But our uniqueness is vital in any part of our life, whether it's our closest intimate relationship or whether it's the job that we're doing.⁣
Our uniqueness must not be given away for the sake of pleasing others, abating others. That will always backfire. ⁣
So just bear that in mind as we go through this power phase around freedom and control.⁣
- From the March 2021 Energy Update⁣

SR Reading

God's LoveLight Intelligence and Power ~ Divine Decrees ~ Sandra Walter ~ 4 March 2021

The uncharted radiance of God's LoveLight intelligence and power flows through me and out to all of creation
I AM ever-present in the purity of my Diamond-Solar Heart
I AM always living from the glorious intelligence of Divine Love

Source: Sandra Walter

Take a moment to connect with your heart center; the Pure Source-spark of Diamond Light within. Take a moment to feel your Heart intent. Divine Love is a strong, palpable frequency which grows in intensity as we Ascend. Note how your heart and energy fields feel in this Now.

Remember the sequence is intention, visualization, decree, feel, amplify.

Say out loud before beginning:

In the name of the Divine HUman, Creator-In-Carnate that I AM. I welcome in and forth my Higher Self, Christed Self, Almighty I AM Presence, Angelic levels, Master levels, Galactic levels, and all of my Divine aspects across all parallel realities seen and unseen. UNIFY in this now moment. Put your focus here. Let us activate and transform my experience to reflect my Divine Infinite Self, the pure essence of Source (God) I AM.

Personal Growth | Unique Works of Art ~ Matt Kahn ~ 6 March 2021

We all came here to be unique works of art in the gallery of consciousness
Personal growth is not about being an accomplice to the suffering, neglect and abuses you've endured through inner criticism or self-judgement
 It is where sacred space is created, so you may dive into the centre of your experience to rediscover a timeless eternal reality that wears your body as its most breath-taking work of art

Uses of the Cosmic Diamond Violet Flame ~ Diana Cooper ~ 6 March 2021

Source: Diana Cooper

Uses of the Cosmic Diamond Violet Flame

We can use the Cosmic Diamond Violet Flame in a number of ways:

πŸ’Ž We can invoke it and ask it to purify and clarify the path in front of us. Because of the precision of its light, it can shred the frequency of potential problems then raise them so that they no longer exist. If we call in the fire dragons to blaze a trail of fire in front of us, followed by the Cosmic Diamond Violet Flame, we will have a tremendously effective army of light preceding us.

πŸ’Ž We can visualize this flame over ourselves to transmute any lower energies within us or around us and these will be transformed into the brilliance of a diamond. This also affects physical disease or blocks.

πŸ’Ž We can send it to those who are sick or depressed – but we should use our intuition as to whether this is the right energy to use, for it is incredibly powerful and might overpower some people.

πŸ’Ž Where relationships lack harmony, the Cosmic Diamond Violet Flame cuts through the negativity with blades of ice. The resultant clear space gives the opponents an opportunity to look at the situation from a higher perspective.

Mars/Pleiades Transit 2 ~ Celia Fenn ~ 6 March 2021

Source: Celia Fenn

Mars/ Pleiades Transit 2
Another look at the perturbation being caused by the transit if Mars through the Pleiades.
The Pleiadeans are the Keepers and Seeders of new life in the Solar System.
Mars is the focus of the Earth Community "push" into the Solar system, with these pictures of Mars being sent back from "Perseverance" recently.
This focus creates a quantum entanglement with the Red planet and Earth. And with the Pleiades who are preparing to seed Mars with new life form grids so that it can be terra formed to create a "twin" planet for Earth. A New Earth if you like.
Earth is rebirthing and expanding its consciousness on many levels.
Huge waves of Quantum Creation energy are surging in the Solar System and from the center of the Galaxy (the last photo is of the center of the Galaxy with its creative fire, also taken recently).
The Ascension changes are not only within us and around us, but also within the Solar System and the Galaxy.
Much is rebirthing.
No wonder we feel exhausted at times!

