26 February 2021

Amanda Lorence Update ~ 26 February 2021

Source: Amanda Lorence

The 23 Feb 2021 Incoming Energies (see previous post), have now INTEGRATED with the physical body and corresponding to the level of each one’s consciousness, after the 3 days it always takes to integrate. It was a HUGE 3 day period of ENERGY, for all of us. So now we each get to be with MORE of our Self as we each unpackage our gift of individual upgrades.
After the integration phase of the 3 day period, we get to BE and exist from any said upgrade. If we choose to. And so live from the NEW upgrade. And continue our journey each day from our STATE of conscious experience.
What is absolutely 100% certain, seen, felt, known, is it was a FURTHER, but SIGNIFICANT:
It will be different for everybody.
And so we get to be with this and see what unfolds within each of us with this upgrade WITH the physical body in tow, AND our expanding consciousness. The 3 in 1 merge has been available as the ‘POTENTIAL’ within the COLLECTIVE field (light design), for at least a year now. People MERGE the 3 into 1 at their own PERFECTLY timed unique lighted design time for their own journey and once the ‘POTENTIAL’ energy has arrived to the collective reality, as it did over a year ago, it’s stays...so is ALWAYS then available to each light facet to expand as. But... this latest upgrade elevates the experiences (physical body), the energetic abilities (light body) and data knowledge (mind body), in our daily unfolding reality of experiences and expanding playfulness.
Remember this is not about temporary out of body sojourns. We are here, and have been all along, to bit by bit, INTEGRATE our LIGHT BODY into and with, our physical body, to elevate our waking everyday consciousness state, to a permanence of heightened hertz experience, of the Heavens (light ether) and Earth (elements of solid lighted structures). In other words, High frequency LIGHT and WAVE FORMS with the lower frequency and density of SOLID MATTER (also made of Light). 
We are here to integrate and sustain it a bit at a time, in our every day waking consciousness and CREATE as that known and integrated connection remembered.
This upgrade will unfold as we go, from within you, for you, BY YOU...and unique to everyone. 
Such an exciting year of expansion...for all.
One Love,
Amanda Lorence
26 February 2021

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