31 January 2021

Insight Discussion with Jason Estes & Natasha Wilson ~ 30 January 2021

This should be interesting! Posting first. Please remember that videos will usually be uploaded to the MTVO yt channel later, for those without fb.

Source: Raising Alchemy (with video)

Insight Discussion with Jason Estes
This Insight Discussion was a Q&A for the Kids! You are all awesome!
We collated questions prior to this live for Jason to answer. The questions were from children 14 yrs and under. 
A beautiful Insight Discussion to be held on this channel, one many will enjoy. The wisdom of our children is one to be seen in gratitude. We can learn so much from them as teachers within themselves.

"New Earth" is a State of Consciousness ~ Essence Ka tha'ras ~ 30 January 2021 / 2020

It is a perspective held that allows one to not become entangled in the illusion of division constantly being shown and perpetuated through sources of mass consciousness control
It is the ability to behold the Vision of Earth and Humanity's Planetary Future existing in the Full Cloak of our Divinity

Re-posted by Essence Ka tha'ras and definitely worth reminding ourselves.

Symptoms of Soul Aspect Integration ~ Glacia Rain ~ 30 January 2021

Feeling very tall at times * Ascension flu * Heart palpitations * A sense of coming home to yourself * Increase of inner peace * Dietary changes to fresh, healthy foods * Breakthroughs in consciousness * More clarity about path and purpose * Increased empathy/unity * Tingles in body * Desire to disconnect with old grid activities * Desire to be in nature * Leaving toxic situations behind * Increased authenticity and integrity
Source: Glacia Rain

We are making big leaps and bounds in our ascension process. Keep up the good work, Family! I ❤️ you! πŸ₯°πŸ€—πŸ˜˜πŸ’žπŸ™ŒπŸ™  

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Walking in Joy, Love and Beauty ~ Judith Kusel ~ 30 January 2021

Source: Judith Kusel

I promised myself years ago, when my whole life caved in and the proverbial carpet was pulled from under me, that I would always seek beauty, seek joy, seek what most inspired me, what t
ouched my soul and heart strings.
Indeed, now I find it everywhere, in the simplest of things and indeed, the more I seek, the more I find.
I was reminded of this so often in the last few days, by my Higher Guidance, that one needs to walk in Joy, Love and Beauty for indeed, the more one seeks their faces, the more they reveal themselves, for indeed joy, love and beauty is something inherent within each soul, and within all of Creation.
I once was travelling with two colleagues to a conference and sat in the back of the car. The two of them were gossiping and bad mouthing a certain colleague, and I, in that moment decided to close my ears and truly concentrate on the beauty which I found in the landscape passing by. After realizing that I was in a different world, they asked me why I was so quiet. 
“I am looking at those mountains and think how majestic they are. And look, there are wildflowers blossoming everywhere. And here, are some antelope grazing in the grass and just now, I was noticing how the river is in full flow, and the sunlight dancing on its waves.”
They turned and looked at me, as if I had just arrived from Outer Space. 
Indeed, one has free will and choice.
You can choose to only look at the negative side of life, and lament about how badly you are treated, and how bad life is and thus sink ever deeper into the quagmire of depression, or get stressed out, etc. 
Or you can choose to truly find the beauty, the joy, and see the magnificence of life in and around you. 
The more I find joy, beauty and Love in every form and expression, the more grateful I become. Only this morning I was sitting on my balcony, having breakfast and gratitude just welled up from deep within me. It became my morning prayer, and it rose from the depths of my heart, soul and being.
I then went for a walk in the natural forest, and there, found such inspiration, such joy, such delight in the ancient forest and the ancient trees, in the birds singing, and sound of the running water from river nearby. For indeed some of the trees are over 700 years old, and they have seen so much come and go, and long after I have left the planet, they will be there. 
I found the most beautiful fungi growing on tree stumps of the giants which ones towered over the forest here. And more than this, my walk became a thanksgiving walk, of awe and wonder and inspiration. 
There is so much magic in life and living.
There is so much joy in being alive and in truly doing what you love and loving what you do. 
There is beauty in even the tiniest of flower, every blade of grass, in the mountains, the sea, the trees, in every person you encounter and every animal which graces your life with its presence. It is there in music, in poems, in art, in whatever you seek as beauty in whatever form.
If you look for beauty, joy and love, and seek its face, you will find it reflected everywhere, if you but have eyes to see.
I am reminded of the most beautiful song “Oh what a wonderful world” by Louis Armstrong. 
“The colours of the rainbow so pretty in the sky,
The Faces of the people, going by…
I see trees of green….
I see friends shaking hands,
Saying “How do you do.
What they are really saying is;
“I love you!” Etc. 
Indeed, no matter where you are, life is indeed what you choose to make of it, and what you choose to see, and experience. 
Judith Kusel

