20 February 2021

Being Fully Yourself and Free ~ Nicky Hamid ~ 20 February 2021

Admittedly, I've long had a big issue with No.1 ~ why must there always be opposites? If there's enough Light, darkness is transmuted, and no shadows remain!

Source: Nicky Hamid

Here are four beliefs that may be holding you back from being fully yourself and FREE.
1. There have to be opposites. Who says? You now are in the 5th dimension (at least). The old 3D version of duality, of distinction and separation, no longer has any energy supporting it. Why are you still playing as if it has any power to create anything? Duality is only one way of seeing. There are more, three of which are….both, or neither and/or always so much more( this appears like a riddle until you get it).
2. You have to be redeemed. To "redeem" yourself, it would mean that you make up for "wrongs" by doing something that makes you seem good again.
It is a false belief propagated through the control and manipulation intentions of formal religious/cultural systems.
You have spent your whole life trying to prove that you are worthy. When are you going to give it up and own your worthiness and Divinity, and perfect expression of the Oneness with All That Is.
3. You have to remember eg how others are suffering, eg. the Halocast, those who died for us, etc, etc, ......etc. The hold on to the guilt and shame of having been human. Why can you not allow, at the very least, the possibility that HUmanity can be the blank page that writes Peace and Love for All Now?
4. Why are you so afraid of being happy? Afraid to let go of the nightmare dream sequence that has been so uncomfortable and painful as your Truth, and fully embrace the new, the unknown, the unpredictable and the possibility that you are of God (Source) and are capable of creating absolutely anything.
I So Love You

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