21 February 2021

Annu vs Drakos Drama (아누vs.드라코) ~ Voyagers ~ E’Asha Ashayana Arhayas ~ 3 February 2021

Fair warning: this video excerpt from a 2002 workshop by E'Asha Ashayana Arhayas is sailing high in Lightworker Blasphemy waters, so it's the usual conditions and caveats. Even if you do proceed, please decide for yourself what's true for you.

Here's the link to the video.

Note: I noticed this same video excerpt was uploaded by another yt channel MC 27 (here), and this was his "cover image":


I'd like to air my thoughts on the information brought forth from E'Asha via the texts and videos I've read/seen so far. (Now I appreciate why I just couldn't continue with the Project Camelot videos all those years ago ~ when E'Asha went by the name Ashayana Deane ~ these newly uploaded excerpts are better. And shorter in duration.) 

There are strong similarities between her teachings and that from Lisa Renee, and based on what I've come across so far, it's because they both have the same(ish) sources. There's some history between Lisa and E'Asha's set-up involving allegations of plagiarism but let's not dwell on that ~ I bring this up only to provide some background setting.

For me, what's important to note from this Guardian Races perspective is that the Fallen Races are Elohim/Angelics, from the God Worlds. And it's not just one or two or a few individuals, it's basically huge groups (even sub-races) of Angelics, ultimately infecting huge swathes of populations across the Cosmos. To assign the fall to just one or a few individuals is an erroneous viewpoint that only serves to limit my understanding.

There are sources that I've come across in past years who teach Cosmic History that pinpointed the origin of darkness in this part of the Cosmos to invading races from the Wesa system, thereby placing the "blame" fully on the Draks, usually depicted as lower vibrational beings disconnected from Source. However, knowing that the Fallen Beings were Angelics from high-level dimensions (11D) puts things into proper perspective. It provides the foundation for so many anomalous guidance in the LW community, two of which are ~ (1) the belief that from 5D onwards, darkness does not exist so please trust our 5D and higher channels and contacts; (2) the depth of high-level esoteric information in deceptive teachings.

It's also been said that the Draks' origins are unknown, and implied that even the Draks themselves do not know where they are from. I've also come across information that the Draks were basically  criminals from another Universe, banished to this Universe, instigated a war with Lyrans and then colonised the Orion and Draco sectors. This would help set up the bad guy-good guy dynamic in very neat and clean ways, with clear identification of perps and victims. However, based on E'Asha's information, it was the Lyran Elohim Angelics themselves who rebelled and fired the first shot. This would also answer the paradox posed in Judy Satori's "Sunshine Before the Dawn" where the characters were surprised that Lyra was successfully infiltrated by dark forces, because the belief was that darkness does not (and therefore cannot exist) in higher dimensional levels.

Finally, this "original war" between the Annu and Draks will very simply and adequately provide the root reason for the political polarisation in the LW community right now.

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