Sacred Still Point ~ Gems of Wisdom ~ Archangel Michael & Ronna Vezane ~ 30 January 2021

Source: Ronna Vezane

Allow us make you a promise. If you will stay focused on the Sacred Still Point of the moment; if you will practice non-judgment and endeavor to live each day in harmony with nature and all those around you; if you will spend time in your Pyramid of Light/Power radiating unconditional love to the Earth and humanity, asking for the highest good for all, you will be safe. 
You will make a difference. You will have miracles untold reigning down upon you and you will, indeed, experience peace, harmony and abundance. 
You will help to create a world within a world where conflict, suffering, lack and discord have no place. 
And we will walk beside you as we draw closer and closer together within the harmony, peace and joy of the Unified Dimensions of Spirit. 
I AM your friend, protector and constant companion. I AM Archangel Michael. 
Ronna Sacred Scribe ** www.StarQuestMastery.com

πŸ’• The People of I AM πŸ’• ~ Aluna Ash ~ 30 January 2021

 Eternal states of consciousness are animated as forms through your I AM-awareness. The states are like outfits your I AM-awareness puts on.
Your I AM-awareness is the pure unconditioned consciousness of the infinite expressing infinite variations of eternal states in personal specific ways. Your I AM is Creative Power giving Life or movement to ideas through forms.
Ideas, beliefs and conditions identified with are the "ego" or personality... the states, conditions or limitations placed upon the pure I AM self which are animated by the same Creative Power of I AM. All that we are aware of, exists within our awareness and is animated by our awareness of it. In reverse order, we see through an inverted lens of time perception as: the conditions as the cause instead of conditions animated by the idea moved by the Creative Power of I AM.

Source: Aluna Ash

πŸ’• The People of I AM πŸ’• 

Infinite Creative Power Self-aware expressing and animating the infinite in specific personal ways.
Wholeness, unity, oneness is the merge of I AM that I AM. 
Meaning, "I am aware of what I identify with as an expression of my awareness, animated by my awareness. I am aware of what I am aware of because it is moving by my awareness of it. The creative power that gives me the ability to be aware of existing, is moving all that I identify with, all that I experience. Through my recognition of the creative power of my awareness moving what I am aware of as things, I know I cannot be separate from the things I am aware of. I see the Life-Spirit in what appears to be things or separate because it is the Life-Spirit within my awareness lifting conditions that appear to be separate powers of their own. I know that what I am is who I am because of the creative power of I am."
I AM is the infinite impersonal Creative Power manifest in personal ways... Life-Spirit moving matter.

The Loyalty of Poor Whites ~ Jonna Ivin ~ 1 April 2016

"The real enemies fear us. They know that if we come together, we will have the numbers on our side. They’ve always known this and it terrifies them. We must stop doing what they want: fighting among ourselves and allowing ourselves to be held down by their fear. We must direct a truly united voice against those who, four hundred years ago, created the American Dream and then held it out of reach. We must join together and fight back against the wealthy elite and corporate politicians. We must build a new country that belongs to all of us, a country where no one ever has to feel like just a poor motherfucker no one cares about."

Essence Ka tha'ras posted this article. Ordinarily, I would give it a miss but felt compelled to read this one, feeling that I should see it from the author's perspective. 

A couple of things to clarify. Firstly, I changed the title of this article so as not to attract attention for all the wrong reasons. Next, I did not read this article from a political mindset but instead from wanting to learn a different perspective. I would encourage anyone with strong political bias to skip it. Third ~ although this is about America, I am so certain the same foundational mechanics apply for every other nation, with some tweaks to suit the local scenario. It reflects in a stark mainstream manner how control over Humanity has been successful for eons of time.

Reading this from the background of our hidden history, this article demonstrates in this modern era the same modus operandi and the same control blueprint to condition and deceive, to pit us against each other, to promote tribal/class mentality, to stifle and suppress. It clearly outlines how easy it is to believe narratives that are spun for us to consume without question, and then to live them, sustain them and grow them using a couple of age-old tools for division ~ Race and money. How easy it is for us to shape our "reality" based on the parameters we are given if we consent and participate in their efforts to keep us locked in their simulation.

