16 January 2021

The Sacred Path ~ Judith Kusel ~ 15 January 2021

Source: Judith Kusel

The highest pathways only seek the sacred, the transcendental and indeed that which is Omni-Versal.
Yet, it sees the same Omnipresence, in the heart of every flower, every tree, Mother Earth, all all upon her.
For the same Sacred Energy Force lives within all of us, and indeed within all of Creation, and this includes the Multi-Universes and indeed all that is visible and invisible.
The more one becomes AS ONE with all and everything and everyone, the more you cannot see separation, nor duality, nor polarity.
You start to love the shadow, for indeed, the seed which is there planted firmly into the bosom of Mother Earth, will experience that darkness, the shadow. Yet, within the darkness the seeds of life sprout forth and with it a totally new life, and new beginnings. From a tiny mustard seed, and mighty tree is brought into form and being!
The light always enlightens, and radiates forth. The light indeed, embraces the sacred fires, and fires transmute and transform. More than this, light is needed for all to grow and expand into conscious being and form. It is a life giving force on its own. 
When darkness and light are beautiful balanced and in harmony with each other, all expands into a greater Creation, and greater expansive consciousness, which indeed embraces the whole cosmos.
It is the same within us. When the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine are beautiful balanced within us, we enter the sacred Bridal Chamber, and it is here within this sacred heart space, with the heart and soul AS ONE, that we connect to the deepest awareness and divinity within us. In Aramaic this is called SHM, and indeed, it embraces all the energetic Force - the Divine Source, and Heavenly Source, if you prefer. 
It is within your own soul that you true soul self rises, the I AM within, and it is from this magnificence place of harmony and balanced, steeped in unconditional love, that the greatest Masters who ever walked on earth, operated in and from where they could perform seeming miracles. The Miracles in fact were but the ability to manipulate and co-create within energetic fields and thus, transcendentally so. 
The same mastery is available to all souls. Yet, to attain this degree of mastery, is a matter of attaining this deeply within oneself and thus activating the inherent soul abilities and transcendence within.
The Sacred Path calls for total dedication with great love and devotion. 
It is indeed a way of life and living.
Once you are on the sacred path, all other paths lose their appeal, for you now experience sacredness in the deepest and most holy sense, within, as ONE with the Divine Source and All of Creation. 
Judith Kusel

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