19 February 2021

Amanda Lorence Update ~ 19 February 2021

Source: Amanda Lorence

There is SO much happening since 2 January, and at speed, I have hesitated writing, because it’s been too much data. Every part of data we each receive WITHIN US, ALSO needs our own individual time, to integrate into the mind and body.
Whilst we all share a COLLECTIVE and GALACTIC TIMELINE together, which brings Cosmic Energies to all, we are EACH on a UNIQUE and individualised path/journey with our own experiences for our souls. ‘Cosmic Energy’ is data in wave forms/divine intelligence, to be integrated into our individual minds and bodies that then excels our awareness of our individualised and collective consciousness), We are each points of light. We each have a Soul, that chooses to utilise a solid body and a humanised mind to experience this and that, and then ascend (increased mind/body Hertz) in cosmic vibration) BACK to our full Conscious Awareness we always have been.
So what I am emphasising here (as always), is that no one experience fits all. No one individual perception fits all. No one path fits all. No one story fits all. Yet there IS a BIGGER STORY that fits all (Source’s Creations). Empowerment comes from focusing on YOUR own path, experiences, and making highest choices from that which presents to YOU, individually, one choice at a time. There will surely come a time when more and more people look only to the INSIDE for their data, information on what is taking place at a Cosmic thus Collective level. Not rely so heavily on the outside, as they become far more KNOWING, they ARE and become with BODY, the Conscious Creator of their own experience here. The shift into trusting SELF has been occurring one human at a time gradually, but the Collective still has a long way to energetically travel on this knowing, into the realisation that their chosen thoughts, chosen words and chosen actions create their reality that unfolds in perceived ‘time’ and ‘space’. Every chosen thought, word and action carries a unique vibration (hertz) that brings the same vibration back into their reality. 
NB: True SOUL Self is the balanced and neutral Soul, not the small self/personality/identity and protective egoic self). 
It’s a huge journey for each unique human being to eventually take FULL responsibility for their own creations that STEM from initial THOUGHTS, and not blame their outside for the Creations in front of them. Our own Higher Consciousness is presenting again and again GIFTS within our individualised AND collective reality, to SEE, learn from, rise out of, to THEN make our NEW choices...but then, Consciously so. Yet whilst this increased awareness is gradually happening world wide, and people are relying less on the outside for guidance, information and advise, there is still a way to go, collectively speaking. Each and every single human being is on their OWN PATH, having their unique experiences and own perspectives, and THAT UNIQUENESS is the BEAUTY and WONDER for God/Source to experience ITSelf through each and every Light Facet, that utilises a solid body and mind (HU-man BE-ing).
Today on 19 February 2021, I’ve been shown that a long awaited high frequency energy will arrive to THE WHOLE PLANET soon. What does soon mean? I’ve no idea. But based on past animated visions in 2014, of an unfolding collective timeline/storyline to come, this latest sight/data, correlates to a segment of that 2014 unfolding vision. 
I am aware, from the data shown today, that a state of attainable consciousness is imminent. This state has many terms/labels, yet ultimately each term means the same thing. We can call this attainable state Cosmic Consciousness (if you follow Indian based teachings) or Christed Consciousness (if you follow Christian based knostic teachings). 
There is a lot of spiritual dis-information and over-use, about what this STATE means. A true difference (a collective Game-Changer) between the intelectual mind speaking of it, and the attaining of the Christed/Cosmic consciousness ITSelf. The energy that arrives will allow those ENERGETICALLY ‘READY’, to drop into this higher frequency consciousness, that shall in turn, naturally allow for the higher frequency perception of the senses or the higher frequency reality and Mother Earth. This is the POTENTIAL for many when it arrives, but as I have always explained, ONCE an energy POTENTIAL arrives, it stays, and so more and more people can then drop into that state as and when it is the most PERFECT timing for them; as their energy frequency matches and aligns to the POTENTIAL. 
So to emphasise, it is individual attainment, all energy frequency based, where like matches like frequency at each’s own timing/path. To clarify, I do NOT known WHEN this energy will arrive, only that I have been shown it is soon. Yet soon could mean tomorrow or in six months time. 
Last week I was also made aware that 21 June 2021 (Summer Equinox), shall deliver the ENERGETIC FREQUENCY of 528Hz. This frequency equals in labelling terms: LOVE. Whether this is the same Incoming energy as the aforementioned energy arrival POTENTIAL to shift into Cosmic Consciousness, I do not know. It could be the same thing. Or it could be two events. Please understand I do not know everything. We each receive pieces of data relating to the Grand Divine Design. I only share data when I have a certainty. And I’m seeing (Knowing), many past puzzle pieces I’ve received over these 8 years awakened, have either happened, are in the midst of happening, or are yet to come (over ‘time’) to our Collective Reality experience.
In summary, whilst energies arrive (they are 24/7), Incoming Cosmic energy affects each facet differently, based on HOW much energy frequency their mind and body can withstand. We never receive more than we can handle, and what we each receive in HERTZ is always perfectly aligned to the POINT in consciousness we are each at. All journeys, whether perceived as short or long (just a human perception through the perception of ‘time’), ultimately lead each back to Source. For Source to Self REALise ITSelf again and again via IT’s own creation of ‘YOU’, in this Grand Divine Design.
Please just take what resonates and please discard if it doesn’t. Trust your own BALANCED and NEUTRAL path home. That’s where your power always lies.
Peace and harmony to you,
And always with love,
Amanda Lorence
19 February 2021

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