Source: Stir

From the era of slavery to the rise of Donald Trump, wealthy elites have relied on the loyalty of poor whites. All Americans deserve better.

"I’m just a poor white trash motherfucker. No one cares about me."

I met the man who said those words while working as a bartender in the Ozark Mountains of northwest Arkansas. It was a one-street town in Benton County. It had a beauty parlor, a gas station, and a bar where locals came on Friday nights to shoot the shit over cheap drinks and country music. I arrived in Arkansas by way of another little town in Louisiana, where all but a few local businesses had boarded up when Walmart moved in. In Arkansas, I was struggling to survive. I served drinks in the middle of the afternoon to people described as America’s “white underclass” — in other words, people just like me.

Across the highway from the bar was the trailer park where I lived. I bought my trailer for $1000, and it looked just like you would imagine a trailer that cost $1000 would look. There was a big hole in the ceiling, and parts of the floor were starting to crumble under my feet. It leaned to one side, and the faint odor of death hung around the bathroom. No doubt a squirrel or a rat had died in the walls. I told myself that once the flesh was gone, dissolved into the nothingness, the smell would go away, but it never did. Maybe that’s what vermin ghosts smell like.

I loved that trailer. Sitting in a ratty brown La-Z-Boy, I would look around my tin can and imagine all the ways I could paint the walls in shades of possibility. I loved it for the simple reason that it was the first and only home I have ever owned.

My trailer was parked in the middle of Walmart country, which is also home to J.B. Hunt Transportation, Glad Manufacturing, and Tyson Chicken. There is a whole lot of money in that pocket of Arkansas, but the grand wealth casts an oppressive shadow over a region entrenched in poverty. Executive mansions line the lakefronts and golf courses. On the other side of Country Club Road, trailer parks are tucked back in the woods. The haves and have-nots rarely share the same view, with one exception: politics. Benton County has been among the most historically conservative counties in Arkansas. The last Democratic president Benton County voted for was Harry S. Truman, in 1948.

There is an unavoidable question about places like Benton County, a question many liberals have tried to answer for years now: Why do poor whites vote along the same party lines as their wealthy neighbors across the road? Isn’t that against their best interests?

Ask a Republican, and they’ll probably say conservatives are united by shared positions on moral issues: family values, religious freedom, the right to life, the sanctity of marriage, and, of course, guns.

Ask a Democrat the same question, and they might mention white privilege, but they’re more likely to describe conservatives as racist, sexist, homophobic gun nuts who believe Christianity should be the national religion.

But what if those easy answers are two sides of the same political coin, a coin that keeps getting hurled back and forth between the two parties without ever shedding light on the real, more complicated truth?

I’m just a poor white trash motherfucker. No one cares about me.

What if he’s right?

Please read on....

30 January 2021

It Takes Two ~ Nicky Hamid ~ 30 January 2021

Become the quiet Presence that Listens
Source: Nicky Hamid

It usually takes at least two sides to play a “game”. 
If you can disengage from those replaying the game with you that you have been playing over and over with eg your family members, your coworkers etc , etc , the game will be over.
Change your energy field and everything starts to revolve around you in a new way.
Disengage, keep your mouth shut and don’t say the next word you want to throw out at others to point how bad or wrong they are, or how right you are, and the game will stop. 
It ends when you are done fighting and justifying and protecting your “victim self”.
Disengage and allow the other to see and react just the way they choose to. Soon you will find that their reaction stops happening because your resistance is not there. When win or lose is of no consequence to you because you know who you are, then the game is up.
When you can be THE OBSERVER of Your own experience the judgment and blame stops, taking sides ENDS.
It is the same for any reaction you make to anything or anyone.
And it is exactly the same with your incessant repetitive mind talk. When you stop playing the endless game of having to know, you are no longer someone who is ignorant, wronged. lesser, deficient, inadequate, etc, etc.
Oh what a relief it is when you are done with all that.
Let the Light Shine through and from You
I So Love You
When I protest how right I am then I just demonstrate how wrong I can be.
"WOW Nicky!.... you played that game so long and so well. You must be Master of it by NOW."