06 March 2021

3D / 5D Humanity ~ Judith Kusel ~ 5 March 2021 / 2021

Source: Judith Kusel

The 3 D humanity sought evidence in what we can proof, feel and touch.
The 5D humanity uses heart, soul, mind, and all their energy centers and are have mastered themselves to a much higher degree. They walk, soulfully and have a wide-open hearts.
The Ancients lived in the much higher dimensional state and thus they stored records and energies in totally different way. They knew had mastered much higher dimensional technology, and we are still lagging light years behind. 
When we finally start to raise our own dimensional frequency bands to that of the 5th and 7th we will be able to reuse these ancient energy centers once more. 
But before we can truly do this, we need to step up in dimensional frequency bands.
We cannot do that when we are still stuck in the 3D programming, the 3D illusions and the 3D mindlessness.
We can only withstand the immense upgrades and shifts when we step into our hearts and not our minds. Our heart center is directedly linked to the soul and soul tunes into the soul group, and thus can travel and traverse the cosmos. It is not bound by physical form. It is Universal. 
The ancient sites work with the heart center energy and not that of the mind. The mind can only stretch so far and not further. 
When the heart and mind are beautifully balance and work in tandem, then one can reach the higher transcendental states, which are so necessary to access the higher soul self and the soul information.
Most people cannot do this, for their mind will conjure up a thousand reasons why this or that cannot be, while the heart KNOWS.
There is another factor though that we have forgotten about, that is our own energy fields. We have in truth 12 bodies and each body has its own energy field. The higher the frequency, the more the energy fields expand and the greater and more powerful the field. Now this field has sensors and it constantly giving you feedback about the energies you are encountering – that of other people, the places, the earth.
When you are sensitive to energy and energy fields, like I am, you start learning to read the energies and you can then start to read the whole, like you would read a map. This gives you access to far more information, via your heart center, than you will never get, just via the mind, and what it can access. 
Why? Because the heart center has a far greater energy field than the mind. More than this the electromagnetic impulses of the heart, link directly to that of Mother earth!
If we wish to truly traverse into the 5th and 7th dimensional state, we need to attain higher degrees of mastery. You cannot attain that in the milling crowds, you can only attain this state within yourself!
Know thyself! Know your true soul and connect with it and its infinite knowing. Your higher soul self will bring you back to the deepest truths, which you will recognize within yourself. Not outside of yourself! Inside. There will be a deep resonance. 
When one resonates at soul level with the Divine within and Divine Without then one can step into the higher dimensional state of true Oneness. For one in truth is one with everything and everyone and everyone and everything is you!
Yet you have the power to influence the whole energy field, just through the frequency and vibration of your own soul!
When we finally are so pure, that our own ego totally can step out of the way, and our higher soul self totally takes over, only then can be step into mastery.
We are not influence by mass hysteria, nor mass opinion. We do not need the outside to run our lives. We run our own life and we stand in the fullness of our own light and not in the shadow of others.
We walk that path alone if need be. Yet in truth we are the whole. 
“A master does not fear life, nor death: - but stays focused on the Path!” (Judith Kusel)
The challenge now is to master life in much higher degrees through the power of the soul connected to the Infinite Core of all Being.
Our true soul self knows this. 
For the soul is not bound by physicality – it is part of a much greater infinite whole, and thus can span dimensions and has access to all Creation.
There lie our highest lessons in mastery for the New Golden Age.
(I wrote this a year ago and somehow felt I needed to repost this today)

SR Reading


Less is More ~ Judith Kusel ~ 5 March 2021

Source: Judith Kusel

We are in time of great transformation and transition.
Indeed we now are moving into much higher octaves of vibrational frequencies and our physical bodies will have a hard time keeping up with the pace of the rising frequencies and vibrations.
I was made aware of this intensely yesterday when my batteries literally became flat. I had to seek help from a beautiful young man, a stress relief practitioner, who is a very soul and indeed wise well beyond his years.
What he was telling me, is something my higher guides had repeatedly told me, but because of my remarkably busy schedule and trying to keep up with everything, I tend to forget. 
“You need to remember that there are two ways of dealing with these immensely powerful changes within and without: -
The one way is what you desire and how you wish to operate your life. We have been programmed to work long hours and, in the process, we tend to give out too much energy.
The highest way is to surrender all the Divine, and highest way and get out of your own way and listen to what your physical body is telling you. If it feels overstrained, or fatigued, or simply in need of rest, listen to it and go and rest. 
I smiled.
I am listening.
For indeed I had overextended myself, and indeed, I had given too much out and now allowed myself to tank up even more, and to listen to my bodies’ desire to rest, mainly because of my busy schedule.
I am being brought back, to fair exchange of energy, and always making sure that whatever one expends on energy, one is open and receptive of receiving back. Such is balance and harmony. 
It will become even more vital in the next few weeks and months, that we listen to our inner guidance and listen to our physical bodies, for at the moment the physical form is going through intense transitions and transformation as the higher and new Light body form is being integrated and is already present in the etheric form. 
Indeed, remember that the energy of the lower earth, when we need step into, will drain us and zap our energies, and we need thus to ask for extra protection for our own energy fields, when we need step back into the 3D.
At the moment we are rather like an artist walking on a rope, who needs to stay carefully focused on being balanced. 
The minute we allow our attention to be pulled back into the Old 3D, we will fall off the rope because we are not fully present in the here and now and staying balanced so that we get to end of the rope of transition, and step fully into the Embodiment and form.
At this moment remember this: LESS IS MORE.
You may think you are doing and being less, but indeed, you will find that you actually get far more done, doing less, and learning to allow all to unfold in perfect Divine Timing and not 3D. In truth in the higher dimensional frequency bands, there is no time. The 3D spun illusions which we now need to let go of, in order to allow ourselves to be reinvented anew.
Judith Kusel

