20 February 2021

A View of Your Shadow: Part 1 ~ Nicky Hamid ~ 20 February 2021

Source: Nicky Hamid

A View of Your Shadow: Part 1
We are only just beginning to learn how Light and Dark dance together.
Where they first touch in every now moment there is what we call “Shadow”.
This meeting place is the point of CHOICE in any given moment.
We can choose dark or light. Knowing or not knowing of the pure Essence of SELF. (SOURCE). To take Heart first ,or linear thought and emotional loops and programmes that lead on in the exploration of darkness, forgetting and all your "stories".
And there is no wrong or judgement in what choice we make. 
In dark we choose to experience (doing) more potential of what Light is not, and in Light we choose more expansion of Being. And as HUman these go hand in hand.
We dance as Soul Spirit Consciousness in one experience for a time and then move into another. If we linger too long in one experience we get hooked into the dark and must extricate ourselves from it in order to return to a point of True Freewill choice again. Light On, or Light dimming (Shadow), or Off (Dark).
And this place of being HUman is all about this constant conscious freewill choice.
And any attempt to avoid choice leads to stagnancy and decay and eventually “death" (return to Spirt Self) in order to recycle to more opportunities for choice.
It is the impulse to act, or make choices, which was the original meaning for the Law of Karma (the Law of Action) . There is no way that you can avoid action, its cause and its effect. 
We are saying here that this Law of Karma was simply about your opportunity for choice, your choices and the consequences of your choices.
Shadow (the point meeting and temporary "separation" of dark and light) thus becomes something that cannot be avoided as HUman and is in fact the point at which, through our choices, we learn to bring LIGHT into all that we are and can be. To Know in more profound ways of the Dance in Dark and Light.
I SO Love You
PS And so called 4D is the dimension where we play in all the levels of Shadow through our growing conscious ability to make freewill choices of what we see, create and have created. And in exploring this point of the “Opportunity" to choose Light or Dark we get to make the ultimate choice of becoming totally infused with "Higher Light", Source Light (5D and beyond, if you will ) where the Light casts NO SHADOW for it penetrates all aspects and levels of density. It includes, a totally embraced the "Dark in ALL That IS, the VOID…GOD SOURCE…LIGHT ON.
PPS: And what ever I have written is Not IT. It is so much more.

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