The Power of Choice ~ Tim Whild ~ 29 January 2021

Source: Tim Whild (with video) 

The power of choice - Tim discusses the current choices that people are making and how to deal with this from a higher perspective.

SR Reading

Jason Estes Update ~ 29 January 2021

Source: Jason Estes

Yesterday we began the journey into the MU(home) Universal Energy Center, since it is the final one it brings with it a new clarity to all of the UECs
we also are now in the Human Potential Unlock window and are finding our strength in new and creative ways which means our bodies are going through quite a lot 
remember to check in with your body and see what it needs and what can be supportive
for a very long time on earth spiritual beings dragged bodies around instead of worked with bodies to achieve greatness 
take these next few weeks to ask yourself in what way have i dragged my body around and can i forgive myself? 
remember its about being aware and being grounded not just aware and not just grounded as we learn what it truly means to EM-body we will find what HOME really is ❤ ::hugs::

Healing from Narcissistic Relationships ~ Neha & Gary ~ 29 January 2021

Source: Higher Dimensional Guidance & Healing

So many are peeling themselves out of marriages, relationships and friendships with narcissistic people these days, trying to heal and put themselves back together, and make sense of what they endured. Awareness and understanding are the first steps to healing.
There is a difference between a self-centered person and a narcissist. Most human beings are quite self-centered, barely able to see another’s perspective and anything outside of their limited grasp of reality. A narcissist, however, is someone who pulls you into a game of control, manipulation, blame, and deceit in which you will eventually give them your power, and lose your sense of self and free will.
Narcissists usually project a larger than life fantasy of themselves, are ever so charming, and can be sensitive, empathic, thoughtful and caring, and may appear awakened. They are master manipulators, and can seem to be the person you’ve always dreamed of being with. They give lavish compliments, build you up, are helpful and just seem to love you like no one else ever has before. Being excellent actors, they can make you believe anything about them. But there is a glaring inconsistency that comes out the longer you are with them. 
A narcissist will inevitably project their negative and unhealed emotions onto you, and blame and shame you for their issues. They will never admit that they are wrong, unless this is useful to them in manipulating you into staying, or into further submission. They will increasingly stifle you and control your every move, your every breath, thinking it relates to them and that you are merely an extension of themselves, and not your own person with valid boundaries and a life of your own to live. There is an unquestioned entitlement that you owe them your life, and that everything you do relates to them. From their perspective your purpose is to give them your energy and light, your support and love, and to be there for them emotionally, physically and mentally to be exploited as they see fit.
People are not born narcissists – they are molded as children through severe traumas and fragmenting of their spirits into becoming masters of manipulation and deception. Through breaking and fragmenting as children, they barely have enough of themselves left to survive, and so they learned to take from others what they cannot give to themselves. They are in an extreme form of survival-mode, in which they have lost all trust in themselves and are completely outward oriented. Many were taught to be narcissistic bullies by their own narcissistic parents, school teachers, coaches, pastors and other role models. They learned to manipulate and charm for what they wanted and the more it worked, the more they perfected their con-games for their own gain, living in fantasy world of their own making into which they pull everyone who lets them… They don’t usually know that they are a narcissist. Over the course of their lifetime, they have become so adept to their game that it has become their identity. They have become a god in their own mind, and thus no matter how spiritual or awakened they say they are, they are not capable of a real relationship with Mother & Father God or their own divine spirit.
Unfortunately, while spiritual narcissists may pretend to be on a healing or awakening journey, they will always shy away from doing the actual emotional healing work. They will have a thousand excuses, and project their issues onto you, taking what is supposedly your inventory, shaming you for their projected darkness that they see in you. Being a megalomaniac in nature, they may set themselves up as your teacher or healer, convincing you that they are advanced and far beyond your level of awareness and spiritual understanding, which puts them in an excellent position to control you even further.
Any attempts to push back, stand up for yourself, or help them actually heal and face their emotions, will be met with an arsenal of raging accusations and masterfully disguised projections that will make you feel shamed, diminished, confused and maybe even suicidal by the end of the conversation, and them standing tall and towering over you, fully justified in the punishment and abuse they exerted for your breaking out of the box they appointed for you. But they may go even further, and now that you feel small and in pieces, pretend to be there for you and make themselves out to be your comforter and confident, while you give in and silently hate yourself for losing your power so completely to them.
A narcissist is not inherently a bad person, but they have placed themselves through extreme arrogance in a position where they cannot accept help, and cannot be healed. They live in fear and won’t let go. Healing the narcissist is not your job, and not your responsibility. It is theirs and theirs alone. It is not for us to save them, nor to enable them and protect them from the consequences of their actions and behaviors. They can heal, just like anyone else, when they give themselves permission to do so, and when they can find the honesty and humility that it takes to let go of their fantasies, projections and toxic control, and face the pain they caused as well as the devastation of their own emotional traumas that have facilitated their development into these glamorous perpetrators.
Whether you have already removed yourself from the relationship with the narcissist, or are still struggling to break out, you must forgive yourself for getting pulled into their games, and for feeling like you were enabling your own soul-theft. It was not your fault that you fell into their trap. But it is yours to do the necessary healing so that this doesn’t happen again.
Most women and men who were or are in relationships with narcissists, also had a traumatic upbringing. Many grew up with at least one narcissistic parent, and we were so used to this type of emotional, and maybe also physical abuse, and attracted those people to them because of the familiarity of their particular dysfunctional patters and behaviors. We saw ourselves as inferior, unworthy, and in need of other people to fill the hole in our lives, and validate us, and they saw us coming from miles away… We didn’t trust ourselves and our intuition, and manipulated our perception of the narcissist to fit our own fantasy of what we wanted to see, versus the reality of the abuse that kept shining through the veil that was pulled over our eyes.
As part of our healing, we must leave behind the bliss-bunny syndrome, the spiritual concept of everything being love and light, because it doesn’t allow us to see reality. When we focus on seeing ourselves, the world, and other people only in a certain positive way, we miss out on the reality of what is really going on all around and within us. It is a form of denial that can easily put us in the path of narcissists, and while we are focused on seeing the love and light in them, they are taking us for everything we’ve got. And we let them with a smile on our face because we feel that we owe the world our happiness, fake or not…
With compassion and love for ourselves we must allow the full reality of the relationship to come into awareness, and of our own emotional devastation. In looking back, we can see that we often did have impulses to speak up and even to walk away, but for a variety of reasons, we suppressed them. Forgive yourself for staying. Forgive yourself for standing by as you and your resources were being exploited and you became smaller and smaller. Forgive yourself for now having to heal and put yourself back together. It is not all their fault, nor is it all yours. It takes two to tango, but in the case of a relationship with a narcissist, you were the one being played and damaged.
Find your inner child and make amends for not being able to protect it. Cry and grieve the loss of self that occurred, and know that you will be okay. You can heal from this experience, and grow, and learn not only discernment and trust in yourself, but also allow this to be the rock bottom that permits you to fully step into your awakening. 
Use this as an opportunity to heal the childhood traumas that you were not able to heal before, so that you can step into the power of your authentic self, rather than being tossed about like a feather in the wind. Build the foundation of trust, honesty and discernment within yourself that will give you the courage and strength to stand your ground at all times and in all circumstances, and allows you to see what is really in front of you, rather than a fantasy. 
If you want to heal and awaken, you must allow your authentic self to come out. Through your own authenticity you will be able to recognize that of others, and be able to see and chose your relationships with discernment and self-love, knowing that you are deserving of real love.

