28 February 2021

The EFFI Prayer and LTR-Power Grid ~ E’Asha Ashayana Arhayas ~ Voyagers ~ 27 February 2021

This is both powerful and beautiful. Not knowing what LTR means, I poked around to see if I could find the answer, and came to E'Asha's own site. I will copy the information and prayer text below.

Here's the link to the video, which also includes versions in French, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, Mandarin, Korean.

From the Arhayas site:

The EFFI Prayer & LTR (Linguistic -Template -Reprogramming) -Power Grid

Note: The word EFFI is a Guardian acronym noun formed from the initial letters of the words Eternal First Field intelligence and Electro-Thermal First Force identity; the word EFFI is often used synonymously with the term EFFI Infinitum (RE: Tan-Tri-Ahu'ra Teachings© 1-9, 8/2012 -8/2014+). In GuardianMaterial™ Theory, the word EFFI is used as a noun referring to the entirety of the Living EFFI Eternal 1st Consciousness  Field, within which ALL Creation has ALWAYS, and will ALWAYS, exist. EFFI is not a "name for God", it is the Eternal Living Spirit of Existence and a Frequency Destination. 

The Eternal PRESENCE- E'Lum'en-ed Essence is the Experiential KNOWING, Living EMBODIMENT, and Manifest EXPRESSION of the Eternal EFFI Nature AND the tangible FREQUENCIES of Energy, Cognition and Consciousness upon and through which the Eternal EFFI Nature is carried. In its primary expression the Eternal EFFI Nature is the Presence of Absolute LOVE, which is recognized as the Eternally-Living Foundation of Consciousness, Frequency & Physics behind and within ALL Structures, Systems, Things and Beings, and through which ALL Structures, Systems, Things and Beings are Eternally, Indelibly Interconnected and UNITED.

Eternal Spirit (EFFI), 
Please Hold me and Enfold me....
in your infinite Love and Protection. 
Please Still me and Full-Fill me....   
with the Beauty of your Peace. 
Please Show me and In-flow me....
with the Wisdom of your Vision. 
Please Know me and Bestow me....
as an Instrument of your Grace.
Let us Co-create together....
in Harmony each day. 
Let us Shine E'Lum'en-ed Essence....
to Forever Light the Way. 
Ta A'jha-in'ta DO'-A (Repeat 3 times) 
(To A'jha-in'ta DO'-A means "So as it is Spoken, So as it is Done") 
The EFFI Prayer LTR -Power Grid is most powerful and frequency-effective when translated into your first spoken language. 
KeylonticTM Discourses for Daily Lving-KDDLTM Course Series - 
Presented by ARhAyas Productions LLC; ©02/2019 E'Asha A. Arhayas

The Emergence of the Power of Love ~ Caroline Myss ~ 27 February 2021

Source: Caroline Myss

We are transitioning through a time of epic chaos. Chaos always generates madness and fear and there is no shortage of that in our society. We are witnessing what happens when people fear the loss of their power – social power, political power, racial power.

But make no mistake. We are witnessing the emergence of the power of love influencing a gradual transformation in our world. And though we are living in the chaotic stage of this transformation, love – the force of life – is deeply present.
Love is a power – the greatest power we have. It is a power we fear because love can, and will, transform the world around us if enough people are willing to embrace the transforming and healing power of love over the love of power. 

Please continue here for the rest of Caroline's newsletter.

You Are A Magnificent Creator Being ~ Nicky Hamid ~ 26 February 2021

Source: Nicky Hamid

Make your dreams real by loving them more in the inner reaches of your inner self-conscious process. Then they will begin to materialise. The "inner "becomes the "outer".
And as you explore your “inner” processes, your shifts, and all your experiences of Now, you begin to see how you exist in many dimensions, singularly and simultaneously.
Then through Love you embrace the “outer” and it starts to merge as inside you, because it is. You begin to see the “out there” as “in here” and it transforms, morphs, with your remembering of who you truly are.
And Jesus said "In my Father's house there are many mansions: if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you."
And now in your "within" you do likewise. He also said “These things I do ye shall do and MORE BESIDES."
You are a magnificent Creator Being. Go within and legitimate it with your Lovingness and surrendering to the Flow that is so much a central core of who you are.
I So Love You

Expand Your Perception ~ Aluna Ash ~ 27 February 2021

Source: Aluna Ash

πŸ’•When in doubt, remind yourself what "infinite" means and contemplate on what infinite means, and add the thought of infinite love pure and unconditioned. Then you are reminding yourself of the Truth hidden behind appearances, conditions and perceived limitations.