The True Self Loves Anyway ~ Paul Selig ~ 5 March 2021

Source: Empath 1111

"To deny love for another is to decide that someone is not worth loving. And to do that, you must be as a small self who has requirements for what love can be. 
The True Self knows. The small self suspects, thinks it out, decides on merit, seeks gain. 
The True Self loves anyway. Did you hear those words? The True Self loves anyway."
Paul Selig --from Alchemy,
A Channeled text

05 March 2021

Friday Ascension Update: Claiming your Sovereignty ~ Tim Whild ~ 5 March 2021

Tim Whild's video update has been uploaded onto Vimeo, so for those without fb this is good news. Tim talks about coming from a place of Sovereignty when making decisions ~ whatever we decide will be right for us as long as it is a Sovereign choice.

Please continue here to watch.

Journey Through The Sophia Code with Kaia Ra LIVE | Chapter 2 ~ Sophia Code Lightbody System ~ Kaia Ra ~ 4 March 2021

I've posted this video recently, but I've just finished watching it and would like to highlight some points that were significant to me, for anyone interested. Again, please note that I don't have the Sophia Code book but I find the general context interesting so far, and I enjoy seeing things from different perspectives. Kaia Ra's term "Sophia" refers to the Mother of Creation, the Divine Feminine aspect of Creator, Mother-God, etc.

Here's the link for the video.

The Sophia Code's perspective of Ascension is one that I find both enlightening and empowering ~ add to that the powerful force of Kaia's healing from terrible atrocities and the end-result is guidance for true healing that I believe will greatly assist a Collective that is going through so much trauma and pain. A Collective that is continuously expressing its trauma cannot ascend, and the A-ha moment I got from Kaia's presentation is that true healing cannot even begin without first acknowledging and/or claiming one's Sovereignty and stepping into Self-Empowerment. These pre-requisites had not occurred to me before, as I thought it was the other way around, i.e. healing leads to Sovereignty and Self-Empowerment. This gave me my second A-ha moment as I realise that this is why so many in the community are not truly healing, because they are still operating from some degree of Saviour mentality and Blame conditioning, which inevitably indicates a lack of Sovereignty and Self-Empowerment.

As Kaia reminds us, Humanity has been (expertly) groomed to be enslaved in mind and body over thousands of years.

Kaia describes the Sophia Code as Spirit Tech at its best. It is the crystalline nature of our Divine Light, the Crystalline Lightbody technology that is akin to the motherboard that houses the operating system to instruct software. It is the Crystalline Light of our own Sovereign Soul (Divinity). Recognising this means becoming aware that revolution exists within us ~ we embody our Light to create beyond this existence. This is how we effectively create our New Reality, by being the creator beings that we truly are.

Although Kaia mentions that no one had identified this Spirit Tech prior to her coming out with the book, I will have to state that one of several sources I can think of who has done that is Sandra Walter. Her current Crystalline & Divine Decree series focus on this activation. Terms differ but I believe the underlying intention is the same.

There's much more in the video for those interested.

2020 ~ 2021: Consciously Experiencing the Spiral of Humanity's Growth ~ Essence Ka tha'ras ~ 28 February 2021

A reminder that Essence's use of the term "Metatronic" is no association with Metatron. Also, reading this, I can't help but think of the sense of "looping" that I wrote about a couple of weeks ago (here):

How I felt it was as if some massive "something" was pushed forward with great momentum. There was a sense of "breaking away". Several "sub-somethings" were also being forcefully merged/pulled together. There seemed to be an element of minor "looping"? It was not a major factor, more of looping for tweaking.

