24 February 2021

4. Creating A Complete Ascension ~ Asur'Ana ~ 21 February 2021 / 2020

Makes me think of "The meek shall inherit the Earth" ~ perhaps what Asur'Ana writes is the true meaning of this.

Source: Aligning With Earth

Earth is playing a more active role in human ascension at this time in history than ever before. She has discovered that humanity provides beautiful examples of her own problematic energetic relations with Sirius A and B along with many other creations upon other dimensions within your Cosmos. It has been the human map makers that have given voice to the patterning of manipulation that so pervade the lost souls within your creation; and enough has been revealed that Earth’s continued ascent is more assured than ever before.

Matching the Thoughtform and Vibration of the Great Central Sun

At this time, Earth is moving towards embodying the gold and silver tones of the Great Central Sun. Gold and silver are created as all single, dual, tri and quad tones of the Language of Light are united and spun into a single silver and golden vibration. Silver and gold are also the tones of the photon energy and pervade the aura of the Great Central Sun, and is prevalent in increasing amounts in each Star Gate that Earth enters. Earth must match the gold and silver tones in order to pass through a significant belt of energy known as the Photon Belt that surrounds the skin of the Great Central Sun. The Photon Belt is a “mirror” that will reject anything that does not resonate with the thoughtform of the Great Central Sun. Many planets and stars have combusted in attempting to enter without adequate preparation.

For a long time, Earth could not perceive her pathway to entry into the Great Central Sun. As of late and due to human evolution, a clearer pathway is now perceived. This pathway involves matching the thoughtform and vibration of the Great Central Sun enough in all kingdoms upon Earth, gradually over the coming 16 years, and to enough of a degree that we shall not combust, but pass through to a new golden age ahead. Each species upon Earth must also do their part to match these tones of creation in order to assure the successful entry of Earth along with one’s own self and relations.

Humans have the capacity of understanding verbal thoughtform. Earth has existed in a non-verbal state of being since exiting the Great Central Sun as a 12th dimensional vessel about 96 million years ago. Non-verbal thoughtform can be equated to music without words, or symphonies without thoughts. Earth had music that was beautiful as she exited the Great Central Sun; alas, the music over time went sour causing fall after fall until now at entry point Earth returns as a 3rd dimensional vessel, and only 1/8th of her original size and magnificence. A humbling experience needless to say.

Humans contribute verbal thoughtform to the consensus known as Earth. Verbal thoughtform adds words and definitions to the symphony of sound along with understanding and consciousness. It is due to human ascensions that verbal understanding of Earth’s history has come to be accounted for. It is this verbal history that is required in order for the governance in the Great Central Sun to understand Earth’s journey, and also assist with Earth’s desire to return “home” and into the golden light again. 

The Great Central Sun has reviewed the ascension records of Earth as they were offered. In the assessment of the Great Central Sun, Earth is not responsible for over half of the karma that has been pushed upon her. Earth has begun a massive project now to return all karma from all dimensions and other creations that has been pressed upon her. In so doing, there is not too much karma to be purified through global ascension in order to make entry into the Photon Belt. In the assessment in the Great Central Sun, there is a definitive possibility of going Home again, and this makes Earth’s heart sing. 

New Boundaries for Continued Ascension

Entry into the Great Central Sun would not be possible without human participation in the ascension of Earth. For humans have given voice and understanding to the dance, and analyzed the patterning of Earth as they have analyzed the patterning within. It is through human analysis and in perceiving the dance, as it is, that new boundaries could be constructed that allow for continued ascension of Earth and a pathway home into the Sun again. Ascending humans have therefore contributed greatly to this possibility, and are to be honored as such.

In parallel manner to Earth who is learning to hold new boundaries in her ascension, humans that are ascending must learn to hold their boundaries against other humans who in the unconscious desire to take of one’s information, knowledge, grid work, lineages and holographic nature. Why are humans so barbaric unto one another in the unconscious, shredding one another apart? Such shredding is the result of an inversion of law in which destruction becomes the foundation of creation rather than evolution or ascension.

The coming times of cleansing are going to invert the destructive cycle back upon the non-ascending human masses. It is only as this occurs that there is any hope for ascending children and adults alike to survive and live long enough to enter the Photon Belt and golden energy of the Great Central Sun. Earth is choosing therefore to set boundaries between ascending and non-ascending humans that are stiff and penalties are high for crossing them. This has been the only means that Earth foresees that the gentle lineages buried in the humble humans global wide can live through the times of cleansing and bear witness to entry into the Great Central Sun.

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