Re-Acclimation of Your Identity to Your True Worth ~ Paul Selig ~ 27 February 2021

Source: Empath 1111

The mission you each have, the readers of our texts, the students of our work, is simply to be who and what you are in the highest vibration that you are able to align to......
The being of this, we say, is what rings the bell to call your fellows forward. You do not need a tract, a pamphlet, to hand to your brother. You do not need a saying to give to your sister, you simply need to be who you are, and the re-acclimation of your identity to your true worth will be there for you as you experience yourself in your lives, as you know yourself in your interactions and as you can claim your worth.
The Guides, Through Paul Selig

February Full Moon | The Universe is Expanding ~ Jessica Delmar ~ 24 February 2021

Source: Jessica Delmar

Happy Full Moon! I want you to take this post as a divine message to remind you of who you truly are. You are non-physical Source energy having a physical experience. And in this moment, I want you to close your eyes and breathe into the knowing that all is truly well.

This is a reminder that the Guides have been speaking to me about as I settle into stronger soul and Universal awareness in Oneness. There is a lot going on in the world, but as long as you return back to knowing who you truly are, in alignment to knowing that all is truly well, then your reality - and the greater Universal reality that flows through you - settle into divine balance and breath.

Last October of 2020, I spent a few weeks in Phoenix, Arizona. I find myself here again in February 2021, where I've been staying and using this time to focus on my divinely-guided writing.

Last October, I witnessed the Full Moon in Phoenix, AZ. Around that time, I went to a nearby park where a Native American chanting and drumming circle was taking place at sunset. I just so happened to hear the drumming and chanting as it reverberated throughout the park.

This month, I find myself witnessing another Full Moon here in Phoenix, AZ. I went to the same park recently only to come across the very same Native American chanting and drumming circle once again at sunset.

The drumming and chanting vibrated through me, opening from the heart space, and lulled me into a deep, conscious meditative space.

I closed my eyes and could feel the drumming sync with the beating of my womb. It danced in alignment to the pulsing of my heart, stretching and opening the womb with each beat.

Then it showed me this energy expanding into my entire body. My body began pulsing to the beat of the drumming heart reverberated through my blood flow, stretching and opening the whole body.

Then it showed me this energy expanding into energy aura. My aura began pulsing to the beat of the drumming heart, stretching and opening.

Then it showed me this energy expanding into the Earth, and the Earth began pulsing to the beat of the drumming heart, stretching and opening.

Then, it showed me this energy expanding into the Universe, and the Universe began pulsing to the beat of the drumming heart, stretching and opening.

And then the words came forth clear and loud: “The Universe is Birthing Expansion Right Now!”

Please read on....

SR Reading & Solar Activity

Building the Dream of Your Future ~ Lee Harris ~ 27 February 2021

Every single day, you can build the dream of your future 

Source: Lee Harris

Every single day, you can build the dream of your future through small steady steps and practices. 
You can start right now by writing down a few elements you would like to come into your life in the coming three, six, nine months. 
And as you write these elements on a piece of paper, how does it make you feel as these dreams and visions come through your body and when you look back at these words on the paper?
This is your personal alchemy. This is your spell casting. This is you tapping into possibility. 
And that is very important, for your collective has been taught to run on patterns and experience progress slowly, and yet, if you truly look at the path of your history and the amount that this world you live in has changed over the last only hundred years, you will realize how much change is possible when you acknowledge that you are all now entering a faster time where transformation and manifestation is concerned.
- From Create the Future Meditation MP3

