17 February 2021

Amanda Lorence Update ~ 17 February 2021

Source: Amanda Lorence

I have shared these musical notes here before Now. I gave out vibrational energy to this particular piece of music last year on the Tor to those that resonated. But IN this NOW, it is shared with LOVE’S eternal DEPTH. To close your eyes and:
FEEL each note,
FEEL each space,
To ATUNE to each vibration shared unto you,
To transcend back INTO the DEPTH of your BEing,
To become PRESENT in this MOMENT shared,
That ALL is well. On track. 
The bigger picture IS the utter beauty of it’s own perfection.
We each can WITNESS THIS NEW STAGE of our individualised PATHS, begin from WITHIN.
And yet, there was never a beginning nor end.
We each continue our inner transformations,
The ever changing vibrations of the tapestry of all existence,
SELF Realisation upon SELF Realisation,
Travellers first in the illusion of time and space,
Until the many steps we each WILL and CHOOSE,
Allow God, to know ITSelf, once more, through YOU.
Thy WILL be done.
Always, One Love...
Amanda Lorence
17 February 2021
(If you wish to share the Wayshowers text with the music, you’ll have to copy and paste the text after sharing the music link)

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