23 February 2021

Adding Power to Your Words ~ Aluna Ash ~ 22 February 2021

To add power to your spoken words used in affirmations or prayers first take a moment to acknowledge your words are Spirit and Life. Then begin by centering your awareness on your Larynx (upper throat) begin speaking your affirmation with authority, strength and love.
Put you hand on your Heart and say "Thank you". 
After the verbal affirmation or prayer: go inward, close your eyes, take a deep breath, focus your awareness on your Heart (Soul) and internally, silently and softly repeat the words you just verbally spoke.

Source: Aluna Ash

All that you really need is your awareness, that's it, but in developing a higher state of consciousness, actions or techniques can be helpful such as using the tuning fork of the body, meditation, affirmations, prayer.
I posted a quick written message about the Larynx on patreon, ill share on here too for anyone interested and ill explain the reason behind it. 
I get asked about helpful tips, techniques, tools, meditations, etc... often (daily) All you need is you and your awareness of Life within you. 
That is the Divine Law that all other Universal Laws, Quantum Field & manifestations extend from. Everything outside of your awareness of Life-Spirit within you, is secondary. 
So always remember the difference between the technique or medium and the Essence of Life behind it that way you continue to expand by aligning with the Life within through conscious recognition, without opposing it and without impressing the belief in secondary causes (two opposing forces) upon the subconscious. 
The Pure Unconditioned Consciousness, Infinite Mind/Divine Mind takes time to make direct conscious contact with, it will not be through an effect/personification as in another being because that would be seeing or experiencing an impression... it is within you, clear, pure, there are no mediators between you and the only Life-Essence that animates you along with creation. 
But as your attention is in this direction, you direct your creative forces and build up spiritual substance- in time direct conscious union is bound to happen.
Divine Law is your consciousness, implanted within you. Creator/God does not pick and choose some over others or make it easy for some and harder for others. It's inside and we can acknowledge it or choose to pay more attention to appearances (shadow, darkness, effects) The creative tools are all within and all have equal potential to learn, develop and use them. You are special (so am I and everyone else in their own way) ๐Ÿ˜‰ but there are no favorites in the Creators Kingdom. Favorites would imply separation (better/worse, good/bad)

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