The Keys and Coes of Soul Creation ~ Judith Kusel ~ 27 February 2021

Source: Judith Kusel

The Keys and Codes of Soul Creation
We are in phase of intense activations which started on Thursday and will intensify during the next three weeks.
Many souls are now awakening, and the keys and codes now being released are indeed those of Creation, which the Elohim and Elohim Counsels hold. 
I mentioned this in an earlier post, yet wish to reiterate this, as the Elohim are the Aspect of the Divine Source, who create and oversee all creation. 
The Elohim are indeed busy to activate the New Light Body form now which we will fully assume in the New Earth and with it, immense keys and codes of Creation are being released, and these are the Keys and Codes of Elysium, the First Creation: - the history of which is contained in my book: “Why I was born in Africa: the untold history of Elysium and the Lion Kingdom.” (Available on my website, Amazon and Ingram Spark, as are all my books.)
This morning, after going through intense upgrades with the Elohim and being shown what is happening as the New Earth is bursting more and more into form and being in greater degrees, how the spinal column of the New Earth is pulsating with beautiful Golden Energy. 
The New Earth indeed, is Golden and she has a Golden Halo around her. She is much bigger than the Old Earth and she is beautiful: - pristine, newly created and pulsating with such high vibrational frequency, that she is accelerating into the New Golden Age. 
The effect this is having on all of us who are thus now bridging the New and Old, is that we now need to step up into a new existence. Indeed, we are being prepared in much higher ways than we can even comprehend now, and one day, we will just wake up in the New Earth, totally new form and embodiment, and will have left the old behind forever. 
In this time of transition, our physical reality will change more and more, and with it we will step ever higher in dimensional state, while we are bridging the old and the new. Yet, in the meantime, we still need to chop wood and continue with the daily life on earth as before, yet, we will find an inner balance and joy, which goes beyond anything we have ever known before.
This is good time to truly make a promise to yourself, that you will do what you love to do and create what you wish to create, with inner joy and with great love. For that is what life is all about in the New Earth. Indeed, when the heart and soul sing songs of joy, all creation sings through them, and thus all is infused with the highest energy and purity of The Power of Love.
I am finding that more of the Sacred Tones are being transmitted through me, in my early morning quiet time and with it, the songs of Creation! This is sublime and I am being told that these are the Sacred Heart Tones and the Tones of Creation. 
The Elohim sing through all they create – literally, for it is power of SOUND that we will rediscover and the power of the Sacred Tones so that we can create with the use of Sound and thus empower what we create!
My heart and soul sing as I write this, even as I struggle to find words.
The words I am writing will sing through your soul, as you read this and the Elohim will activate the keys and codes within you, which you need to have activated within you now.
Let go of the old: - totally
In this present moment you are already stepping into the future you – the new embodied you.
So stay present.
Stay consciously aware.
When the old pops up, immediately stop the thought, the things which come up, and consciously release them with forgiveness and joy. And bless the souls who created the old with you and thank them for the service rendered. Set them free and set yourself free as well.
The lighter and brighter and more activated we get, the more the soul sings and the more the Elohim will sing through us and sing us into the New Earth and embodiment.
They will speak through me more and more – as they will step forth to activate what needs to be activated and create the new within you and all of those who will step fully embodied in the Light Body into the New Earth.
I have spoken!
Judith Kusel
Facebook: Judith Kusel
MeWe: Judith Kusel
Twitter: judithkusel2
Amazon: Judith Kusel
Ingram Spark: Judith Kusel

Jason Estes Influx and March Updates ~ 27 February 2021

Source: Jason Estes

Influx Update:
Todays a 8pt heart influx this means things could be a bit more emotional and you might be revisiting some old wounds 
a really helpful practice is to put a pillow between your shoulder blades and lay down on it for about 5-10mins and just focus on your breath letting the feelings and emotions come to surface to face so they are no longer running you ❤ ::hugs::
March Update:
Welcome to March this month is about clarity and truth now that we have seen the madness and the lies within and around us its time to begin the true path to redemption and the long journey home 
with each day and each step we will find the world coming back into alignment with nature and the flow of time what was once hidden will be seen by all and as we take our final fall remember to stand back up in faith our time has come to begin again... ❤ ::hugs:: 
Body Unlock: take a few mins to check in with your body on 3 positions it wants to hold then set a timer for 3-5mins for each position
Field Update: set a timer for 1-5mins and open to the flow of time and allow it to flow in and around you till your field is fully aligned or the timer goes off.
PNR playtime: Hold PNR Azure Symbol up in right hand for 3mins then left hand for 3 mins then ontop of your head for 3mins then 2mins under right foot and 2 mins under left. 
Recommended T.v. shows and Movies (links in comments)
Movies: Edge of Tomorrow, Source Code
T.v. shows: 12 Monkeys season 4, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Part 4
Recommended Tech on Activationstation.org
Celestial Charity
Lemurian Remembrance
Fifth Force Nervous System Updates
The best way to reach me now is leaving a comment below or emailing PR@jasondestes.com have a wonderful month 😊!
LINKS provided by Jason:

What Do You Want To Create? ~ Paul Dobree-Carey ~ 27 February 2021

Source: Paul Dobree-Carey

For those that seek answers, often find alignment with suffering – for they will quite often fall into the trap of comparison and analysing within the Mind and suffer as a result. The Mind can only provide answers based on experience. Seek in the Heart and receive the Truth of answers in clarity.
In looking at what has been before, why do so many view Atlantis as a disaster or a downfall – it was a project like all others have been and brought its own set of unique lessons for all who participated. Each time each dynasty is written about, its story is changed to suit the agenda of the storyteller. The true history lies only within the Truth of the Soul that manifested a life experience there. Each Soul holds a different story, just as you create your own version of Now as you did then. 
Seek the Truth only from within yourself to learn what only you can know about Truth.
All are different. You cannot exist on light alone, one must have water as well. It is the four elements that are essential to sustain the future of the human race – this was known in Atlantis. Your Sun is essential to Life here on Earth, you may create so much from the sun with water and the elements from the earth. The things given to you by the Mother, they are provided in a simple form. If you look at the basics of what is already here, you have the potential to create a whole new world without destruction of what already exists.
Each prior dynasty had profound beauty but created suffering through the imposed development of corrupted systems placed upon its citizens. It was done this way so that you could find courage and strength within you, to find the words that must be spoken from the heart, not the head. Your Light is your Truth centre, your Heart – that is All That Is.
And Here is where YOU are - if not in your heart, then where are you indeed? True existence, even, in reality, must be connected to the heart. Disconnection from the heart disconnects you from Source, therefore what remains of your existence – Ego survival, nothing more. Serving the Self only – this happened in Atlantis, in Egypt, in Christ’s time, throughout many dynasties. Have you not learned yet? Have you truly not learned this is where you will find your true nature?
Do you not still see the pain and destruction caused each and every time – that time is Now. One cannot fail, not again, for those who returned to help, those who are here now, they must waken their own Light and walk their own true path. The Path that has always been laid before them since their first existence, the true path is the path home – home to the Light within.
As you watch the changes taking place upon your planet, the patterns will reveal themselves once again, as patterns are only reflections of the people. The patterns will only change when all around change too. When all make a decision to step away from the noise and move into the wonders of their true nature.
Just as pollution that washes up on the beaches, we thank you for your work Polaris and all others involved in the clean-up that must occur - we see what every one of you does. The way to create peace is to cease creating noise.
When people gather together walking their path, they create an immense amount of Love felt all over the planet. So many times we have seen in your gatherings and specific events, the combined emotions, and sentimental intentions only lasting for the time they are together, quickly forgotten in-between and return to their usual ways after the event. A day or a weekend is not enough, you must be this way all the time, every day, in all you do, say and act upon.
We teach people to stay in their higher vibration. To find joy, compassion - all know this within their hearts to create peace inside and outside. This is what creates your new world. What do you want to see? What do you want to create? It’s up to you now, it’s up to all of you to take back your power, to be the light and love that you are and emanate it.
When One satisfies the light within, all outside become satisfied too. But you must come from love and passion as to who you are and why you have come.
Life - what is it? Is it an experiment, is it a game, or is it a learning lesson of experiences to allow one to see and reach their highest truth, their highest vibration in love. We are not here to teach you to climb the corporate ladder but to climb the stairway to heaven. The sun is your heaven, that is what gives you life and sustains you. The only one who closes the gate to heaven is you. See yourself in the rays of the sun lighting up the earth that is heaven’s door.
I AM the Light and the Love of One. It is in our truth embedded within our souls. Surrender to the Truth, your Truth. 
Thank you for your time on earth. It is your time now to create from your hearts in your truth and love.
With Loving Blessings ❤
Paul Dobree-Carey / Polaris AB
Online Sessions - Paul is available for Soul Guidance consultations to assist with connection to higher dimensional aspects of Self, manifesting and understanding Life purpose events, establishing and maintaining higher expanded consciousness states of awareness.