Source: Essence Ka tha'ras

Ok. This is amazing!
I calculated the frequencies that are strongest for today and posted it. It’s the 1/11 Dual Frequency. (See that post on my page for detailed information)
After doing so, Facebook showed me memories from a year ago today.
A year ago on this day I also shared the same 1/11 Dual Frequency information.
What this shows us is, is that we are cycling through and coming back around on information and energy prompts from last year to see what we’ve learned and notice if we’ve grown or not. 
If we have, what we need to do now is focus on finalizing the stage of our growth we have spent the last year (2020) experiencing and learning from and then spiral on to the next stage of our growth process, both individually and collectively. 
Simply stated... what was brought to us to learn in 2020... We desperately need to learn and master in 2021, lest the lessons become more difficult. 
Essence Ka tha’ras 
Master Metatronic Numerologist
Ancient~Future Wisdom Keeper

SR Reading

When "No" Feels "Yes", Because It Is ~ Nicky Hamid ~ 5 March 2021

How to feel like a doormat
Say "Yes" when your Heart says "No" 
"NO" has been one of my favourite words in the past year....

Source: Nicky Hamid
When “No” feels “Yes” because it is.
When you are listening to your heart and making choices, whatever they may be, there are many occasions at first when you are required to say quite emphatically “NO” to another, either outwardly or inwardly.
Frequent “Nos” to thoughts that are of the “old” reality, the 3D, the unkind lies you have been telling yourself or hiding from yourself because they are too painful to look at, and the myriad ways the 3D reality has planted seeds of separation and judgement “within” you.
You are continually being presented with situations, circumstances, and others who are challenging you to make the choice of your Heart Knowing.
So in your “High Heart” (between your heart and your chin (when you place your hand on it), you get this “NO way, this is not for me”. And if you are listening and take your courage to respond accordingly then you always find that the experience is empowering and heightens your “frequency of being”, as it were.
The experience is not at all “negative” it is strengthening, invigorating and loving.
You make shifts to peace, clear, focussed, strong and magical.
It is a “No” that is a “YES” to and for YOU.
And don’t you realised that in every choice for your truth, in the “NO” that you make, your Lovingness of You and All That Is expands.
You move from limitation and separation, to possibility and connectedness.
So where You are concerned, and where the Universe is concerned there is only “YES”.
Ah, once again, the beautiful paradox in nonduality, and reality turned inside out and “up a level” in Knowing and Being.
I So Love You
Just like the UNIVERSE (SOURCE) can only say “YES” to whatever you choose to think. And brings you more of it so that you really Know how much you are ADORED and how Loving and Compassionate you can be.
"NO.....Not any more…. Not on my watch........ And I So Love who I AM .......yes…..Yes…..YES"

Free Resources ~ Judy Satori ~ 5 March 2021

Source: Judy Satori

In 2019, I did a spirit-led journey across Europe, holding events and sharing information brought to me by Spirit about Ascension, our multi-galactic origins and our true human potential.
Today the first of these events is going up on my YouTube channel! In the coming weeks, I’ll be uploading the rest of the European Activation Series for you all to watch for FREE, as well as other videos that were previously only available on the Ascension Library. Take this unique opportunity to take a powerful step forward in your Ascension and in your life!

Find Your Own Worth ~ Judith Kusel ~ 4 March 2021

Source: Judith Kusel

Find your own worth.
Love yourself into the deepest shadow and the highest light and know that you are worthy of being loved for who and what you are - just as you are! So does everyone else.
You are more than enough!
Live from the depth of your heart and soul and with great love.
Do what love and love what you do.
Seek joy and beauty - and you will find it everywhere.
More than this, live every present moment, as if it were your last on planet earth, and you will find deep inner harmony and balance, as your own creative spirit rises to the fore, and you start living life and life more abundantly, with every single breath you take!
More than this - be grateful for all and everything and you will attract more blessings into your life and more to be grateful for!
Judith Kusel

The Shadow in Pseudo-Authority ~ Nicky Hamid ~ 2 March 2021

This really needs to be said and highlighted, so I'm glad to see Nicky Hamid doing this unpleasant "job". As I've mentioned before, please also be aware of AI vibes coming from sources.