Set Them Free ~ Nicky Hamid ~ 30 January 2021

This attachment is one of the hardest to release. As Caroline Myss pointed out, parents usually do not wish to empower their (adult) children because the parents do not want their kids to leave them or be independent of them.

Source: Nicky Hamid

Your children’s path is their own to walk, not yours. And no matter how hard you try you cannot go there. If you choose to tie your happiness to your children's behaviour you are destined for continuous disappointment. It has not been easy for any of us to really get this, that loving unconditionally means giving up emotional attachment to another. Giving up completely the idea that in any way your own happiness is dependent on anyone else’s. 
Until the child is 7 years old its aura is normally partially “bound” to that of their mother. The Love bond nurtures and the emotional bodies are highly “reactive” to each other. 
When you make your identity dependent on another you give away your Chi (Lifeforce) to the other and in your own neediness take the Chi of the other. It is especially to the forefront with our young children. 
This does not mean you cut yourself off emotionally. It actually means you become more aware and connected when you are far more in tune with yourself and the needs of the moment.
Your children are not your children. They belong to life and are their own sovereign beings. And when you stop playing the painful game of "Rescue" they might have less to contend with, one thing of which is their resentment of your interference.
Hold your vision and knowing of who they truly are (remember they came from God and you saw that clearly in their eyes when they were very young) and let them go in your own mind and emotions. Love them as totally as you have always done but set them free.
This is not being uncaring for you know that you are not. Make peace with your own childhood and nurture more the childlike qualities that reside within yourself, eg. play more in your daily life..
And who is the expert? 
There is no “perfect” parent. 
Each of us does our best and our children are our best teachers. They are actually, perhaps unknowingly, confronting you with reflections about how you can take your own freedom and joy further.
Happiness is a choice. If you can choose your own happiness first then you lay the best foundation for your children, because you will be presenting an “open door” that they will remember always and where they can step into their own happiness whenever they so choose.
Shine On
I So Love You