27 February 2021

My Purpose in Life ~ War & Peas

God, what is my purpose in life? 
Purpose is a man-made concept, which ties all your time on Earth to the stress of having to fulfill some greater goal. Free yourself from this pressure, Kevin.
So....you have no idea either, huh?

Posted by You Are Another Me

Another Look at "Chaotic Nodes" ~ Denise Le Fay ~ 26 February 2021

Tom Kenyon's "Chaotic Nodes" is one article I've referred to quite a few times because it is such an apt source of information for our current phase. Denise Le Fay refers to this resource and highlights relevant parts.

Source: High Heart Life

Here’s a Tom Kenyon Hathors message from 2009. Sometimes an unshaken look and unruffled emotional feel back over old ascension information means more today because we’ve been living it for many years. Sometimes re-reading older articles, posts and messages is of greater help and insight today than they were when originally written and originally read.

Don’t fixate on the 2009 date because we’ve been living in and through increasing and worsening ‘Chaotic Nodes’ constantly for many years now and this will continue for a while longer. Make a mental note when you read what the Hathors said about possible catalysts such as solar flares, bacterial and viral mutations, ecosystem distress, severe fluctuations in weather and weather patterns, the potential lack of food and water, increased earth changes, financial instability, and political ineptitude creating more within greater Chaotic Nodes. We can relate to every one of those things the Hathors listed in 2009. We’ve been living all of those things and more very intensely since Phase 2 of the Ascension Process started in January 2020 and it’s not over yet.

Anything in Tom Kenyon’s Hathor message that’s in bold was done by me to draw attention to it. Thank you Tom Kenyon and the Hathors.  πŸ’—    Tom Kenyon » Hathors Archives

Denise Le Fay

February 26, 2021

Please read on for Tom's article with highlights from Denise....

Jason Estes Update ~ 26 February 2021

Source: Jason Estes

Welcome to the first day of the forest 😊  
as you journey inward and head home remember to reflect on your time in the desert in acceptance and gratitude because with out that you would not understand how great things can be in the forest
these next 3 days are major shifts for the world stage as we close out the final Universal Energy Center unlock and begin to step into fields of clarity on a regular basis ❤ ::hugs::

Shifting Realms ~ Sandra Walter ~ 26 February 2021

Source: Sandra Walter

Blessings Beloveds ~
Sending you integration LoveLight for the reality-shifting waves flowing through Gaia in this Now.
Magnetic shifts are DNA shifts. DNA fields are reconnecting, strands are rebundling to provide a new experience. Many have noted stronger visions, dreams, lightbody expansion and thinning of the veils right now.
Magnetic shifts open us to cosmic forces, objects, and stargate energies. Intentions manifest faster, as well as revealing what impedes your desires. Magnetic Field Shifts are shutting down draining programs and amplifying the Crystalline grid. In the linear, it shows up as Schumann waves, Solar activity and geomagnetic storms.
Bliss, Freedom and Crystalline DNA codes are amplifying. Be acute about where you put your focus. If you focus on problems or negative narratives, you receive stronger problems. Time to shed the energetic support for what you do not desire to experience.
The Crystalline field is getting stronger, which provides a faster feedback loop; a shorter gap between thought - and - experience. Zero Point provides instant manifestation, and that frequency is being used across the realms to provide new experiences. Focus on becoming the true Creator being you are, and SO IT IS.
All focus on the true light and creating the New. Personal and collective discrepancies are resolved through Divine Neutrality and broadcasting the pure Crystalline frequency of the Unified Source-thru-Self.
Kindwhile, a new energy aimed at reality-shifting is coming next month.
Full Moon Saturday February 27 at 12:19AM PST
With deep shifts in progress, be acute in your ceremonies if you have them. As always, Gatekeepers use the global moon focus to bring in Freedom codes and compassionately override manipulations in the field, simply by bringing in the Christed Light frequencies as the autonomous force of Source. This creates balance, then overriding by the higher vibration, migrating the collective to the New Earth realms. Full support for the positive New Earth Crystalline Moon expression. Crystals may want to stay inside for this one.
Embracing a new reality requires releasing the old one.
Metamorphosis of relationships, Soul contracts, services, the physical, everything. Revisit the Release, Recode, Reveal method from January's webinar.
Early Bird for the Crystalline Convergence ends SUNday February 28. Join us for an epic June Solstice weekend in Sedona:: Attend In Person or via Livestream
$111 off In-person OR Livestream ticket: use code UNITY at checkout
Details and registration at link below.
Creating Peace, Unity and Ascension for All
Join us for the five-year-strong weekly SUNday Unity Meditations. See link below on how to add your light, deeply connect with Gaia, and receive support from this collective.
Staying Connected
Global meditations, online courses, quarterly webinars, live events and weekly guidance available. Look below my signature for listings and links.
Let us show HUmanity what is possible with Ascension!
In Love, Light and Service,

