24 February 2021

Amanda Lorence Update ~ 24 February 2021

Source: Amanda Lorence

Since last night (UK time), 23 February 2021, we have been receiving a huge influx of INCOMING energies to our bodies. Whilst there are the typical and multiple vibrations within this latest influx, there IS NEW vibration PATTERN, never received before to the HEART energy centre. Best advice, know your needs, honour your needs; honour your body as it speaks it’s own ‘body language’ to you.
Just allow the integration of these STRONG and current energies that are still arriving and require that physical integration from the initial arriving wave forms, into the human physical cellular body. No one else outside of you knows your immediate and changeable needs better than you do in any moment, so it is up to you to listen, and honour yourself.
As always, energies are 24/7, and as they come in, it takes three days to integrate even JUST ONE energy pattern into our bodies. We are receiving a lot and at HIGHER HERTZ FREQUENCY. Which means at human level, FASTER ENERGETIC spin. So find peace in accepting you are receiving more and more ENERGY patterns, and of higher and higher frequencies, to expand you. 
No one receives more HERTZ frequency than they can truly withstand. You’ve got this...so find the peace that is always available within you to CHOOSE IT, if you wish to be in Peace during higher frequency bombardment.
So much love always,
Amanda Lorence
24 February 2021

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