Source: Nicky Hamid

The Shadow in Pseudo- Authority
There are so many "games" being played in the so called "spiritual communities". They are subtle and hidden in what I call "a "shroud" (subtle shadow etheric cloak) of service to others when it is really, consciously or subconsciously, still with strong elements of service to self.
It is ubiquitous and sneaky both for the other and yourself . You get a kind of "clingy uncomfortable feeling" in its presence. It makes you doubt yourself.
For some a flash of a dark being (entity) is seen and or even a feeling like a dagger in your heart. This can be intended in a snap negative thought (judgement) of you or unconscious from the originator (unaware of the shadow hidden in their own Auric field).
It is part of our awakening journey in order to learn to discern what is True in our own Heart and what is masquerading as truth (shadow).
It is rife as we travel through the upper reaches of what is often termed by many as "the 4th dimension. As we become more in tune to subtleties of our own Truth feeling they become more detectable. 
BE AWARE (beware) that you do not put anyone else's authority above your own "gut feeling" (in contrast to little ego mind story generator).
And the discernment comes from listening to your immediate sense of Heart knowing. And you will always get it though it is quick and in a flash at the very moment of impact of the other.
You are learning to heed it.
This is why I say "First thought is right thought".
It is all about Trusting your own Truth telling.
And mostly you may not know why, at first. And you don't need to nor explain yourself to others. Just act on it privately. You learn why on a need to know basis. You are being True to your Highest Knowing which transcends stories. It is so much more about your choice to listen and becoming the Love guided, first responder to your own Knowing.
I So Love You

Allowing Ego to Evolve in Consciousness ~ Matt Kahn ~ 4 March 2021

Source: Matt Kahn

There is no other higher form of intelligence than compassion. It is the way oneness moves through time and space as the truth of love in action. When not seeing things from the standpoint of compassion, one is left with a rather limiting view. Along the spiritual journey, it is common to have a limited view of ego, especially when it’s the ego in self and others that causes suffering when operating on unconscious levels of conditioning. Ironically, the only thing in anyone that can maintain or defend a limiting view is the unconsciousness of ego. Therefore, it is the unconsciousness of ego that has a limiting understanding of ego which keeps awareness in a mystically-themed perception of limitation known as the spiritual ego. 
To untangle this misunderstanding, please consider the following words:
There is quite a difference between having an ego and being in ego. 
Having an ego gives you the ability to respond.
Being in ego provides opportunities to react. 
Having an ego gives you the ability to perceive.
Being in ego provides opportunities to assume. 
Having an ego gives you the ability to connect.
Being in ego provides opportunities to judge. 
Having an ego gives you the ability to grow.
Being in ego provides opportunities to avoid. 
Having an ego gives you the ability to face change.
Being in ego provides opportunities to fear change. 
Best of all, when not lumping ego into one category of unconsciousness, you are able to notice those who are most conscious have integrated egos that convey their fully awakened light through their presence, choices, words, and behavior. 
Those who imagine having no ego are lost in a pattern of self-denial. For what actually disappears throughout the awakening journey is one’s identification with the unconsciousness of ego. As you take your rightful place as the consciousness residing in body, the ego has no hiding spot for unconscious patterning. This allows the ego to integrate back into the light as the unique human expression through which the light of your consciousness shines. 
As we hold space for the acceptance of ego, allowing it to evolve in consciousness, we are aligning with the highest form of intelligence to transform this planet for the heart-centered evolution and compassionate well-being of all.

Opposing Opinions ~ Lee Harris ~ 4 March 2021

When facing collective arguments, have compassion, but also have some necessary boundaries

Source: Lee Harris

Whenever people with very strong opposing opinions separate from each other and start fighting, there is always trauma, there is always emotion underneath.
It doesn't mean they're going to get to the bottom of it, and it doesn't mean they're necessarily going to want you to point that out to them, but it might help you unhook a little bit faster if you realize this is a battle with someone's emotional makeup that is nothing to do with me or that I can't do anything about because this runs deep. 
And I don't know what's driving this person to be in this stance, but I do know that fighting them back or holding a stance against them, isn't necessarily going to help.
So you may be someone who is aware of that for yourself. 
But most people haven't necessarily investigated this at this point in history. So have some compassion, but also have some necessary boundaries. 
And if you are that empath that is a sponge, you might want to be a little careful about where you go, what you expose yourself to and who you hang out with, because it's a stormy time in terms of collective arguments, opinions, and emotional reactions.