Our HIghest Angelic Potential ~ Matt Kahn ~ 26 February 2021

When we are able to feel instead of blame, and breathe instead of argue, we are stepping to the forefront of our highest angelic potential as evolving spiritual masters.

What the world needs now....

The Ego ~ Matt Kahn ~ 26 February 2021

I accept that the ego is the soul in its most dormant stages of incubation. It is not to be opposed, rejected, or denied, no matter how painful it may be when oscillating between patterns of worry, anticipation , and regret.
I accept that I do not worry, anticipate, or regret for any of the reasons I may believe or have imagined.
I am simply playing out these patterns as a way of building up momentum to inspire an awakening of consciousness.
In knowing it is so, I allow all aspects of the inner WAR to be healed and resolved, as I create more space for my soul to expand.
I embrace my most profound healing in the name of love, knowing all that I resolve within assists in transforming each heart throughout, since WE ARE ONE.
And so it is.

Matt Kahn speaks about the ego in very enlightened way in his recent video which I posted recently, here. I've just finished watching it and would recommend it to anyone who wishes to view the ego from a broader viewpoint.

26 February 2021

Amanda Lorence Update ~ 26 February 2021

Source: Amanda Lorence

The 23 Feb 2021 Incoming Energies (see previous post), have now INTEGRATED with the physical body and corresponding to the level of each one’s consciousness, after the 3 days it always takes to integrate. It was a HUGE 3 day period of ENERGY, for all of us. So now we each get to be with MORE of our Self as we each unpackage our gift of individual upgrades.
After the integration phase of the 3 day period, we get to BE and exist from any said upgrade. If we choose to. And so live from the NEW upgrade. And continue our journey each day from our STATE of conscious experience.
What is absolutely 100% certain, seen, felt, known, is it was a FURTHER, but SIGNIFICANT:
It will be different for everybody.
And so we get to be with this and see what unfolds within each of us with this upgrade WITH the physical body in tow, AND our expanding consciousness. The 3 in 1 merge has been available as the ‘POTENTIAL’ within the COLLECTIVE field (light design), for at least a year now. People MERGE the 3 into 1 at their own PERFECTLY timed unique lighted design time for their own journey and once the ‘POTENTIAL’ energy has arrived to the collective reality, as it did over a year ago, it’s stays...so is ALWAYS then available to each light facet to expand as. But... this latest upgrade elevates the experiences (physical body), the energetic abilities (light body) and data knowledge (mind body), in our daily unfolding reality of experiences and expanding playfulness.
Remember this is not about temporary out of body sojourns. We are here, and have been all along, to bit by bit, INTEGRATE our LIGHT BODY into and with, our physical body, to elevate our waking everyday consciousness state, to a permanence of heightened hertz experience, of the Heavens (light ether) and Earth (elements of solid lighted structures). In other words, High frequency LIGHT and WAVE FORMS with the lower frequency and density of SOLID MATTER (also made of Light). 
We are here to integrate and sustain it a bit at a time, in our every day waking consciousness and CREATE as that known and integrated connection remembered.
This upgrade will unfold as we go, from within you, for you, BY YOU...and unique to everyone. 
Such an exciting year of expansion...for all.
One Love,
Amanda Lorence
26 February 2021

