22 February 2021

Amanda Lorence Update ~ 21 February 2021

Source: Amanda Lorence

We currently have strong and significant INCOMING ENERGIES. The highest reaction would be to ‘Be Present’ to these, being in balanced state, feeling them, merge into them. To be aware many will feel imbalanced by them, not cope well, lash out unable to simply cope with heightened Hertz ‘ENERGY’.
NOW and from this day forth, is TRULY the ‘time’, to be the Presence, to be the balanced light facet you are. In a sense, we don’t need to speak to be this. In fact, ‘BEING’, creates a higher Hertz Frequency EMISSION, than when we speak, which necessitates the linear part of the brain function, to actually speak words. It is a time to HOLD your own frequency attained so far, and allow that unseen, unheard intelligent FORM of Light Energy, to be emitted from you. There is no trying, no thinking, but the mirror reverse; the more we let go of the old mind system, and relax, the more easily we allow the UNIVERSAL FLOW of Source energy to expand out, from within us, giving to all. Many SOULS incarnated here for these times; to hold the light, emit HIGH FREQUENCY, hold the highest frequency possible, amidst outer chaos, human energy imbalances that create human imbalanced thoughts, words, then actions. Trust your balanced KNOWING, that is within YOU. We each have a piece of the puzzle. All that matters for you, is answering YOUR CALL, that is shown again and again within you. Allow your OWN CALL to unfold, each day. Each hour. The art is in listening quietly to the quiet whispers of your LOVING HEART. From this state (frequency of Love), more THEN reveals to you, for you. NOT initially FROM the linear mind...it’s that the ‘mind’ interprets the HEART MIND...in their marriage, working as ONE coherence.
I have mentioned recently and over the past two years, how Dreamtime works, and how it would become significant at a given COLLECTIVE timeline stage. This time was about a month ago as I explained then in video. However, as an analogy, NOW would be the time to effectively paint a BILLBOARD, and place it in all countries across Mother Earth. It would read sometime like this:
As I have said recently, people worldwide will receive SIMILAR dreams.
In humanities past and present evolutionary stages, we receive interpretable or UNinterpretable DATA in our Dreamtime, based on the brain’s changing/unchanging ability to process, thus interpret HIGHER FREQUENCY WAVES forms of energy that IS intelligent DATA. Generally, the higher we elevate in consciousness, the easier dreams flow and are more easily interpreted. Think of DREAMS NOW, in these timelines ahead, akin to internet data and WIFI highways. So whether awakened people or unawakened people’s across the planet, DREAMTIME is a system or highway that WILL give OUT similar information (data) to the masses as we go. Effectively it is Higher Consciousness utilising already designed energy streams, in these timelines. A communication system, to reach the masses, by allowing many to pick up the same FREQUENCY CHANNEL, for the purpose of sharing more PURE DATA, to give each, more understanding, question reality, make enquiry, be in wonder ONCE dreams are accepted as REAL.
IMBALANCE can also typically be shown in Dreamtime:
Ability to interpret Higher Hz WAVES changes as neurons begin to fire up and open nerve relays, pathways become more active once awakened, as I’ve explained here before many years ago about BRAIN FUNCTION.
However, as a CLARITY to such variable dreams humanity have in TYPICAL circumstances whether awakened or unawakened, to clearly understand traditional dreams that hold fears, unpleasant activities have always been a ‘pointer’ to that particular human being, dreaming. It is THEIR OWN higher hertz consciousness, trying to show the human version in forgetfulness, they are holding some sort of fear within them that is affecting their perspective, thus their life...ultimately affecting their life’s CREATIONS. Our higher conscious penetrates via our Dreamtime, to show the human imbalanced patterns (basically patterns that aren’t their True Self), whether the human is in mainstream reality (asleep) or on a SEEKING path (awake). If a person holds any upsetting emotions before they go to sleep, that fear based or imbalanced emotion can show up in an alternative manner, during their Dreamtime. So, the most balanced thing to do if any have fear based dreams, is to GENTLY and SOFTLY make later self enquiry, as to the underlying emotional feeling and nature of an upsetting dream. When we SEE through our unconscious fears, via the ‘subconscious’ Dreamtime, we get a chance to address them, clear them, in a kind, balanced, subjective, open-minded, heart based manner. Because despite this ERA of rising in frequency consciousness, thus higher solid body/mind HERTZ frequency, at EVERY single stage of this process, we are ALL blind, until we see...and see...and see more, at each and every stage. Because, there is always more, and more and more to see, and become.
I wish to emphasise the difference of dreams I am pointing to in this post, as often my posts can be easily misinterpreted:
1) Imbalanced or fear-based dreams are/will be your higher consciousness pointing to an imbalance, fear or belief system running within you. In the hope it is seen by the human aspect, investigated, thus cleared, to ultimately RAISE the human body/mind into further higher consciousness.
2) It IS the Grand Timeline where people are/will receive CLEAR, BALANCED and very beautiful LOVE FREQUENCY based dreams that are given out to all in Dreamtime, for the purpose of data sharing to the mass collective. These dreams will:
* Allow many to see unseen collective truths.
* Allow many to receive higher frequency ENERGY, in WAVE FORM stimulus to advance their expanding journey.
* Prepare people for changes to come.
* Allow people to see, they are sharing similar dreams to each other, globally.
* Allow people to be given clear data of who in the collective holds purer energetic frequency and higher energetic ability, higher active consciousness (in human terms...who can be TRULY very trusted due to their energetic purity).
CLEAR Dreamtime is already here, as I have mentioned recently, it’s just that it truly IS a signicant Timeline to spread the message: PAY ATTENTION to those CLEAR and LOVE BASED dreams. LOVE, holds a certain energetic frequency value. So the shared dreams people will/are receiving will always FEEL GOOD, FEEL of LOVE’S ENERGY FREQUENCY. So if you share this info to an unawakened person, key to knowing which dreams ARE COLLECTIVE DATA of TRUTH, is for them to pay attention to the OVER-RESIDING feeling of PURE LOVE, that will be felt within the actual dream experience.
The greatest thing any can do, is hold their highest frequency, regardless of any imbalance you may witness unfold in your reality. And if you feel imbalanced, it’s OK to allow yourself to flow through that period, acknowledge it, look into it with love and kindness to yourself, yet be energy aware, energy responsible (not blindly pass it on to others). It is only when we become FULLY energy responsible, we are given the energetic ability, consciousness level attained and INNER KNOWledge, of ‘how’ we may be those ‘Divine Creators’. And that, is each’s choice and ability to attain, if they choose. There is no right or wrong choice...
Hope this helps, yet please take what resonates and let go of the rest.
One Love
Amanda Lorence
21 February 2021

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