28 February 2021

Building the Dream of Your Future ~ Lee Harris ~ 27 February 2021

Every single day, you can build the dream of your future 

Source: Lee Harris

Every single day, you can build the dream of your future through small steady steps and practices. 
You can start right now by writing down a few elements you would like to come into your life in the coming three, six, nine months. 
And as you write these elements on a piece of paper, how does it make you feel as these dreams and visions come through your body and when you look back at these words on the paper?
This is your personal alchemy. This is your spell casting. This is you tapping into possibility. 
And that is very important, for your collective has been taught to run on patterns and experience progress slowly, and yet, if you truly look at the path of your history and the amount that this world you live in has changed over the last only hundred years, you will realize how much change is possible when you acknowledge that you are all now entering a faster time where transformation and manifestation is concerned.
- From Create the Future Meditation MP3

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