You May Be The Light ~ Rumi

If everything around you seems dark,
look again....you may be the Light
* Rumi

Blue Ray Transmission: Sun Solaris Illuminating A New Light of Aquarius ~The Ascension Technologies 2021 ~ Shekina Rose ~ 29 January 2021

Source: Shekina Rose

Blue Ray Transmission: Sun Solaris Illuminating A New Light of Aquarius ~The Ascension Technologies 2021 
Dear Beloved Starseed, Light Worker and Blue Ray,
The Sun Solaris is emanating increasing harmonic codes from the New Light of Aquarius, the sound frequency / octaves of the New Earth. These light waves act as signals through the celestial heaven’s planetary bodies via the source of the Central Sun, heralding a new Light age of Universal co-creation with the Divine Mother Sound harmonics.
Coming through this transmission is a language of light activation from the Sun and Solar Angel Deity Holy tones transference, awakening your innate soul light within. These light waves are increasing your human body technology quantum light pathways via the receptive sacred divine feminine template that reactivates a unified field, harmonic tone resonance. 
You are a unity light telepathic field, connected to each other through empathic Heart Light Source Resonance, much like the internet acts as an outward assimilation of connecting networks exchanging data between devices. This is an inner-net, connecting transmission information that follows a common language for communication between devices, Heart-based.
Beloved, you are this reflection of higher holy sacred technology. Your human design is an interdimensional transmitter light system, a telepathic innernet highway that can’t be shut down once it is recalibrated to its true Source. Abiding in Source, it will retain these resonances, beyond all polarity and separation, in Unity Consciousness. 
The new sound Light frequency is signaling your inner knowing that it is high time to activate the true internet of holy unity power within and sustain it via unity consciousness. Your multidimensional presence can exist perfectly within the Earthly reality [of duality] yet maintain resonance at the higher dimension consciousness. The dimensions and realms co-exist with each other in connecting levels and energy fields—a bridge—if you will.
You create the new earth as receiver and transmitter, energy alchemist, grid worker decoders, Blue Ray transformers of the frequencies, intuitive and expertly deciphering sound wave vibration and Light frequency. Your higher purpose mission to be awake aligns the body template to its true Source. 
Your cells are encoded and respond to a cosmic universal language. When you are receptive to that note and tone frequency (listen), your higher light pathways sacred technology becomes activated, coming online with a Universal source field, harmonic tone resonance, the Divine Holy Matrix of Unity. Wealths of knowledge, information and awareness increase. 
This connection is beyond manipulation and control; a quantum reunion between your God DNA and the harmonic creation, a holy communion of the intelligent Universal source field, is restored.
Please share freely to assist the Light Workers, Starseeds & Angelics
Permission is granted to copy and redistribute this article and videos on the condition that the URL https://shekinarose.com/ is included as the resource and that it is distributed freely and on a non-commercial basis. E-mail: shekina444@yahoo.com Thank you Shekina 
Find out if you are from the Blue Ray?
Ultra Senstive Empaths Star Seeds of the Sacred Divine Feminine
As a Blue Ray Being, you came to transform the damaged, mutated DNA of humanity, and set the stage for the other rays to come.
Shekina Rose Angel Messenger, Language of Light Songstress, in the 528 Hz Miracle frequencies Sound Healer, Blue Ray Emissary and Channel, Intuitive (Empath) Spiritual Psychic, Creator of the Sedona Vortex Frequency Crystals ~ Pendants and Activators Sacred technologies from her regular physical and telepathic visited by the Archangels & Ascended Masters, Fairy realm Kingdoms
Shekina Rose, Blue Ray Star born, Channel of the Blue Ray, was downloaded in 2008 that she was from the Blue Ray where she received the information and history of who these empathy sensitive Star beings their characteristics traits and their mission on the planet.
Photo *Universal Frequency Harmonizer Technology ~Holy Sun Tones meditation Activation Activator & Crystal Grid

