25 February 2021

Ask Your Body What It Needs ~ Lee Harris ~ 24 February 2021

Source: Lee Harris

Really work with your body and ask your body what it needs. 
We've become very mind based. We've always been a mind based society, I guess. But we're especially encouraged into that way of being right now. 
So really give your body a good grounding of whatever it needs, whether it's dancing around your house, whether it's making sure that you ceremoniously shower or wash every day, get in contact with this body of yours, because it has an incredible wisdom and incredible energy and it is sentient and it wants to serve everything that's opening here. 
So we really need to ground this energy, whatever that looks like to you. It might look very spiritual. It might look super normal. It might be you just jumping up and down in your house for a while, or just shaking your body, whatever it is. 
But getting into your body and not detaching or dislocating from your body, because that's definitely being encouraged in a way right now.
And that's not good for us because we will lose our power if we do that. Just be aware of it. 
Be kind to yourself.

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