Higher Unity Consciousness ~ Paul Dobree-Carey ~ 4 March 2021

Source: Paul Dobree-Carey

Civilizations rise and then they fall - all that remains and continues is the Eternal Soul, embodying itself time and time again, not just in physical lifetimes but all the learning stages in between. Source is consciousness that is One with existence and we are eternally connected to Source by becoming Conscious Beings experiencing the Oneness of existence. 
What we find along the Way, is that there is no requirement for anyone to become someone. There are no levels or roles that need to be reached before someone can consider themselves to be spiritual. This is a label not a state of being. Becoming is a natural process that requires no effort on your part. It is by unbecoming all that does not belong to you, or has become part of all through attachment of the Ego materialising around the Soul. By unbecoming what you are, all that remains of you, is all that YOU were ever meant to be, to begin with.
Releasing what has been added through overloading with intellectual information, multiple modalities, autonomous actions - to strip away pain and suffering through attachment to events and circumstances and behaviours that shaped and sculpted all that you now are. Each have created a unique being separated from every other unique being by patterns of beliefs, behaviours, bias - that is the choice you were given, to choose to Be, but what do you become when those choices are taken from you. The outside has become the downside whilst the inside has become the upside. No Soul ever sought to measure its success through the approval of other Souls. You learnt That in the Here and Now.
We have seen the Free-style of Belief lead to division, the Free-Will of Choice force separation, and how the Freedom of Being brings the imposition of tyranny. But this is not the first time you have lived through this. The threats have new names, the fears have new labels but the experiences still remain to test the Soul of its strength, courage, resilience, trust and faith. These qualities of Being will always carry a person through the trials and tribulations all lives are destined to pass through.
We come together at a time that calls for Unity, not because we all want the same thing, but to celebrate our uniqueness and recognise our differences. It is the meek that inherit the earth not the righteous. For who can judge by placing themselves above judgement. Who can serve out justice but remain untouched by accountability. Who can govern and yet not adhere to the laws of governance. 
For any seed to grow, it must firstly push its way through the darkness and into the Light of day. Many of YOU are Star Seeded Souls ready Here and Now to plant your connection to Higher Unity Consciousness into the roots of a new reality. 
With Loving Blessings ❤
Paul Dobree-Carey / Polaris AB
Blue Ray Cosmic Messenger
Online Sessions - Paul is available for Soul Guidance consultations to assist with connection to higher dimensional aspects of Self, manifesting and understanding Life purpose events, establishing and maintaining higher expanded consciousness states of awareness.

Amanda Lorence: Re-Post ~ 4 March 2021 / 2019

Source: Amanda Lorence

RE-POST from 2 years ago. It can be a hard journey to let go of the analytical part of the mind humanity has been so used to operating by. Yet the more we do, the more freedom, peace and harmony is found. You don’t lose the mind, but find... the Eternal Presence that was always dwelling within.
Every moment (every single ‘nano second’) of an upgraded, newer and integrated human version, is guided from our Higher Self Being Within. That fully becomes us. Where we see, hear, observe, acquire higher frequency knowledge, etc etc from the many higher frequency communications systems that come ONLINE within us. 
It’s easy to BE this version, if we just LET GO (which we do at our most perfect right time and free Will choice) of letting go of the ‘ analytical’ linear mind system we operated by as standard. The new mind system that comes online is not analytical, it is instant ‘knowing’, instant ‘revealing’ system that functions in the present moment of each Now. 
To then, in all moments (once integrated fully) understand and perceive a very different reality that reveals and is light (not mentally heavy), fun, easy, inspiring, exciting, innocent, beautiful, and ONE. A human integration of a higher frequency (Hz) communication system for all our percetional experiences thereafter. In every single moment. 
It’s a different operating system, to navigate by, to respond to, experience as and by, and thus live by whilst still very much in the physical body (and outside of it). Where you’re part of everything playing to the present rhythms of CREATION as they reveal to you in each Now.
One Love,
Amanda Lorence
4 March 2019

Celia Fenn Update ~ 4 March 2021

Source: Celia Fenn

Mars /Pleaides transit : 4th March
Right now the planet Mars is making a transit of the Pleaides. The transit lasts most of the week, but the closest transit is today.
So I asked Archangel Michael what that would mean for us.
The word I got back was "perturbation".
So I looked it up and this is the definition: " the act of perturbing. the state of being perturbed. mental disquiet, disturbance, or agitation. a cause of mental disquiet, disturbance, or agitation."
So if that is the way you are feeling today, or this week, you will know why.
Mars is the planet that is closely linked to our Masculine energy and the Pleaides, by contrast, to the more Feminine energy.
This close transit between Mars and Alcyone (the brightest star/sun in the Pleaides and believed to be a Great Central Sun in our Galaxy) is causing all kinds of mayhem and imbalances right now, both inner and outer. But it is all good as a new balance is being sought that will bring us to higher frequencies of light.
My best advice is to take good care of yourself, breathe, and try to stay peaceful and calm. It will pass in the next few days and calm down.
Love to everyone!