18 February 2021

A Larger View: The Great Shining ~ Nicky Hamid ~ 18 February 2021

Choose your Loving Heart always and allow the Great Plan of Creation to unfold
The Plan of your own complete FREEDOM

Source: Nicky Hamid

A Larger View. The Great Shining.
This great move (The Shift) we are making is about you. It is primarily about You owning (taking back the knowing of) your own Radiance, your own Divinity, your own Power, Truth, and Creatorship. It is, once and for all, realising that everything you have recognised as the highest anyone can be, you already ARE
As I have pointed to time and again it is about your own Shining.
Waves upon waves upon waves of Love, from the Great Central Sun are bathing the whole Cosmos.
This is it, the Great Shining, Our Shining. 
Look to our SUN.
Those are not just solar flares. They are bands of Light frequency weave potentials, including the Christed Light, showering everything in the solar system and igniting your crystalline physicality from within.
Yes, this acceleration ‘hurts’ sometimes but you do not have to suffer if you allow. 
Go out in the Sun and receive the Shine often and sleep when you need to, even if it is only 10 minutes. Consciously receive and allow the integration. And it is in your Faith, and the conscious walk you are doing into your Shining that is turning everything around.
This is entirely New, it has not been done before and because it is ‘new’ no one knows what is next. Entirely New consciousness territory for All of us.
Your courage and self-honesty, in taking your journey fully into your own hands comes simply from seeing Truth, and Wisdom originating from the Stillness inside you and not from anything outside.
Learning to share your journey, not in fear but in the Joy of excitement in the unknown that will be full of surprises.
And as you do so you see more and more that everything about you is beginning to reflect the Light of your Knowing, your Shining and Sharing. 
So now you realise that you cannot pull anyone else out of the “darkness” because it has been simply “the other side” of a duality all along, and to try to do so is to step back into the belief and the fear that you do not possess the power of your own Truth of Being.
So how can you help? 
You Light the Way for yourself by your Love and the Shining that you have owned as yourself.
You honour your own journey and every piece of other’s journeys. 
You do no one any favours, least of all yourself, by demeaning yourself in order to help.
You say loudly and clearly by every thought, feeling and word, “I have Faith in you”, because you Know, and are living your own Truth journey.
Often this is done without a word. 
It is done from your heart, in your imaging of them, in your Presence of love and acceptance, and sometimes even in your willingness to remove yourself into the calmness of your Soul Being.
You eradicate this need to step back into the old to be of service. 
“I have Faith in You. With all my heart I believe in You, for I Know, and see the Light Being that you are and this is the reflection I hold and know of you because it is becoming the reality of who I AM in embodiment.” This is the essence of compassion.
So the next time someone seems in so much of a mess that you are sorely tempted to drop down into your pity(sadness) and try to drag them out, simply own your Presence and hold your knowing, your "sight" of who they really are, and just love who they are first.
Shine On
I So Love You
AND OF COURSE I don’t just sit and watch. I follow my inner calls to action in discernment and joyfully offer a helping hand when called for. It is my Truth and Joy to be so.

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