29 January 2021

First Contact Made ~ Denise Le Fay ~ 28 January 2021

Around 22 January ~ hat's the same time I felt the major Consciousness Shift I wrote about last week. I'm glad Denise Le Fay came out with this update because she also mentions a couple of other things that I experienced in the past week that explains so much ~ a series of very minor accidents that left me clueless about how they happened, and also that sadness-anxiety-irritation feeling that lasted a good 24 hours, that seemingly came from nowhere.

Source: High Heart Life

No I’m not talking about ETs. I’m talking about first contact with this next level and section of incoming NEW Divine Mother diamond crystalline Christ Aquarian Age energies. And just so there’s not confusion or doubt about what I’m saying, SHE/IT, IT/SHE —Divine Mother in this NEW energy costume package— is personally delivering them to Volunteers first that can embody and anchor them into this ascending Earth for humanity and more.

The “event”, the “shift” as some have been calling it is actually numerous small incremental stairstep energy events and shifts. This latest one of this past week is the biggest and most altering of them so far — there’s more to come but one step at a time so we get “there” with as few exploding Volunteers and humans as possible. Some exploding by some people is inevitable and I mean emotionally but mentally and physically is possible too which is why this has to unfold in these incremental energy stairsteps. However Phase 2 of the Ascension Process which started January 2020, is unfolding so fast and intensely that it’s hard sometimes to get a clear grasp on just how much actual shifting has happened just in January 2021.

What I’m going to describe is not, I repeat NOT for everyone that may read this. I wish that were the case but it never has been since I’ve been writing about the evolutionary ascension online since 2003.

As best as I can tell from going back over my personal notes, plus combining them with a specific thing another Volunteer friend shared in her email a few days ago, this latest Divine Mother first contact happened and/or began on or around January 22, 2021. Did it happen or begin then? Both. Welcome to the linear and nonlinear NEW!

I suddenly perceived, felt and saw what I’m calling first contact with the incoming NEW Divine Mother Feminine diamond crystalline Christ Aquarian Age energies around January 22 into the 23rd. This was at first seemingly linear but it did not remain as such which is why the timeline often gets dicey to nail down precisely. The old part of me wants to nail it down and date it etc. while the higher me could care less about such things. The Ascension Process and Separation of Worlds and Embodiment Process all continues. Stop trying to box any of it into some handy but totally incorrect compartment because I’m telling you it doesn’t work plus Divine Mother won’t let you do it.

I wasted an hour this morning searching for a close enough image to what I saw and felt of this, of incoming Divine Mother SHE/IT carrying the NEW ascended 5D+ Aquarian Age energies and NEW energy templates. The above image is terribly inadequate so you’ll have to visualize my description of what I perceived on the 22-23rd.

Before I get into that however, I need to say that most of us have preconceived beliefs and expectations that Divine Mother Feminine is all soft and warm, fuzzy and loving (lower case “l”), nurturing and gentle with big, soft, girly round curves and cushy edges everywhere. Yeah, no, throw those incorrect fantasies into the trash immediately. Divine Mother of this NEW time is anything but all that, and this incoming ascended NEW Aquarian Age version of HER/SHE/IT is very much the opposite of all soft n’ squishy, lovey-dovey,  mommy-esk earth goddess type stuff. Pardon the slang blunt language but this bitch will cut you! You’ll thank me later for that crude truth when you understand for yourself.

This version of Divine Mother IT/SHE for this time has razor-sharp crystalline edges, strong diamond lines and angles, countless brilliant diamond facets that cut air and space and human consciousness, radiance that’s white-Light blinding and all with an attitude of take no prisoners. If all that sounds way harsh to you, honestly think back over global patriarchal human history for the last few thousand Dark Age years at the profound negativity, distortions, violence, numbing stupidity, crushing disempowerment and ceaseless need to kill other humans. Divine Mother Feminine for this ascending NEW Age, NEW Earth, NEW Humans is all done with what has been and is here now to get everything and everyone back on NEW Divine Source track as quickly as possible. And SHE/IT is not going to love, cuddle or sweet-talk you there but kick your ass there as often as needed. Many of us have been experiencing some of this in January 2021 and didn’t realize who and what it was.