Celia Fenn Update ~ 26 February 2021

Source: Celia Fenn

Virgo Full Moon and 3/3 Portal
The last week has been intense in the run up to the Full Moon in Virgo and the 3/3 Portal on the 3rd of March next week.
Full Moon in Virgo is usually a very earthy and celebratory Moon as the first hints of the change of seasons is felt.
True...we are beginning to feel the shift from Winter to Spring (or Summer to Autumn in the South), and this is something to celebrate as the time moves around the Sacred Cycles of the Earth's Stellar passage. But 2020/21 has been a difficult time as we deal with Covid and Lockdowns and all the collective emotions that go with it, such as anxiety, fear, anger, grief and sadness.
We know that our mission is to hold the Light of Love and Compassion and Joy at this time, no matter how difficult it may be. So connecting with nature to celebrate the first flowers or the first autumn leaves may be a way to return peace and joy to the process.
It will be a powerful full moon (with Sun in Pisces) so expect to feel the flows of Light Codes and energies, and take good care of yourself.
Many are reporting feeling very tired and also struggling to sleep. Rest when you can, and don't push yourself. Now is not the time.
Pisces/Virgo says rest, flow, be at ease and ground yourself.
The 3/3 Portal on the 3rd is all about the Goddess Energy and the Divine Feminine. It is a time to connect with Abundance and Ease and Beauty.
Spring is coming and Summer is not far behind!
Let the Sun warm your Heart with Golden Light and Solar Light Codes.
The Divine Feminine Christ Light is birthing a New Age on our Earth!
Love to All of you!
❤. ❤. ❤.

Not Just Love & Light....

When you're all Love and Light 
but also a Mystical and Magical Badass 

With apologies to Gandalf....

Host Yourself Home ~ Voyagers ~ E’Asha Ashayana Arhayas ~ 18 January 2021

This gives me a whole new perspective to "We are all a part of Source". Please continue here for anyone interested.

Our Planet and her Humanity are taking the "short-cut" Home as a result of Divine Intervention.

I vaguely remember from elsewhere that E'Asha described this accelerated process as involving the Source fields (innermost circle) pulsing outwards energies to reach where we are, much further away in an outer circle. This to me describes the concept of us receiving these incredibly amped up frequencies, all the way from the Source fields through the Suns, rewriting/resetting/recoding us back to the Divine Blueprint.

I'm not a fan of all the terms used in these materials, but I do notice that Eff-im-a’-rhal (Transition) sounds very much like ephemeral.

Transcript provided:

The Plasma Body represents the portion of our consciousness, energy and identity that remained within the Internal Creation fields (Pana-Co-LA'-ra, Pana-Coa-let'-a and Pan-Clair'-ah Internal) upon our First Individuation from the Eternal EFFI (Eternal First Field Intelligence God-Source field). 

The Plasma Body exists as a living, conscious wave-field that eternally carries the indelible encryption of our original Eternal-Authentik Identity 

The plasma body has numerous anatomical aspects, beginning with the 3-layer Chismatic Field (Tryptonic, Tryptoplasmic and Tan-Chi- TEi Membrane); each layer of the Chistmatic Field carries the Plasma Template encryption upon which External Creation Templates will form. The 3-layer Chismatic Field Plasma Body Template retains a being’s eternal connection to the Eternal EFFI Field of Eternal-Internal Creation, serving as a link between the Eternal-Internal Creation fields and External Pan- Clair'-ah Keylontic Light & Matter Body fields. The Chismatic Field links Eternal-Internal and External Creation through direct interface with (and governing structure over) the Rasha Body Dark Matter template, Aah-JhA* Hydro-acoustic Body (aspect of "Spirit Body" structure) and the External Creation “Light-Body & Atomic-Matter-Body'1 Multi-dimensional Anatomy. 

Upon First Individuation, as a being individuates into Internal Creation, the individuating consciousness leaves behind a small portion of its quantum within the Eternal EFFI field as a ' conscious Silken-standing-plasma-wave", that retains the individual's First Encryption, and also has the capacity to draw new quantum directly from the EFFI Field to replenish and restore its original quantum, should this original quantum become depleted. This “Eternal Standing-Wave'' of "Original Quantum Restoration'' is called the Eff-E'-Mah Silken-Wave (also referred to as the "1st Quantum", "1st Eternal Memory Point, ''Seat in the Eternal Orchestra''...re: "Journey to the Eff-i-yah State" audio technique). 

