24 February 2021

Affirm Your Path is in Divine Order ~ Aluna Ash ~ 23 February 2021

Abundance is eternally present. If we try to get what another has, we only limit ourselves. Lack mentality is thinking there's not enough space, room or good for all.
It may seem like things are working out, but boomerangs take time.
Affirm your path is in harmony with the whole therefore no other can get in the way

Source: Aluna Ash

This was part of an answer to a recent question. No one can take from another in thought, desire or in imagination and not deal with the consequences themselves in personal ways... don't worry about what any other is doing or has done. 
Spite, judgement and revenge is a sure way to create resistant and unwanted experiences.
Focus on your alignment, expansion and service. 
When in harmony with the whole in consciousness, there is no want, there is no focus or judgement on what others are doing, there is no opposition. 
Opposition would imply division instead of harmony with the whole in knowing.
Affirm your path is in Divine Order through an unchanging Divine Law, wish and celebrate abundance and success for all. 
There is no other. What we wish for another, the subconscious and Divine Law takes it as a wish for ourselves.
When focused on what you are doing, it's hard to be focused on what others are or aren't doing and vice versa. When focused on our own alignment, we see from that space in all that we perceive. Our conscious attention can only go in one direction at a time,which means we scatter forces thinking about what others did, didn't do or are doing.
Scattered forces are the result of scattered attention. Each is meant to reach their full potential, it is a Divine birthright, no other has the power to impose on that without limiting themselves.

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