Please read on....

Timewave Spirals: The Coming Separation of the Timewave Spiral Templates in Nov 2023 ~ Ian Parks ~ 15 January 2021

My request is that only those who align with the Tri-Wave architecture concept watch this video, because truthfully, I do feel tired of repeatedly explaining my views to those who point out how that's impossible given that all we see around us is evidence of Bi-Wave and FoL geometry. But I'll do it hopefully one final time.

My answer has always been this ~ if we accept that our reality is based on a Fallen Universe architecture, then we could consider that what we're seeing is entropic design being expressed all around us. It's as if the original Codes of Creation were hijacked and messed with, and this is what resulted. So that's what we see around us ~ creation based on distorted codes.

If we can readily accept that we are transfiguring from Carbon t0 Crystalline-based DNA, surely the next logical extrapolation is that the basis of Creation itself is being re-coded? And therefore the "building blocks" themselves have been changed? For anyone interested, I've written in more detail here.

Back to this video, and here's the link. 

The diagram alone (above image) is really worth 1000 words. I hope I got the source right ~ Ian Parks ~ because there's no information on the yt channel so I had to do some digging to determine the person behind the video.

As per the video, the Bifurcation point is at 144 on 8-9 November 2023. The process of the Tri-Veca system is also explained in some detail, and it made me think of Asur'Ana's account of the Tri-Sphere Chakra system. It's also underscored in the video how essentially crucial it is for us to choose our reality through where we place our focus, which has been the theme for today's postings.

Where Gaia Mum goes, we follow!

You Create Your Own Reality ~ E’Asha Ashayana Arhayas

As human DNA builds, the higher-dimensional reality fields come into manifest view, and the lower-dimensional reality fields fall out of perceptual range

Synchronicity is showing a strong theme today in what I'm posting ~ BEing the creator being that we are. 

Source: Consciousness Expansion Movement (with video)

Video edited by the Lovely 🌷Ari Rishi🌷 

"Adam" and "Eve" were symbolic personages representing the polarization of the sub-strands of DNA and the birth of duality of consciousness. The symbolic story of Adam and Eve was itself twisted from its true meaning, which in allegorical form stood for the polarization of the twelve single strands of the subspecies.
Your version promotes the idea that "Eve was created out of the rib of Adam", which symbolically implies that man was created first. The polarization of DNA, and the resulting birth of duality of gender, occurred simultaneously. It further encourages you to believe that woman was created to serve man, to be "lesser" and to play a subservient role.
These distortions were purposely given to you to keep from you and suppress the power and wisdom held within the female form and consciousness.
Through this distortion the polarities or duality within each of the 12 subspecies could never be overcome, and thus the completion of human evolution into its original exalted form could never be actualized.
The level of frequencies accreted (accretion level) into the personal morphogenetic field will determine the level of DNA strand assembly you possess. As you pull in more frequency bands from the dimensional Unified Fields, your accretion level rises, more DNA codes assemble and become operational within your DNA strands, and your consciousness and perceptual field expands. 
A consciousness with a 3-3.5-accretion level has a DNA code with 3-3.5 strands assembled.
There is an intimate relationship between the Seed Crystal Seeds the Star Crystal Seeds and the Human NA. Each Seed Crystal corresponds directly to and controls the basic functions of one strand of DNA. The process of assembling DNA strands by working with the higher chakras is the process of bringing frequency from the Stellar Spirals into the Star Crystal Seals. There are 12 dormant DNA codes corresponding to 12 Star Crystal Seals and each code carries the frequencies and light spectra contained within the Star Crystal Seal. These dormant gene codes allow for the separate DNA strands to "plug into each other", a condition necessary for Cellular Transmutation. The 12 dormant gene codes corresponding to 12 of the 15 Star Crystal Seals are individually referred to as Genetic Time Codes, Codes of Transmutation or Fire Codes. Collectively, the 12 Fire Codes are known as the Silicate Matrix or the Crystal Gene. This is the original gene construction of the human organism.
The Grail Line: (Indigo Children & Angelic Humans) Emerald, Diamond and Golden Sun DNA Templates (48,30,24 and 12 Strands). The Annu-Elohim Line: (Intruders) Ruby and Belil Sun DNA Templates (9-11 Strands) The Seraphin-Drakonian Line: (Intruders) Black Sun DNA (2-10 Strands)
Tan-Tri-Ahura Teachings