In circumstance of “fall system ensnarement” (within which beings and systems would be denied their Birthright of Return to their original Eternal-Authentik Eternal-Internal nature), the usual circumstances and inherent processes of a system’s return to its original Eternal-Authentik Eternal-Internal Nature (4-Density Vector Accretion and fulfillment of 5-Stage-StarFire Transfiguration, then entry into Adashi Return & corresponding 8 stage Plasma Body Activation Cycles) Do remain the same. But with an added Organic Element of “Direct EFFI Pana-KHY Intervention” : this is known as the K+8 Krystal River FAIL-SAFE Host. 

Through the interplaneal and transplaneal processes inherent to KRFSHost, the dormant Eff-E’-Mah Crystal of a being or system is brought into progressive rapid activation, which allows for the final option of Eff-im-a’-rhal Transfiguration. The Chismatic Field Plasma Templates and TrhU'-ah Plasma Body anatomy form from the Eff-E^Mah Wave encryption, as the consciousness individuates into Etemal-lntemal manifestation cycles. 

When in the rare occurrence when KRFSHost is triggered due to “final fall engagement”, Eff-im-a’-rhal Transfiguration allows for a final opportunity to reclaim the Birthright of Return to organic Eternal-Authentik quantum and embodiment of its Eff-E’-Mah Silken-Wave “1st Quantum” 

Under the rare circumstances of “fall system ensnarement” and resultant triggering of the KRFSHost, the Eff-E’-Mah Crystal and TrhU’-ah Plasma Body can be brought into rapid activation to engage an expedited Eff-im-a’-rhal Transfiguration Cycle, through which the being or system can “HOST Itself HOME” to Eternal-Internal Creation via progressive, rapid restoration of its original Eternal-Authentik quantum and embodiment of its Eff-F’-Mah Silken-Wave “1st Quantum” 

In August 2011, Earth fully engaged the path of the “Short Way Home” : the path of KrystalBridge Passage and expedited Eff-im-a’-rhal Transfiguration. This is the current circumstance of evolution upon which our Earth has embarked, and to which Earth’s Life-field will progressively adjust over the next 900 years, through the processes of co-resonance frequency synchronization inherent to EarthCynC. 

*KDDL 2 Manual: https://www.arhayas.com/collections/h...

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The Power of Love Sweeping the Earth ~ Judith Kusel ~ 25 February 2021

Source: Judith Kusel

The Power of Love sweeping the Earth.
This morning I had a profound experience when the Divine Feminine appeared to me. 
She was showing me how the mass awakening of souls is happening and will sweep the earth, as the Power of Love sweeps the Earth. This is coming directly from the Divine Feminine Heart Center, for within herself she holds all of Creation, for she is the one who birthed all Creation. She holds the Spiral and Spiraling Energy and thus brings forth the full awakening of Hearts and Souls. 
The Activation is happening not only through the heart center where the soul attaches too, but through the Soul Star as well, when it is fully activated. As the Soul Star merges with the Heart Rose immensely powerful resources are activated within the soul, and thus the deepest remembrance returns, as the soul now regains access to its infinite knowledge it has gained through all its existences in other Universes, galaxies, star systems, parallel lives etc. 
The Divine Feminine is now pouring in the keys and codes which activates the heart and soul star centers, the heart rose, and this is pouring in through the vibration and frequency of cosmic sound, and sacred tones. 
Most of these tones are still not audible to the human ear yet can be felt. 
Words again fail me here, for what I have experienced and what I have been shown, goes beyond human language or words.
Allow your heart center to open with the Soul Star in the highest degrees.
We are being lifted ever higher into the New Earth and this is accelerating now. 
The Power of Love is indeed sweeping all clear which no longer serves us – all which needs to be finally forgiven, all shame, blame and guilt, and indeed, all which is there, still blocking and hindering the fullness of the Power of Love to burst forth in its full glory within us.
Judith Kusel

Sovereignty: Difference Between 3D & 5D

Sovereignty in 3D says "You can't tell me what to do!"
Sovereignty in 5D says "I AM responsible for my energy beyond what is happening through me and don't project or react at other people's trauma responses."
Posted by Jen Jen Reynolds

Jason Estes Update ~ 25 February 2021

Source: Jason Estes

Last 12 hours of the desert things may seem weird as we push through our final tests just remember its only 12 hours ❤ ::hugs::